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Now no more buk buk. Lets go for surprise part 2.
Recap: Shravan helping Suman in Irish cake. Dev’s concern for Sona as she is ill.


Its 12.30 am then. The roads were deserted. Dev and Sona are the only persons on that road. Persons….!! Excuse me, if somebody saw then they would call them ghosts… Added to that Sona’s face is getting horrified, tensed, worried,frustrated… add all words from Oxford. Dev and Sona reached Sona’s house. Dev could easily sense that something went wrong. And Sona still trying the phone.

Sona: Whats wrong with her. Why did she switched off the phone….( with full tension loaded)
Dev: What happened Ms. Bose? Is everything ok?
Sona: No not ok. My sister is missing. She is not even picking up my call.
Sona gets down the car.
Dev: U need any help Ms. Bose?
Sona: That’s ok Mr. Dixit . Its already so late. I will manage. U pls leave.
Saying this she rushed inside the house.
There Bejoy was sitting tensedly.
Sona: Kya hua papa. Kuch batha chala?
Bejoy: No sona beta. U know na she will never be this much late that too without informing. I am worried.
Sona consoling herself: Don’t worry papa. I will find out.
Saying this she immediately called Preethi.
Sona: Preethi did suman called u?
Preethi: Nahi di. Y what happened?
Sona: No no nothing big. Y sleep and don’t tell anything to bhai or bhabi. If emergency I would call.
Sona ended the call.
Bejoy who was looking at entrance exclaimed: Mr. Dev aap yaha…..
Sona turned.
Dev entered.
Sona: Mr. Dixit, haven’t you left till now.
Dev: I thought it will be better if I support you. Even I am a brother of a sister. I can understand.
Bejoy: Thank u Dev beta.
Sona: Papa I will go in search of her. U pls don’t worry. I will inform u. Seetha ma take care of papa.
Sona walked hurriedly and Dev followed her. Dev heeded to drive the car but Sona bagged the car keys and sat in driver seat. Dev sat besides her. Firstly she rushed the car to RIANIK HOTELS. The gate is closed with a watchman awake.
Sona rushed out of car.
Sona: Bhaiya, Did everybody left office today?
Watchman: Yes madam.
Sona (showing suman’s photo in her mobile): Did u saw her leaving home today?
Watchman: I don’t remember well mam. But I think Suman mam left.
Sona has no answer. Dev was still in car. Sona again came back and started the car.

Dev: Did u got to know anything?
Sona nodded no. She then being in car called some of Sumo’s friends. None has an useful answer. She was slowly getting weak as how a sand wall will collapse if it is broken at the bottom.

She then flew the car to some of suman’s favourite coffee shop, restaurant. She even tried getting down the road and search on the road like a mad, but Dev stopped her.
The car was off. Sona was silent. Dev too. Actually she is weeping without sound. Crying without tears.
Dev: Don’t worry Ms. Bose. Your sister will be found soon. U pls don’t loose trust. Just keep cool and relax. Think were she would go if she is so happy or sad. Someplace…. Just think with cool mind. You will get the answer.
Sona looked at Dev….. She then got a scintillating smile on her face. She immediately started the car and drove, hoping Suman would be there….

Its 09.30 then. Suman was happily leaving the kitchen as finally her Irish cake got perfect. And as icing on the cake, Shravan helped her in it.
Finally Shravan and Suman switched off all kitchen lights and moved towards the lift. They got into it. By then the keeper checked the Hotels reception computer which shows the presence of people in every section of the Hotel. He made sure that no body was there and all lights were off.
And yeah you all now guessed it right.
So he then went out. Closed the doors. Locked it and switched off all the power supply. He then went….
There inside, the lift suddenly stopped. Lights in the lift went out. Its all dark and Sumo suddenly screamed.
Sumo: What is this? Oh noo.
Shravan: Relax Ms. Suman. Relax. Don’t shout. I am here na.
Sumo then had a sign of relax. Afterall she was not trapped alone.
Shravan: I think the keeper turned out power supply. I will call him.
Shravan then searched his pocket for phone. Oh no phone has gone to his cabin…..???

