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Now story…….

Sonakshi’s Office…..

Shravan and Ramnath comes and meets Sona. They discuss about the project and finalised it. Before leaving Ramnath invited Sona for lunch. She said she will surely come one day.
Then she calls Shiv inside.
Sona: Whats todays schedule Shiv?
Shiv: Mam regular things only. But one meeting at 3.00 o clk with Mr. Dev Dixit, Ishwari group of companies MD.
Sona: hmm ok fine.

Ishwari companies…….

Suman was working busily. There in her floor the water purifier was repair that day. So all employees went to ground floor to get water. Suman noticed it. By then dev called her inside. But she didn’t turn up for 30 mins. Dev got tensed and went out to her cubicle but she was missing. He then found her setting up a temporary water can there.

Dev: what r u doing here. I am calling u since 30 minutes. U should learn the value of time r else u cannot survive.( in a angry tone)
Suman: yes I know that’s y I did this. Sir our floor water purifier is not working. So I set up this. Now our employees time will get saved.
Dev: winders. He then appreciates her. Good Ms. Suman it seems that u hav business in ur blood.
Suman: yes sir obviously.
She then realised what she spoke and twisted it.

Dev’s cabin:

Dev: Tina any important meeting today?
Tina: yes sir. With Ms. Sonakshi Bose.
Dev: oh yeah. Its really important.
Tina: yes sir after a wait of 20 days we got her appointment.
Dev: ok fine.

Just then Suman enters cabin. She shows the daily report to dev to get his sign.
Dev: Ms. Suman whats this?
Suman: Daily reports sir.
Dev: I do hav eyes I think. I am asking y its hand written?
Suman: Sir that our DTP typewriter is busy. So I thought I could do this so it will not get late.
Dev: Hmm fine. And must say ur hand writing is also good.

And now Neha enters there. Suman after getting sign leaves. Dev gets tensed with Neha there.

Neha: what about my job bhai.
Dev: Neha now leave home. I will talk to u at home.
Neha: no bhai I wont.
Saying this she sat there. Mean while dev got tensed and Tina enters. Before she reminds about meeting Dev asks her leave alone and says to cancel all meetings.
Neha didn’t leave from there. Just then dev suddenly remembers something. He called suman inside.

Dev: Ms. Suman meet Ms. Neha. She will be accompanying u in ur dtp works. Make her ur assistant.
Suman was stunned. Because she herself is there for internship and she will have assistant?
Dev: what?
Suman: nothing sir. Its my pleasure.
Dev: How ever She has completed a course in typewriting.
Suman: ok sir.
Dev: R u happy Ms. Neha?
Neha: yes bh…. I mean sir.
There at Sona’s office….

Sona: whats this Shiv. How long should I wait.
Just then he gets a call.
Shiv: Mam Mr. Dev cancelled the meeting.
Sona: what? How irresponsible he is! Atleast he should hav informed earlier right. Just annoying. Next time give appointments only to valuble ppl. Ok.
Shiv: yes mam.

There Dev asks Tina to fix another appointment another day with Sonakshi.

Days passed.
At suman’s cubicle, Neha is not getting to type correctly as she struggles with English. Suman notices it. By then Dev calls Suman inside and asks her about some reports and suman says its not ready. She took the blame on herself and saves Neha. Dev scolds suman. Neha realises it.
Neha: y did u take blame on u mam.
Suman: firstly no mam. I am also an employee like u. So call me suman. Secondly u r my responsibility now. Its been just 3 days since u joined. Its my duty to train u. So its my fault only and I got scoldings.
Neha smiled saying tq.
Suman: now listen I will give u some software. This will be very useful for u. U can learn quickly.
Neha: thank u suman.

At sona’s office……

Shravan and Sona were discussing their project. Just then Ramnath calls shravan and orders him to bring Sonakshi for lunch. Shravan hesitates then compiles.

Sona: So Mr. Shravan that’s it. We will start our work in a couple of week.
Shravan: Sure Ms. Bose. And…. And….
Sona: and what?
Shravan: Dad called. He invited u for lunch.
Sona: That’s it. Fine I will come.
Shravan: Thank u Ms.Bose. Now I am leaving.
Sona: hello excuse me. How would I know ur address?
Shravan: Oh iam sorry. If u don’t mind u can accompany me Ms. Bose.
Sona: sure.

They reach Ramnath Mansion. Sona enters. Just then she sees Ria and Nikki fighting over something.
Ria: no nikki pineapple flavour is best.
Nikki: no di strawberry.
Ria: no
Nikki: yes.
Ria: look bhaiya u urself tell in these two health drinks which tastes best?
Shravan gives a embarrassed look as they didn’t notice that a guest has come. Before he could say anything sona interrupts.
Sona: I think more than these two mango tastes best.
Ria & Nikki: what?
Sona: yes once taste that too and points out another bottle at the table.
They tastes it and says yes this is too good.
Ria: By the way how do u know that it tastes better? Becoz this is imported brand and its not yet launched in India….
Sona: I know because its my company’s product.
They look at the label TAKE CARE HEALTH DRINK.
Ria: oh my god. So u u u r Ms. Sonakshi right!!!
Sona smiles and nods yes.
Ria: I hav read all ur articles. Even my thesis is also based on u only mam.
Sona smiles and says not mam. Mam only in office. I think u can call me Dii.
Just then Ramnath comes. Sona takes his blessings. Ramnath introduces sona to Nikki and ria and tells about her. They all share a light talk. Then they all move towards dinning table for lunch. All the dishes were kept there. Sona widens her eyes seeing those.

