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It’s a bright morning for the world but really a testing gloomy day for Our darlings Sona and suman as their life has took a sudden u turn and should face those monkey brothers. Both got ready early and heeded towards their Hercules job.

Sona: All the best sumo.
Suman: u too dhi.
Both gave a fateful smile and left.


Shravan headed towards his cabin. Just then Suman came. Whole office wished him Good morning except our girl. Shravan then called Manager and asked him to show sumo her cubicle. He compiled. A moment later…
Suman banged into his cabin.

Shravan: What the hell. Have manners to knock and come in.
Sumo: Exactly the same hell. Firstly u learn respect.
Shravan: means?
Sumo: Mr. Shravan iam an MBA graduate. And also completed BE food technology with specialization in catering. But u will offer me just Head chef post. How mean?
Shravan: what else u need? A Governor post?
Sumo: Yeah I am even eligible for that.
Shravan gave a stare.
Sumo: I need Chief Executive Managing Director post.
Shravan : what? That post is next to CEO. For that u should have experience.
Sumo: Oh I see! So tell me something will u get married in first attempt r else after trying 3 to 4 attempts to get experience?
Shravan gave a really hard stare.
Sumo: Experience comes only after opportunities. I need that post. That’s it. R else I will leave this job and face consequences. And yes I too need a cabin opposite to u.

Shravan : Why u will sit there and look at me ah?
Sumo: Haan. U r Taj Mahal right. To sit opposite to u and stare at u lovingly. That’s the only cabin with facility to watch cctv settings. That’s y.

Saying this she left from there. Shravan thought is the boss is me or she. All my fate.


Dev is waiting for Sonakshi to come. She enters. There Dev is attending a call and walking here and there. She collided with him. He forwarded his hand to hold his beloved which is about to fall. Its his phone. And Sona fell down. She then stood up and stared at him.

Dev: I thought u r self made. So only….( in dev style with attitude)
Sona: Even I thought u r human. But no Pan species…..
Dev: What?
Sona: nothing. Now will u introduce ur mom?
Dev: Yeah. I was waiting for that. U r only late by 5 mins.
Sona: Mr. Dixit whats ur watch company?
Dev: Why?
Sona: No no its running faster than IST that’s y.
Dev: Means?
Sona: its only 7.55 now. I am 5 mins early. But I don’t know that u will be running faster than time.
Dev: Checks clock.
Yeah she is right. But he cant apologise. After all its his watch’s mistake and not his.

Dev then introduces Sonakshi to Ishwari and Neha.
Ishwari: How will you charge?
Sona about to tell 2 lakhs
Dev: hurriedly finishes per month.
Ishwari: 2 lakhs just to cook vegetables. Too much.
Sona smiles. Dev then heads to kitchen asking her to follow. Poor dev after for life he has to follow her like hutch dog.

Dev: Don’t tell my mom ur real salary. Then she will never accept.
Sona: Hmm. And u too pls don’t inform my real status as I need respect only for my work and not because of money.
Dev nodded. Sona then moved to kitchen checked all items. Made list and finally cooked her first diet soup there. Just then dev comes.

Dev: Ms. Bose can I once taste this soup?
Sona: I said its Dr. Bose for u. Here it is.
Dev tastes it and spits out.
Dev: What is this. So much salt and spicy. Its unbearable. It so unhealthy and rises BP.
Sona: Mr. Dixit u hav never told me this.
Dev: What?
Sona: That u completed studying doctor in correspondence along with managing ur business.
Dev: what do u mean?
Sona: Who is doctor here?
Dev: you
Sona: So who should decide which is healthy and unhealthy?
Dev: You.
Sona: so who has right to comment about this soup?
Dev: you.
Sona: So who should shut their mouth?
Dev without realising : Me
Sona: Exactly. So do that.
Dev shocked. Sona rocked. She then served the soup and even convinced Ishwari to drink it. Dev left for office.

At evening….

There is small intro meeting in Rianik hotels. Shravan introduces new employees to old ones. There everybody addressed him sir except our sumo.
She called him Mr. Shravan. This iriked him.
After all left….
Shravan: Ms. Suman iam ur boss. So pls hav respect.
Sumo: so u want me to call u sir. Sorry. That never happens. If suman needs to address somebody sir he should deserve it. And u don’t deserve.
Shravan fumed.

Ishwari mansion….

Dev returns from office.
Sona: Mr. Dixit have this slip. I hav written an important tablet for auntyji. Give her this exactly after 2 hours of dinner. Its important. Be careful.
Dev: Ms. Bose u r giving me instruction and not order. I can handle it well.
Sona: Oh yeah. U can handle by going to any extent ( sarcastically in sona’s style). But u can never handle ur memory is it?
Dev: means?
Sona: Means its Dr. Bose. Remember!
Saying this she left.

Precap: Suman spoiling Shravan’s shirt. Devakshi fight.

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