Hai friends. Thank u so much for all ur valuable comments. Tq so much Ayushi, sumaiya sumi, Sona, Marie, Nandhini, Neeti, Suman.Tq u all so much. Sorry for making u ppl wait. Now lets move to story…….

Recap: Sona gets India’s top most business tycoon position beating Shravan and Dev. Suman celebrates this.


It’s a pleasant morning. As usual the sisters r busy with their work.They met at dining table.

Sona: Suman come fast. Its time.
Sumo: haan di. Two mins.
She comes and sits hurriedly.
Sumo: whats the brkfast?
Sona: just Ragi paratha and veg salad.
Sumo: yuk. Y this kolaveri di.
Sona stares. Shut and eat dear. Today its my turn to make brk fast. So no cross questions. Suman makes pout face.
Sumo: fine… then di u know right today is my last class. Then only 1 month of internship in a company. Then my degree gets completed.

Sona: yes dr I remember. Ok which company r u gonna opt for internship? Better choose ours.
Sumo: no di. If I choose ours then u will give me 40 marks free of cost. So I don’t want that. I am gonna choose some other company.
Sona: oh I see. Fyn. Then don’t tell me which company. Do what u want.
Sona leaves with a pout face. Suman laughs.
Bejoy: Sumo y r u troubling her. U know ryt she is so possessive on u.
Sumo: yes papa. Let it be. I will manage my di.
Suman leaves for college.


Sona enters her company with stylish coolers and phone in her ears. All the way she hears “ Good morning mam”
Her employees wishing her.

She enters her cabin. Then enters her personal secretary Mr. Shiv. He is the database of Sonakshi.

Shiv: Morning mam.
Sona: Morning shiv. List out todays appointments and shedule.
Shiv: sure mam. He lists out. And finally, mam at 10.00 am we have meeting with Mr. Shravan Dixit, Ramnath group of companies MD.
Sona : ok fine shiv. Now u can leave.
Sona gets busy in her work. Its 10.00 am then. She calls Shiv and asks about her appointment.
Shiv: mam they haven’t come yet.
Sona: Oh. Then wait for 15 more mins if they didn’t turn up cancel the appointment. U know me right for me punctuality is most important. For the first meet itself if they reach so late how will they work better.
Shiv: yes mam.

Ramnath and Shravan reached at 11.00 am.
Sonakshi made them wait for one hour as she had started her next meeting.

At lobby…..
Shravan: papa this is too much. We are waiting here for 1 hour. She didn’t even turn up.
Ramnath: Have patience shravan. She is a busy woman. And this deal is most important for us.
Saying this Ramnath went to attend a call. Shravan got hyper. He went to reception and started shouting. Sona noticed it through cctv coverage. She angrily came out and walked towards Shravan.

Sona: Hello excuse me. Come to 1st gear.
Shravan: what?
Sona: Then y r u racing in 4th gear now. Who r u?
Shrav: U don’t even know!!!! We r waiting here for past 1 hour. I am Shravan.
Sona: Shravan means??? R u PM?
Shravan: What rubbish?
Sona: same rubbish. R u any President r what. If u say I am Shravan then I will identify u?
Shravan fumes.
Shravan: I am Shravan Dixit. Ramnath….

Sona: so u r the one who came to waste my time. Ur appointment is at 10.00 now its 12.00. U reached 1 hour late and instead fighting here. Look Mr. I value time a lot. If u cant keep time then its of no use for u to wait here because I don’t work with unpunctual people. So don’t waste time and leave.
Saying this sona left without even hearing to the reply of Shravan. He murmured Ms. Cracker. He stared at her and headed out. He told Ramnath everything and asked him to come. Ramnath said ok and he was about to get into car. Just then Sona watched Ramnath from her cabin glass window. Suddenly she rushed outside. Ran towards their car. And finally stopped their car. Both Shravan and Ramnath gave a confused look. Ramnath came out of car.

