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Now story…..

Sona and Suman are at home. They both took rest. Its morning now…..
Sona: Oh noo I am getting late…
She goes to washroom and finds it locked.
Sona: Sumo come quick. Stop day dreaming with your macaca.
Actually sumo was really doing it. She comes back to senses.
Sumo: Y so hurry dhi. Full night u spent with Mr.Pan species only na! Then what???
Sona: If I come there u r finished. Shut nd come fast.
They both got ready and reached their respective work places.

Ishwari Mansion….

Dev on phone: Oh no Tina, I completely forgot it.
Tina: Now what shall we do sir?
Dev: Nothing else. Lets attend meeting and apologize them that we could not summit our presentation.
Tina: But sir this is a big deal.
Dev: I know. But I was in some other work yesterday. Lets leave it.

Sona heard all dev spoke from behind. Dev turns.
Sona: Good morning Mr. Dixit.
Dev: Nods. How is your sister?
Sona: yeah fine. And I must thank u for being there. By the way I heard….
Dev: That’s ok Ms. Bose.
Saying this he hurriedly left in his work tension. Sona could see it.
Sona to herself: Because of me he is loosing a deal!!!!
She then takes out her phone and calls Shiv.

Sona: Shiv, do me a favour. Immediately call Mr. Dev Dixit’s secretary and find out all appointments of him. Do it immediately.

After some time Shiv calls.
Shiv: Mam, he has usual office works today. But one important appointment. Its with Merlin companies about that Wire cables deal, which we rejected to participate. That deal alone mam.
Sona: When is that meeting?
Shiv: At 11.30 am mam.
Sona: Ok fine do onething. Send me all the details of that deal to my mail.
Shiv: Sure mam.
Sona to herself: Its alredy 9.00 now!!!
Sona then goes to Neha borrows her laptop and starts preparing the presentation. She then asks permission from Ishwari aunty.
Sona: Aunty ji, I hav an important work. Will u allow me for 2 hours!!
Ishwari: fine beta. Jauo.
Sona rushes.
Ishwari: Isko kya hua? Ithni jaruri kam ??

Dev reaches the meeting venue. All gets introduced formally. Dev is about to inform that he havent prepared the presentation. By then Sona enters.

Sona: Excuse me Gentleman.
Mr. Sushanth ( He is the main chair person): Hello Ms. Sonakshi Bose. What a pleasant surprise.
Sona smiles and nods, while Dev gives a confusing look.
Mr. Sushanth: Ms. Sonakshi, we were informed that u r not participating in our deal!
Sona: Yes Mr. Sushanth, even now my company is not participating. I am present here not as a CEO of Take Care companies, but as an representative of Ishwari group of companies. I am gonna summit todays presentation on behalf of Mr. Dixit.
Dev is stunned. Then all get seated. Two presentations occurred. Third was Sona’s. She went. Presented. Rocked. Even Dev got surprised by her skills. Finally the deal has won by Ishwari group of companies. Everybody congratulated Sona’s excellence and Dev.

Sona is about to leave.
Dev: Ms. Bose thanks!
Sona: That’s ok Mr. Dixit.
Dev: When u could prepare such awesome presentation in such short time, then y don’t u represent ur company?
Sona: Because everything is not business alone. Somethings is more than that.
Sona smiles and goes. Dev too smiles.


Suman and Shravan reach the finals venue. Suman is very tensed.
Shravan: Y so tensed?? U can do it. See even yesterday u got the cake right!!
Suman: That’s because u helped me.
Shravan looks at her.
Shravan: Nothing like that. Just concentrate and do. U would definitely win.
Suman: I hope….!!

The competition starts. Sumo is very tensed. She starts messing up everything. Shravan watches it. Its then Shravan from far signs her to calm and work. Sumo then takes a deep breath and reminences yesterday’s thing and starts baking. Shravan kept on motivating her from there. And Finally Rianik hotels grabbed the prize. While getting certificate Shravan asks Suman to accompany him. They both were very happy….

Days passed. Now Sona and Dev are no more strangers. Suman and Shravan are no more enemies.

One fine day….

Ishwari Mansion…

Sona asusual came for job. Vicky came and collided with her wantedly.
Sona: Sorry.
Vicky: Y sorry baby. If want ucan collide once more!
Sona: Oh seriously. If u r so fond to collide go and collide with a tanker lorry. U might escape that but don’t dare to mess with me, then u hav no chance of escape.
By then dev comes and Vicky hurriedly goes while Sona stood staring him.
Dev: What happen Ms. Bose? Did he do anything wrong?
Sona: No. No. Leave it Mr.Dixit. Afterall if its common to stalk a beautiful girl.
Dev: smiling, seriously Ms. Bose!
Sona smiles back and leaves.


Shravan: Ms. Suman, tomorrow come quickly we have to arrange for the meeting.
Suman: No Mr. Shravan, I have some important work tomorrow. So I will be on leave tomorrow?
Shravan: Leave!!!! How would I manage without u?
Suman looks on!
Shravan: I mean… wo… office work only!!
Suman smiles and leaves.

