Hai all of u dear Devakshians and Sharmanians…. I am Pinky. A silent reader. I am gonna present u one ff. First pls accept me in ur fanclub of devakshi and sharman. I want to make friendship to u all. So pls…. And i hope u ppl will like my ff. Pls read and pinpoint all goods and flaws. Also pls tell ur suggestions. Pls guys support me.

Here we go…..

A beautiful elegant and large palace type house is shown in the night starry sky. The house glows with sparkling lights and floral decorations almost steal ur eyes. It seems as if a wedding has just happened. The name board of the house glitters with the words BRINDAVAN. Lets go inside……

All servants were busy in cleaning the house as the guests just left. A exemplery living hall adorned with royal furnitures is just glowing with the smiles of all family members seated on it. The centre of attraction is the leading couples Mr. Ramnath Dixit and Mrs. Ishwari Dixit. Besides them is a pleasing man Mr. Bejoy Bose, thinking in his heart Asha finally it happened, about his late wife Mrs. Asha Bose.
Ishwari’s bhai and bhabi Radha Rani is also present there along with Ramnath’s brother and his wife Kaamini.
Then there comes Bejoy’s sister son Neil Naikchet and his wife Ragini with their 10 year olsd son chintu. All sit and have a chat.

Ish: Finally it all happened bhaisab. It is the real moment of my life.
Bejoy: Haan behanji. Its all complete now.
Ramnath: Its all bcoz of ur two diamonds. I am always greatful to them.

Suddenly interupted by chintu.
Chintu: Bas. Boring bath bandh karo pls. Waise where were my sisters Preethi, Ria, Nikki, and brothers Pushkar and vicky.
Preethi is Neil and Ragini’s elder sister. Where as Ria and Nikki are proud daughters of Ramnath and Vicky is son of Radha Rani and Pushkar is of Kaamini.

Radha: hey wait. They all went for movie. Afterall thats y this house is so peaceful.
Ish: Iam only missing Neha now. Hope she comes back soon from Australia.
Neha is Ishwari’s daughter.

Similar way all kept on chatting and laughing. But Bejoy alone silently went to his room pushing his wheelchair. Yes he a paralysed person. He there in front of his wife portrait was sheding tears. Then two hands patted his soldiers from behind. Its Ishwari and Ramnath.

Ish: we know the reason behind your tears. But trust me bhaisab sab teek hojange.
Ram: when they are able to unite two poles then definitely they will also get united. Afterall they both are like sun and its brightness. Without sun there is no brightness and without brightness sun has no value.
Bejoy: i hope so….

Then now we are moving one of royal bedrooms of Brindavan.

The room is glowing in moon light amidst candles. It has an extension of a big balcony from where the entire city is visible. There stands a girl looking deep into the sky in awesome bridal attire . Her face is capable of strangling even that moon. Deep into thoughts a drop of tear rolled from here beautiful eyes. That tear was held by a hand. She slowly turned. Its Ms. Suman Bose now turned into Mrs. Shravan Dixit.
Shravan the eldest son of Ramnath and Suman youngest princess of Bejoy.

Shr: no Ms. Chua(mouse). Its not time to think of anything other than me. Understood?
sumo: smiling a bit. Haan.
Shr: so far u pampered me and its my time to do my duty swthrt.
Sumo: filmy filmy filmy….. U know ryt u cant do this. So dont try. By saying this she laughed.
Shr: if u will smile like this i could do even salman dance….??
Sumo: for that I will die??
Shr: arae teek. Stop ur bukbuk. Its time for action.
Sumo: u r not doing anything other than talking?
Shr: oh i see.

Saying this he lifted her and took her inside. He rolled her into the bed. Edkv track plays. They both dance romantically and the lights went off with her bangles rolling down from bed and her payal giggling.

Other side….
In terrace….

A bed is beautifully decorated with flowers of all colours. The moon alone is witnessing this all time awesome couple. A girl with bridal attrire with glittering pearl jewelry is searching for her man. Suddenly her gunghat falls and she slips. There catches her a hansome man. Their eyes speak. Its Mr.Dev Dixit, younger son of Ishwari, and she is georgeous Ms.Sonakshi Bose and now its Mrs. Sonakshi Dixit. The elder daughter of Bejoy Bose.

Dev: by holding sona?? From today when ever u fall i will be there to hold u. I will fill all the emptiness in your life. I will drive away your lonliness. In short i will be like ur shadow?

Sona: upto that she was staring lovingly at him. But after hearing the word shadow tears rolled from her eyes and she stood up and walked aback. Dev biting his tongue realized what he spoke. He held his years and said sorry with a cute face. Sona wiping her tears held his hand.

Sona: y r u being sorry. Its my mistake.
Dev: problem is not that its something else. U know….
Before dev could finish sona kept her fingers on his mouth.

Sona: even today u want me to go to sleep without doing anything. Saying this she blushed in shy.
Dev: shouted NOOOO. I am not ready to waste today.

Saying this he pulled her close into a tight embrace. They had an intense eyelock. Is tarah tu aayah plays….. He slowly removed her saree pins and pushed her into bed. His Sherwani went off. They purely enjoyed each other. Moon hid itself in the curtains of clouds watching their consummation. The curtains of bed coverd them.

Its a bright morning….

Shravan woke up and witnessed suman sleeping in his arms. He said to himself now its my turn to make everything fine sumo. U r everything to me and i want u happy. Saying this he caressed her.

There Dev opened his eyes and could not wake up as sona was sleeping on his chest. He silently kissed her head and thought now its my duty to set everything right sona. U gave me my life by becoming my soul. But i know u r lifeless now. I know what to do now…..

The screen freezes on the beautiful couples.

How is my work guys. Pls do tell pls. There will be a long flashback from tomorrow, sporting their complete love story. For me to continue i need ur support. Pls do comment. Now bye.

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  3. It was really awsm dear
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  12. Actually..intro..shraman and devakshi..as a married couple made me to read this more..nice intro..
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