Shravan: I think I forgot my mobile in cabin.
Sumo: Oh no!! What would we do now? And its so dark here.
Shravan: Give me your phone.
Suman gives her phone. But it has only 10% battery life. Shravan calls the keeper but there is no proper signal inside the lift.
Shravan: Is signal bhi na….
Suman: Now what?
Shravan: Lets do one thing. There is the connection box above the door. We shall switch on the light.
Sumo: Are u mad? Keeper has cut the power. How will u switch on light.
Shravan: Ms. Suman, only main power is cut. But subside lines will be working for minimum voltage lights alone. For that only we have to join two wires there.
Sumo: Oh ok. Do it quickly.
Shravan: Me?
Sumo: Yes. Only you have born with inborn stool.??
Sнravan: Fine.
He tries to reach but it was a inch away.
Imagine its like the second highest peak K2 is trying to reach the highest Mount Everest??

Shravan: I can’t. You do it.
Sumo: seriously!!???
Shravan: I mean….vo….
Sumo: Boliyae!!!
Shravan: I will lift u and you fix it!!!
Sumo: what???
Shravan: I think we don’t have any other choice!!
Sumo: y can’t I lift u?
Shravan shocked!!? suman rocked!!?
Shravan: seriously Ms. Suman??
After this shravan don’t want to take a risk. He without even seeking permission lifted her.
Shravan: And join that blue and red wire.
Sumo: I can’t even see here and….
Before she finishes Shravan switches on torch in suman’s phone. Some how she fixes the wires.
Lights on… Phone gone…..
Suman slided…..Shravan holded…..
Eyes locked…. Hearts blocked…..
Ho.. Kyu yeh dabhi si khwahishe
Dil mein tera bewajah
Ho.. Jaake zara ussey bhol de
Chahta jisse tu raha
Kahi teri khamoshiyan
Jeet na jaaye pyar se
Mil jaane de dil jo banne
Ek duje ke vaaste. Plays…..

They come back to senses.
Shravan: Oh Shut..! Phone switched off!!!
Sumo: ??what??? Now how will you call the keeper?
Shravan nods no??
Sumo: so we should be here till morning!!
Oh noo!!! My dhi will become worried!! I cant even inform her???
Shravan: Now relax!!! Lift will not get opened with your pressure!
Sumo: Relax!! Seriously Mr. Shravan? How can I? In my house all will be worried.
And all these are because of u!!?
Shravan?: because of me?
Suman:yes who told u to switch off kitchen lights? That’s y keeper thought all left.
Shravan: oh I see. Then its only because of helping you, I got trapped.
Their argument started… ??
Shravan: Now will u pls keep quiet and sit.
Shravan sat on lift floor. Sumo seated opposite to him. Time passed…
Sumo: I am very hungry. I am gonna eat the cake! Do you want??
Shravan: No. I can’t eat such heavy foods! Fitness is important!!
Sumo ??. Suman starts enjoying the cake.
Shravan is also so hungry!! There is a big war between his mind and stomach.
Shravan made faces and tried asking for some. Suman noticed it and she wantedly teased him more. And finally she offered him a piece while he fairly refused and she needed him…..
( guys just imagine their cute know jhoks)
Further time passed….
Suman: I am getting bored.
Shravan: so??
Suman: Let’s talk something.
Shravan: OK. Let’s discuss about tomorrow’s meeting.
Suman: For that its better to stay quiet!!
Shravan: Then what?
Suman: Mr. Shravan tell me one thing, that will u be always like this ah? Boring!!! Grin!!!
Shravan stares at her.
Sumo: at least answer my question!!
Shravan: Ms. Suman for that u must ask a sensible question.
Suman: OK tell me something about your childhood.
With this question Shravan’s face turned red.
Shravan: Please Ms. Suman, keep quiet.
With this answer suman sensed that something is bitter with his past.
Suman: why should I? Its my mouth and I will talk!
Shravan: but its my ears which are listening.
Sumo: Then close your ears!!
She then started speaking about her childhood. She narrated a incident.
Sumo: And finally the dog bite my sir.
Shravan laughed out loudly….
Like wise their talk continued. At a point of time even Shravan shared one of his school incident with sumo.
Suman: See Mr. Shravan how nice it is when u remember your childhood. But you made so many faces to say this!!!
Shravan: Ms. Suman, all memories are not of sweet type. Some will be bitter too. And its better to not talk about it.
Suman: Yeah you are right. But that is life. Mixture of all kinds of taste and we should taste everything. Sometimes medicines are also bitter but it cures our health. Like wise some pains too will make us strong Mr. Shravan. Just because of it you should leave your happy memories.
Shravan: smiled and admired her answer.
And time passed with their talks…..

