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Its next day morning. Dev is seated besides Ishwari in hospital. He is holding her hands and reminences sona’s words.
Ishwari: Nothing will happen to me beta. Don’t worry.
Dev wipes his tears and nods yes to satisfy her.
He then goes to his office. Calls Sonakshi’s office.
Shiv connects the call to Sona.
Sona: Hello. Sonakshi here.
Dev: Ms. Bose its me. Dev Dixit. Have u thought about my deal.
Sona: listen Mr. Dixit I hav clearly told u everything. So pls stop calling me and save ur time.

Dev gets sad. But daily he used to call Sonakshi atleast 4 times. Sonakshi has instructed Shiv not to connect Dev’s call. Two days passed.


Sona: whats spl today? My princess is getting ready early.
Sumo: di u know right! Its interview today.
Sona: Hmm I do remember. Which company r u going?
Sumo: Rianik group of hotels and restaurants.
Sona: I had never heard this…
Sumo: Yes di. It’s a fresh concern. I just want to work in such a new company and develop it to great height. Then only I will have confidence to stand on my feet and start my own concern.
Sona: That’s true. I am proud of u suman. All the best.

Suman reaches Rianik Hotels. She passes all rounds of interview successfully. Even suman was satisfied with the job. She was selected. For final round she was asked to cook a traditional dish. Suman chose to cook Methi paneer. She cooked it greatly. That was taken to CEO for tasting.

CEO was our Shravan. Its his concern. Though he managed Ramnath companies well he always wanted to create his own identity without using his fathers name. And the result for his hardwork was Rianik Hotels. Just then first big order deal was also waiting for Rianik Hotels. Shravan was in meeting with those clients. Before finalizing the deal they wished to taste a piece of Rianik’s special food. Shravan phoned and ordered something else. At same time Suman’s dish came to his table. The clients thought it was the dish and tasted it. They were really impressed.

Client: Mr. Shravan ur hotels dish is fantabulous. We love it. We will surely give this offer to u. The main reason for it is this recipe. So we need the same taste for us also. Make sure of it.

Saying this they left. Then shravan tasted it and he also liked it. Only then shravan saw Suman’s bio data and got shocked. He thought is this is hers! Now he want suman, to complete his deal. But he know she will never work here if she knows its his company. He got an idea.

Manager: Mam our Ceo was very impressed with ur talent. He appointed u. Pls sign this agreement papers.
Suman: But u said there will be a direct interview with him. And what agreement is it.
Manager: That’s what mam. U can meet him after signing this. Its usual papers only.
Suman: ok.
she read and signed it. But the manager took her sign in some other papers also without her knowledge. Then suman went to Shravan’s room.
Suman: Hello sir. I am….
Shravan turned from his rolling chair. Suman shocked.
Suman: You…..
Shravan: Yes. Its me.

Suman: Stares hardly. Did I call u sir. Oh no!!! If I would hav known its your company I would have not even stepped here. Mr. Macaca she murmured.
Shravan: But Ms. Bose now u r my employee. So no other option.
Suman: me ur employee. No way. I don’t want your job. I am leaving.
Shravan: Wait Ms. Suman, why r u boiling even before the stove is on! Now listen to me. U have already signed our argreement. And u hav become our employee 10 mins ago. Now if u want to leave this job u should give notification atleast before 3 months. R else u should pay a penalty of 2 crores and also u will not get ur certificates as u hav just now submitted it.

Suman: what no way. I read those papers. Its nothing like that. U can never trap me Mr. Shravan. She shouts.
Just then Manager gives the papers to her. Suman reads it and completely shocked. She fumed at Shravan and he smrinked.

Shravan: so Ms. Suman decision is yours.
Suman understands that Shravan needs her for some important work and only he trapped her. She then thinks Mr. Shravan Dixit u hav decided to open the door of hell with ur own hands. Very poor. Now I will show who I am.
Suman then agrees angrily as she has no option left.

There Dev talks to some person( muted). Its then he smiles and thinks Ms. Bose your key is now in my hands.

At Sona’s office……

Shiv hurriedly enters sona’s cabin. He says something. Sona gets tensed. She immediately calls her Lawyers firm. They come. All discuss something. Sona is completely tensed.

Sona: So there is no option left.
Lawyer: No mam. We are trapped. Our employee is clearly giving statement against us. What ever we do it takes atleast three months to get rid of this case. Till then our company should be closed and sealed. Sona was completely upset.

Lawyers left. She then asks Shiv who was behind this conspiracy. Again the same name Mr. Dev Dixit.

Shiv: So what r we going to do now.
Sona: Obviously the same. To accept his proposal. I can compete with him but its not only about me. Its about nearly 1000s of employees future. I don’t want to risk their life. This company should not get closed. It should work.

Just then Tina calls. Shiv fixes an appointment with Dev for Sona.

At dev’s Office….
Sona enters Dev’s cabin with so much anger but didn’t show it.

Dev: So welcome Ms. Bose. Whats up?
Sona: U know the reason I hope.
Dev: Oh yes…. Great Ms. So……
Sona: Cut the crap. Mr. Dixit. I now accept ur proposal. But listen I have 3 conditions. Of u r ok with it then its fine. R else I will see u in court itself.
No.1 As already said my company’s per day turn over is 5 crore. So now its gonna be a loss as I cant concentrate on my business. So u should pay me atleast 2 lakh per day.

No.2 With in 2 months u should clear the case on my company. But don’t worry I will work for complete 4 months for ur mom

No.3 I will work only 10 hrs. From 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. After that I hav no connection with u.

Dev: ok Ms. Bose I accept. And…..
Sona: Fine. So then text me ur address and mail me all ur mom’s reports. I will come from tomorrow onwards.

Saying this with much attitude, sona is about to leave.
Dev stops.

Dev: Ms. Bose give me ur num.
Sona: U can do so much but still cant get my num. Funny. Take it.
And Mr. Dixit one free advice. In life never ever mess with lawyers and doctors. Because if they think they could destroy u completely with a single lie or single medicine. Be careful.
And one more thing from now on its only Dr. BOSE for u. Got it!!!

She leaves. Dev says Ms. Hyper attitude.
Sona and suman both reaches home in much anger and are fuming.

Sona: What happen suman u seem to be boiling?
Suman: u too dhi. Whats wrong?
Both fumes and shouts at same time…..
Suman shouts Mr. Macaca.( monkey)
Sona shouts Mr. Pan species. ( Yes sona named Dev as pan sp. It means Chimpanzee and gorilla…. Lol)

They both look at each other and laughs after some time. Both shares their day. But didn’t tell dev and shravan’s real name. Now our sisters are ready for the new turn in their life…….

Precap: Devakshi and Shraman’s first day work.

Guys I will try to make ff more interesting. But pls comment. Even negative comments. But do express ur views.

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