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This was a unique experience for both sisters. Working under the people whom they hate the most. But fate has a surprise for them. That night Suman was busy with her future project works while Sona went to Office after all now she has to work only in night time for herself.


Shiv: Mam Mr. Shravan has come for the project discussion.
Sona: Oh… send him.

Shravan: Hello Ms. Sonakshi
Sona: Hai Mr. Shravan.
Shravan: What happened suddenly u shifted our meeting to night? Is all ok.
Sona: yeah fine. And from here on all our meetings will be at night only.
Shravan: y? Whats the problem?Is all ok?
Sona: Actually there is some problem but I can manage.
Shravan: Ok fine.

They discuss about their project. Other side Dev tried his best to get the medicine which sonakshi told him to get. But he didn’t get it.

Next day…..


Suman arrives to her new cabin and starts her work. Other side Shravan was also busy in his work.
Sumo entered Shravan’s cabin.

Sumo: Mr. Shravan, we need to select table cloth materials and curtains for our hotels.
Shravan: Yeah I already finalised it.
Sumo: I know that but its so dull and moody as like u. We need something refreshing.
At same time she saw a new shirt on Shravan’s table gifted by somebody to him.
Sumo: Look even now ur shirt is so muddy coloured. Instead u can try this new one. It suits u better.
Shravan: Excuse me I know my choices. So u better do your work.
Sumo: Mr. Shravan I came to do that only. Now iam rejecting those samples selected by you and I will choose new one. That’s final.
Shravan: But I didn’t permit u
Sumo: I came here to give information and not to get your permission. I don’t want my customer’s mood to be like u after watching those stupid colours.

Sumo leaves. Shravan fumes.

Ishwari Mansion…..

Sona enters while Dev was waiting for her. She wished Ishwari and headed to kitchen without paying attention to Dev. But suddenly she stopped.

Sona: Mr. Dixit had u gave the medicines to aunty ji?
Dev: Woo… No.
Sona: What u didn’t. How can u be so careless Mr. Dixit? I told u right its important. Is this the way u care for ur mom? Is this ur love towards her?
Hearing this Dev got tempered. After all even a just born baby knows Dev’ s devotion towards his mom. Bechari sona…..
Dev: ( in very high tone) Look Ms. Bose better mind ur tongue. I don’t have any need to prove u how much I love my mom. Its primarily ur duty to take care of her medicines….
Sona got irritated by Dev’s high temper. While Dev turned to next side and scolding her Sona silently left from there.
Then dev turned but there is no Sona. Bechara Dev so far shouting at furniture. He then headed towards kitchen.
Dev: How dare u Ms. Bose? I am talking but u left. Is this ur manners?
Sona then took her phone and called some number.
Sona: Take care health centres. Pls send me XYZ270 medicine immediately. Note the address.
Sona: 5 mins of work. U cant do it but taking lectures to me.
Dev very confidently takes out the chit which sona written and showed it to her.
Dev: Look Ms. Bose, u hav written XYZ276 but u hav ordered 270.
Sona: Giving a staring look, Mr. Dixit I thought hat u hav problems only in ur speech but no even u hav eye sight problem. Look at it carefully, its 0 and not 6.
Dev argued.
Sona: If u cant even read properly I cant take responsibility for that. Now leave. I have work unlike u.
And I think I should ordered medicines even for memory power for u. Because often u r forgetting, its just Dr. Bose for u.

Dev fumed and left.


Suman was instructing some work for head cooks in main kitchen. Just then Shravan comes to cheak arrangements for further meeting.
Suman to herself: Mr. Shravan u hav so much pride towards your choice of colour right. Watch it. Today I will destroy it.
When Shravan is about to pass by her side she wantedly took sauce bottle and shaked it wildly under pretext of garnishing a dish. Sauce fell on Shravan’s shirt. He raised his head and stared suman while tried hard to control her laughter. Now eventually Shravan has no option left.
Suman: Mr. Shravan I did it intentionally. Now wear that new shirt.
Shravan got so much angered but controlled it in front of all and got ready inthat baby pink shirt to attend meeting. Shravan and suman proceeded for meeting. Meeting got over. At the end all delicates praised Shravan’s shirt and his choice, while sumo gave a proud look.
Suman: Now fot it. Always don’t think that your choices are the best because something else can also be best. Break ur pride Mr. Shravan.
Saying this she left while Shravan saw himself in the glass reflection and thought for a while.