Next Day….
Its actually their mom’s birthday. Sona and Suman usually celebrate that day grandly.
That time too they both wore saree of same colour, took their papa and went to temple. There they distributed sweets. Then they donated few things to some orphanages and foundations. Its afternoon then.
Sona leaves for her work while suman planned to surprise Shravan. So she too left for work.

Ishwari Mansion…

Ishwari: Arae beta. U came early. U told u will be even late.
Sona: Wo aunty ji, work got finished. So only. Ishwari: Acha. Fine. And u look so beautiful in saree.
Sona: Thank u aunty ji. Now shall I go and change saree in your room?
Ishwari: Sure beta go.
Sona leaves. Radha rani fumes by their nice bonding.
Radha: jiji, u r keeping her on your head.
Ishwari: Bhabhi, achi ladki hein.

Vicky watches Sonakshi going to room. He enters the room before her and hides in bathroom. Sonakshi enters and locks the door. Vicky switches on his phone camera. He secretly tries to take video of her.
Sonakshi just then about to remove her saree pins. And there Vicky’s phone rings….

Sona: Who is there. Tell me.
She goes towards Bathroom and gets shocked to see vicky there with mobile in his hand. She grabs the phone and checks it and is horrified to see her video starting from closing the door and till she is about to remove her pins.
Sona gets red hot. She throws the phone on floor and breaks it. She then slaps vicky hardly, as even a rock would have got broken. She hits him 2-3 slaps. She then opens the door and drags him outside. She then took her slippers and starts hitting him with it. Vicky screams and for that all Ishwari, mamiji come there.

Mamiji stops sona hitting vicky. Ishwari also stops sona.
Ishwari: What is happening here?
Sona: Ask himself auntyji!
Mamiji: look jiji. How dare she is! She has hit my son with slippers.
Radha rani starts her drama.
Vicky: dekho bua, I was speaking on call. And came here. She without seeing entered and blaming me.
He too starts his drama.
Just then Dev enters.
Mamiji does drama and creates a big scene.
Sona: Nahi aunty ji, he is lying….
But vicky interrupted,
See bhaiya she hitted me with slippers.
Ishwari: Sona beta hosakthahey ki
Kuch galat fami hui.
Sona: nahi aunty ji.
Dev gets tensed over the situation.
Ishwari: Look sonakshi, in my family nobody can do such cheap work.
Sona: Mr. Dixit, at least you listen to me!
Dev: Ms. Bose, u r making this a big issue. I am sure it’s a misunderstanding. Vicky cant do this.
Sona: Mr. Dixit, I am not a kid to misunderstand. Y don’t u see his truth!
Dev: Enough Ms. Bose. How dare u point your fingers towards my family member?
And u hit him with slippers!! I Think u should apologize.
Sona gets shocked with Dev’s words.
Sona: What!! I should apologise? U have lost it Mr. Dixit.
She frustratedly goes inside and picks up her bag and comes out.
Sona: U know what Mr.Dixit, I thought your r a very good boss and will look after all your employees well. But I was wrong. I really feel pity for your staff. When your house itself has no safety for a girl’s respect what could one expect from your office.
Saying this she looked at vicky, he smirked.
She went near him and again gave a tight slap, shocking all. And left.
Ishwari consoled Radha Rani and vicky.

Suman goes to surprise Shravan but she herself get shocked seeing this view…
There Shravan working something on laptop and a young and beautiful girl feeding him a sandwich…
Suman gets confused. She goes inside the cabin and stands. But shravan didn’t notice her. He is too busy with her. Suman coughs.
Shravan: Oh hai Ms. Suman. Come in.
Suman: Mr. Shravan, wo…
Shravan: U told u will not come today!
Suman: I thought there will be much work. So I came. And u told u cant manage!! So only.
Shravan: Oh… u could have took leave Ms. Suman, because now anu is with me na!!
By the way I forgot to introduce, she is Anushika, my close friend. She is presently doing Her MBA in Oxford. Came here for internship.
Suman: Hai.
Anu: Hello.
Shravan: And she is Ms. Suman, my company’s chief executive manager and the best chef.
Suman gives a fake smile.
Shravan: Ms. Suman, if u want u could leave. I can manage.
Suman fumes and leaves.

Sona reaches home in top rage mode. And suman a bit upset.
Sumo: Dhi what happen? Why the volcano is burning?
Sona stares.
Sumo: ok ok. Tell me what happened?
Sona narrates everything.
Sumo: How dare that guy. U should have informed police dhi.
And pan species, is he mad.
Sona: Exactly. Let it go. Here on I will not go there. And will concentrate on my business freely. All is for good.
Sumo: Exactly dhi. Now come lets eat. I am so hungry….

Precap: Dev waiting for Sona. Suman waiting for Shravan.

So guys sorry for this boring epi. Next epi has tashan dhamaka. Enjoy. Now comment box is waiting for u. Pls visit and go.

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