But other side. A volcano is getting ready to burst…..

Sona drove her car to a lonely place. It has full of small bushes and rose and balsam flower plants. It is actually situated on a slightly elevated rigde of land. From there the entire Mumbai city (Here The story is native to Mumbai) is visible and there is a single lamp post present there with a single park bench.
It’s the place where usually Sona and suman would go and sit if they have any problem or stress. No one else knows that place other than these two.
Sona stopped her car. She rushed there hoping suman would be there. But no. She is not there.

Sona stood there holding the bench with tear in her eyes.
Dev comes there.
Dev: why did u come here?
Sona didn’t reply
Dev: Ms. Bose don’t loose hope. I think we should inform police now.
Sona turns. She takes her phone and calls the commissioner.
Sona: Hello sir,I am Sonakshi Bose.
He: yes mam tell me.
Sona: I am sorry to disturb u this time.
He: that’s OK mam. Tell me
Sona: My sister is missing sir. Aap please do something. At any cost I want her back that too within the morning.
He: Relax mam I will take step. You pls send her photo and details.
Sona: sure sir.
Dev and sona then left the place and searched in some other places. Actually sona searched and dev followed her.
Its 4.00 am then. Sona called Commissioner again.
He: no mam ur sisters cell phone signal is also very weak. We are trying to trace her.
Sona: what!!!! Its been two hours since I’ve informed u. How can you ppl be so careless.
She bursted out and cut the call.
Sona and Dev were inside the car and car was outside a temple.
Sona is completely broken. She started crying aloud?????? weeping,holding the car steering. Dev was blank. For the first time dev saw sona so helpless, broken and weak. Always she would face every problem with confidence. But not today. After all its about her sister who is more than her life.
Dev: Ms. Bose please calm down. Nothing will happen to your sister.
Dev then held sona’s hand and consoled her. That grip gave her a bit of hope and dev could feel her pain from that hold. Then Sona went inside the temple and prayed and sat on the steps. Dev kept on comforting her. He too sat besides her. Sona is still weeping but now on dev’s shoulders. His shirt turned wet. But he didn’t bother. He just wanted to support her and he did it for 100%.
Its 6.30 am
Just then Sona’s phone rang. Its from home. She picked.
Hello…. Immediately her face has 240 watts glow. I am coming.
Sona: Mr. Dixit my sister came home.
She hugged him in excitement. While Dev stood awkward. Few seconds… sona realized what she is doing.
Sona:I am sorry.
Dev: where was she?
Sona: Don’t know. I will go home.
Dev: come I will drop.
They sat in car. On the way, Sona called commissioner and informed him.
Dev in mind: So responsible!!!
They reached home. Sona rushed out of car. She said thank you in a hurry and left. Dev smiled at her excitement and drove to his home.

Sona came inside. She firstly hugged suman tightly. Suman reciprocated.
Sumo: dhi I am OK. Nothing is wrong. You pls relax.
Sona saw her and gave her a tight hard slap. Suman knew this would be consequence. She stood holding her ears cutely asking for a apology from her beloved sister. Sona cried and this brought tears in suman’s eyes too. Finally they both hugged.
Sumo: I am sorry dhi. ( she narrated everything)
Sona: so u were enjoying with Macaca there but here I was roaming like a dog searching for u alone.
Sumo: Alone???? I heard some body accompanied u!! Suman gave a teasing look.
Sona: After doing so much u r teasing Mr ah!!! Mere bachae!!
Suman ran. Sona chased. They laughed……

Precap: Suman’s final. Dev’ s presentation in office.

So guys how was the epi. Comment me. Tq and yeah next epi will be posted soon. Once agn sorry for wait.

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