Sona: uncle will u eat all these kind of stuffs.
Ram: yes beta y?
Sona: uncle look at ur age. U should not take such foods. Its highly oily and calorie rich.
Saying this she took his plate off. Seeing this Shravan, ria and Nikki got super shocked because Ramnath gets much angry on ppl who interferes in his Food. Even Shravan is not an exemption. But Ramnath didn’t react too much.
Sona herself picks up some items and gives it to him along with a glass of fresh juice.
Ramnath ate it and all wondered.
Sona: Mr. Shravan u should atleast tell ur father about fitness. Lets do something here after I will prepare a diet chart for him and will mail it once a week. He should follow only that. Ok uncle?
Ramnath: So this is ur order. Then fine.
Saying this he left. But other three were looking at sona as if she lifted himalayas in a single hand.
Nikki: di what hav u done. Hav u learnt magic?
Sona: what magic?
Ria: papa will not allow anybody to contro his diet. But u….
Sona smiled and said that’s power of a doctor.
Sona finished her lunch and went for hand wash. Shravan came there.
Shravan: tq so much Ms. Bose for making my father agree. Always I used to worry about his diet. And now its cleared.
Sona: that’s ok. Uncle gave me this life and these things r very small. By the way u can call me Sonakshi. Afterall we are family friends now.
Shravan and sona smiles.

Days passed.
Suman and Neha became good friends. Shravan and sona too are friends now. And dev was impressed with Suman’s work.

One day because of Main typewriter’s leave all works came to Neha’s table. In work load she made a error in an important file. This iriked dev and he fired the manager. Then he came to know that it was Neha’s mistake. Before the manager could scold her dev he himself called Neha and scolded her badly in front of all. Even dev felt bad but he had no option.
Then he tried to pacify her but in vain. Just then suman heard their convo and came to know that Neha is dev’s sister. Its then she convinced Neha. Dev thanked Suman for this.

One day…. Neha is losing interest in her job and is very reluctant.
Suman: neha what happened? Now a days u r not so interested in this job.
Neha: Don’t know but I hate this 9-5 job.
Suman: u only became adamant to work.
Neha: yeah but not to work just to make my own identity. Iam literally not interested in it.
Suman: then do what u like. Search ur interest.
Neha says I hav no idea. Then suman remembers that one day Suman’s dress got spoiled and Neha designed it without looking bad. She also reminisces how happy and excited Neha is while doing that work. She then advices Neha to become a fashion designer. Initially Neha refuses but suman encourages her.
Next day……
Suman: what Neha have u thought of my words.
Neha: yes r u sure will this work out.
Suman: hav confidence in u. And by the way in my college there is a 3 months course too. It needs only 10th qualification. U can join there and learn. Then u will become a best designer.
Neha hugs her and thanks. She then informs this to dev.
She also adds that she wants to go to college.

Next day……

Dev called suman.
Dev: Ms. Suman u r making my sister to dance on your tune. U don’t know her she had never saw the outer world. Suddenly if she goes to college and something happens then???
Suman: sir I know u care for ur sister so much. But trust me she will become very good designer. And coming to college its my college. I will take care of her. After all she is my friend sir.
Dev nodded yes.

Neha joined college and also a English class on suman’s insistence. She was really happy. Seeing this Dev and ishwari were also too happy. Ishwari praised suman even without seeing her.

Days passed……
Suman’ s internship got over. Dev credited her full marks.
Dev: so Ms. Suman all the best for ur future. For sure I will miss a best employee like u. Take care.
Suman: Tq sir.

That day when suman was returning from office she saw Ishwari fainting on road and saved her. She took her to hospital and later even dropped her home without knowing she is Dev’s mom. She took care of her just then Neha entered. Suman was surprised to know that Ishwari is Neha’s mom. By then dev also came. Neha introduced Suman to Ishwari. Ishwari was very impressed with in first sight itself.
Suman: ok neha take care and aunty u too.
Dev: Thank u so much Ms. Suman. It’s a great timely help. I think u hav strong connection with me and my family. That’s y morning u finished ur work at office and by evening u got connected to my home.
Suman: smiles and says pleasure sir.
Dev: I think now u r no more my employee. So u can call me Dev.
Suman: Oh sure sir…. I mean Mr. Dev.

Saying this suman left for home…….

Precap: Suman meets Shravan….. Ishwari falls very sick. Dev again cancels meeting with Sonakshi.

So friends from now on u will watch the real story…. Be excited guys and no pls comment.

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