Ishwari Mansion…….

Sona is about to leave. Dev was sitting on sofa and working in laptop.

Sona: Neha can u do me a favour.
Neha: yes
Sona: Here, give this medicine to auntyji exactly after 2 hours of dinner. Its important. I cant trust anybody else here (sarcastically pointing Dev)
Dev suddenly snatched the medicine from Neha’s hand.
Dev: Look Dr. Bose, I know my job. And I will take care of my mom.
Sona: Oh really Mr. Dixit, I saw how much u care for her….
Do anything but give it to her for sure.
Saying this she left.

2 Days passed……


Shravan: Today is very important meeting. Our foreign clients are coming. I need everything to be perfect.
Staff: sure sir.
Suman enters.
Shravan: Ms. Suman take care of all arrangements. Be active and yeah prepare all the traditional dishes with your hand for them to taste.
Sumo: Hello excuse me. I am not your cook. I am chief executive here. You r asking me to cook.
Shravan: I know but you too know that it also comes under your job. And I am boss here. U should obey me. Its not a request but it’s a order.
Saying this he left without even listening to her.
Sumo to herself: Macaca…. U r ordering me right!!! Now watch the consequences of ordering Suman.

Ishwari Mansion……

Dev was very angry and waiting for Sonakshi. Sona enters.
Dev: How dare u Ms. Bose to cut my call and do not attend it.
Sona: Its Dr. Bose. And I had already told u that I hav no relation with u after I leave this house. So its not necessary for me to attend your call.
Dev: How mean! If its an emergency then.
Sona: I am neither an ambulance nor a general doctor so that u can contact me during emergency. Now tell me why did u call me so many times.
Dev: Why should I tell u?
Sona: Then don’t tell.
Dev: Today is maa’s resistance test. Doctor will be coming to take samples.
Sona: I am the one who called him. And u r informing me. How funny! And by the way don’t call me again between 7.00 to 10.00. Its my personal time and I wont pick calls. I hope u remember waiting for me in my house due to this reason.
Dev fumes and says yeah very personal, to spend time with boyfriends and to party it’s the name. Who knows!!!
Saying this he left. Sona heard this and was about to shout but he has gone.
Sona to herself: Pan species….. Don’t know how his family manages him!

Precap: First nice impression on sona for Dev. Sharman fights…..

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  1. Manya

    Superbbbb and it is me ayushi plzzz call me ayushi only

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    Nice episode waiting for sharman scenes

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    Main khus hoon ki sona dev ki bonding ho rahi he and shravan suman ki choice ko like kar raha Hein…par behno ka pyaar nafrat me badalta dekhna mere liye muskil hoga
    choti behen hu phir bhi HAPPY BELATED FRIENDSHIP DAY
    love you-Neeti

  6. Aaru

    Superb..n nice precap

  7. Oh..god…pinky…☺
    Happy friendship day dear..?.
    Well…these two sisters…are so in believable..?????.
    Matlab..they are not at all changed their angry on these two macaca and panpan species..even days passed…becharey..dev shravan..???????????
    Next episode is interesting may shraman k beech b fights jaldu katam ho jaaye…??
    Vaisey shraman in baby pink shirt??????????????

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  10. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hey pinky di! Well, di ughhh di my name doesnt have any ‘h’. No offences,. I am just loving ur ff. Please post soon. Lots of love. Keep writing dear. I just love the way the leads converse;)-

  11. Esme

    Medicine scene awesome. …haniya luv ur FF

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    Take care ..

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  14. Prettypreeti

    Pinky just one word fabulous
    It was amazing
    So sweet dear
    No problem that u can’t reply sweety
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  17. Hy guys
    Remember me?
    Well how cud u frget me.. I made such an awsum impression.
    Look last time I spoke negative I wanted to raise trp. This time I m commenting negative I want to decrease it.

    Jst tell me do u guys love wasting ur precious time? Why to jst watch that ‘Lethargic’ show.
    Make ur career. Concentrate on studies.
    This show is becoming the worst I have seen in ages.

    I mean a so called self respected girl dances with a complete stranger in front of whole family. Huh?
    And suman wants shravan to be happy, she knows she is his love. Girl! Have some common sense, how could one be happy without her love? Pathetic.

    Don’t know, how you guys get so much time.

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