Sona: with little tears in her eyes. Uncle ji aap…..
Ramnath got confused.
Sona: don’t remember me. Iam that girl choti. Whom u hav supported and joined the illiterate girl in school 15 years back directly in 6th std.
Ramnath thinks and remembers the flash back.
Flashback: When sona was 11 years old she is not studying as she has no financial support, one day she was staring at the school going students. Then a boy of her age is playing on the road without noticing the vechicles. Sona rushed to him and saved him from getting hit by a truck. Its our Shravan. Ramnath thanked her and offered her money. Instead sona requested him to join her school saying I will pay my fees somehow but please tell the school ppl to give me a seat uncle. I will read very well. Its then Ramnath made her admitted in school.After that they didn’t meet. But sonakshi always had a feeling of indebtedness towards Ramnath.
Flashback ends.

Ramnath: With a smile told u r no more choti. I am happy that my recommendation didn’t go waste.
Sona: with teary eyes took blessings from him. She then took both of them to her cabin.
They had some light talks. In all this time Shravan was literally confused.

Sona: so uncle its all ur blessings. Now tell me y do u want to me uncle.
Immediately Shravan hurries about his project. Sona listens to it all.
Sona: Ok Mr. Shravan for sure I will think about it. I will study ur report once and lets decide tomorrow.

Shravan and Ramnath smiled. Ramnath then once again blessed Sona and left.


Suman reaches Ishwari companies. Her internship is there. She meets Tina and gives her college details. Tina goes to Dev and informs about her. Dev asks her to wait. She waited and waited. Its 5 hours then. After 5 hrs Dev called Suman inside. She went.

Dev: So Ms. Suman what do u want now?
Suman: One month of training in ur concern sir.
Dev: Good. R u angry with me?
Suman: Honestly speaking yes sir. U made me wait for 5 hours. But I would not express it because our first lesson in offices is to be patient. And I am actually happy because already my half day passed with out doing any work. I was free all this time surfing internet.
This answer impressed Dev.
Dev: Good Ms. Suman. That’s the spirit. Now u r perfectly eligible for my company. Go ahead. All the best.

First day itself Suman impressed Dev with her work.


Neha: In this house no body cares me. Always bhai bhai bhai. I am waste to be born.
Ishwari listens this with grin face. Dev enters.
Dev: Maa what happen?
Neha: ask me bhai. I told u right I want some job in your office. What happened? All my school friends r doing jobs. I only didn’t study more than 12th. Its all my fate.
Dev: Neha wo…..
Neha : enough bhai. I don’t want explanations. I will be coming to your office in two days. That’s it.
Dev gets into thinking. He worries what job shall I give her. She is 12th fail. How will others treat her. If they hurt her then??


Sona comes home…..

Suman comes and asks about her work. Sona gives a angry look and leaves. Suman rushes behind her saying sorry. Sona doesn’t listen and enters washroom for getting fresh.Suman locks the door.

Sona: sumo open the door.
Sumo: u first talk to me.
Sona: Now open….
Sumo: First talk.
Sona: oh I see. If u don’t open I will not eat today.
Sumo: if u don’t eat then I will not sleep today.
Sona: don’t blackmail.
Sumo: u don’t be stubborn.
Finally sona and suman both becomes silent. They didn’t speak for 10 mins. Suman got restless and opened the door. But sona is missing. Suman entered bathroom while sona poured a bucket of water on her by hiding behind the door. Suman then pushed sona into bathtub. They had a cute fight. And finally patched up…..

Precap: Neha comes to office. Dev cancels meeting with Sonakshi.

So friends I know this is a boring epi. Sorry for that. Only two more epis to go. Then it will become interesting with our couples meetings and fights. I will post my next epi today itself. Keep reading. Bye.

Pls comment now. My comment box is waiting for ur beautiful words…..

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  1. Nandini aka Nandu

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    1. Pinky

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      1. Nandini aka Nandu

        But di ek baat samajh nahi aayi. How come sona had ni financial support. Couldnt understand.

    2. Pinky

      that nandhu i will reveal in future epis. sona ithni amir kaise hogayi….

  2. Marie

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  5. It was nice plz add some drma and funny moments

  6. shubham anand

    Not bad episode sometimes we should go with the flow of story. Good! Being in IIT i can sense ur good english skills

    1. Pinky

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      Tq so much neeti. Yeah from epi 5 full on masthi starts. So keep reading and commenting.

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