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Recap: Flashback….. Sonakshi is a leading nutritionist and a business woman. Her sister is Suman Bose, an intelligent student who is gonna complete her studies.


Sona: sumo now get ready for dinner.
Sumo: Not today di. Today is my day so its my wishlist of food. Ok!!!! So close ur diet foods??
Sona throws a puppy look?

Just then enters Neil and Ragini with preethi and chintu.

Neil: thank god sumo u saved me!! I was scared to cum here bcoz of sona’s diet food.??
Sumo: bhaiya….. She runs and hugs him. While Ragini hugs sona.
Ragini: meri sona haath ka kaana sabse best. Ek din app ko yeh baath samjme aavungi. That she she wil not cook fr you.
Sona : leve it bhabi. When acidity comes he will automatically comes to me for solution.
They both laughs giving high fii.
Preethi: ok di now lets go.
Sona: where.
All shouts loudly Restaurant…..
Preethi: sumo go get ready soon. I know u will take days not even hours to get ready.??
Sumo: oh hello. U r telling me that what a pity. By the way remember iam your bua???
Preethi: so u want to call me bua. Teek bua??
Sumo: preethi meri bacchae??
Preethi: u only told me to call.
She began to ran while sumo chases.
Sona: haan hum tho tumare bua hein. But neil bhiya is just more than bhaiya for us. He is like our next father. Issiliyae call us di itself?
Saying this sona hugs him. Neil Naikchet is Bejoys elder sister son. He is very popular lawyer and very self respected person.
They all move to restaurant and enjoys family moments…..

Next Morning…..
Ramnath Mansion……

Ramn: Nikki, Ria hav u ppl got ready. Flight arrives today morning not tommorow. Come quick. U know ryt if we r late then we are dead today.
Ria comes tying her watch. Papa not you only us will be dead. According to my knowledge bhai will not scold u even in your dreams. So its hypothetical.
Nikki: truth has been spoken??
They both give high fii while Ramnath gives a pride filled look.
They reach the airport…. Flight landed and passengers started coming out.
There comes a young dashing, handsome man with back blazers held in his hand…
Nikki and Ria waves hand. He just throws a quarter smile towards them. He walked in style towards them. As soon as he bended down to his fathers feet. Kushro beta, said a proud father Ramnath. Why wont he be proud after all the one who came is Shravan Dixit, Worlds fifth most intellectual person, said by the great forbes magazine. He is the one who took Ramnath Companies across the sea to Europe and America. Graduated in Columbia university, a typical fathers son, who would even believe that the sky is green and waters colour is yellow when his father says. An aggressive business man, loves his sisters, respects only people of his status or high.

Ishwari mansion……

Neha: maa aap abhi tak tayar na hui. U know ryt bhai will kill me if we were late.
Ish: I know beta. Just two mins.
K now lets go….
Their car lands in a big auditorium. They move inside and got seated in first row with much pride. Suddenly there swarmed in black cat commandos making way for President’s entry….

On mic: we warmly welcome all of u for the opening ceremony of the foreign concern of Ishwari Industries and chain of companies. I would kindly resquest Mrs. Ishwari Dixit to come to stage and light the diyas.

A proud Ishwari lighted it followed by Neha. Then President opened the concern through video conference.

President on mic: I am really honoured to grace this occasion. This young man has done impossible thing at this age proving age is just a number. All congrats to him and his proud mother.

Saying this he left while entire auditorium bursted in claps while Ishwari had a graceful pride in her eyes. After all its purely her upbringing. He is the one who reached the position of Third most successful business man at this age in the world but years ago he don’t even had money to pay his school fees. Its all only becoz of his hardwork and nothing else. But when asked him he would just say all because of his mothers blessings. It’s the young, handsome hunk Mr. Dev Dixit. A typical mamas son who would even die without asking a question if his mother says so. He would even go against this entire world for his mother. A calm, fun hating, workaholic, arrogant man. Who would ask u the spelling for smile. But loves his sister and his work.

Yes Ramnath and Ishwari are couples but they share a bitter past. ( will be revealed soon)

Shravan hates his mother Ishwari thinking that she loves only his brother Dev and dosent care about his another sister Neha. Here Dev hates his father Ramnath as he left him and his mother and always want to a step ahead of him. Dev loves his other two sisters Nikki and Ria but havent made a single attempt to meet them in past 18 years. Ishwari has some feelings for her other three children but Ramnath hates Dev as he supported his mom. Shravan and Dev haven’t met for past 18 years but always competes to be the best.

Next morning….
Ramnath mansion:-

Shravan is working busy in laptop and simultaneously watching CNN News.
Nikki: bhqi pls change the channel na. Its utterly boring.
Shravan stares.
Ria: Niiki u know na today is March 1. Today CNN news will publish the top ten business tycoons under 30. Bhai is waiting for that.
Shravan smiles a bit and says smart. Nikki learn from her…

Ishwari mansion:-

Dev is too watching the same news. While Ishwari hurries him to eat breakfast.

Here all Bejoy, suman, preethi and chintu are watching it except Sona. She is busy in kitchen preparing morning breakfast.

The CNN News starts. They started announcing the names in reverse order. No.6….no.5….. And atlast no.3 comes. Shravan and dev are tensed. No.3 goes to Shravan Dixit. And No.2 is Dev Dixit. Shravan is raged and Dev is also not so happy. The one difference which made shravan third is Though he had a more successful business empire since 30 years it was initiated by Ramnath. But Dev whose business is just 7 years old was started by himself. This explanation iriked Shravan but he was still happy that Dev is not first. Dev got upset as he is not the first but was happy he is ahead of Shravan. But they both got failed as their aim is to get no.1 spot. They both eagerly waited for No.1. Its none other than Ms. Sonakshi Bose whose company is only 3&1\2 years old but still most trusted brand in India. Both brothers wondered who is she…..


All shouted happily knowing Sona is No.1. Suman rushed to kitchen and hugged sona.

Sumo: congrats di. Congrats. I know u r the best.
Sona:?? aise kya hogaya
Sumo: di today is March 1st.
Sona: so what
Sumo: aap bhi na. U r the top most business tycoon in india, announced by CNN news…??. Its such a big deal and u r so careless.
Sona: whats big deal. Agar tum hard work kiya to tum bhi top mast banaungi.
Sumo: oh I see. Humbleness ah?
Sona stares at her.
Bejoy comes and says that’s y she is best beta. If she cares for all these no.1 position then she will not be the top most.
Suman smiles and says yes papa. But I will celebrate her success.
Sona: yes I know. That’s y iam silent. Whts the difference whether u celebrate or me??
They share a hug…..

Precap: Shravan meets Sona…

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    I want to ask in1st episode it was shown that SHRAMAN and devsona know each other …. I am confused

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