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Now story….

Ishwari Mansion….

Its evening. Ishwari has gone to temple with mamiji. Kichu bhaiya to market. Sona is preparing dinner for Ishwari while Dev is working in laptop, seated in hall. Sona after finishing her work came talking on her mobile towards Hall.

Sona on phone: Yes shiv… No shiv I will check it later. You mail it to me. And yeah, fix the meeting sharp 9.00 pm.

Dev thinks in mind: So workaholic!!!
The real fun is that, Dev is saying this.
Just then Sona comes there and Dev is about to leave. While Dev is leaving with his laptop, sona feels dizzy. She is about to fall unconscious. And Dev came running towards her to hold. He even dropped his laptop. He held her carefully in his arms.

Is this that same dev who dropped sonakshi for his phone??? Even the furniture there has this question to ask.

Dev with Sona in his arms: Ms. Bose!! Are u ok? Wake up!! Look at me.
Sona has no response. Dev then carried her to his room. Made her lie on his bed. He then called Doctor. He was really concerned.
( The same way when sona met accident in real show)

Doctor came. Still sona is unconscious. He examined her. He then mixed some electrol powder in water and made her drink it. Slowly Sona gained consciousness. By then….

Dev: Dr. Kapoor, what happened to her?
Dr. Kapoor: She had slight stress attack. I think she didn’t sleep for days and also haven’t eaten well. That’s why she is so weak. What Mr. Dixit I sent you a doctor and you made her patient.
Dev: Felt guilty.
Dr.Kapoor: Relax. I was joking Mr.Dev. Sonakshi is always so. She is too much workaholic.

Yeah… workaholic. But Dev knew because of whom She started working day and night. Because of whom her nights went sleepless. For taking care of whose food she missed her food. And because of whom her company turned into a owl.
He looked at her state. Pathetic. Sona slightly opened her eyes.

Dev: (jumping on to the bed) Ms. Bose are u ok!! Look at me. How are u now?
Sona: (In weak tone) Take breath Mr.Dixit. Or else u will be on bed!!
They both smiled looking into each other. Forgetting that there is a doctor out standing there like a pillar. It would have been better if he is really a pillar.

Dr.Kapoor interrupts.
Dr.Kapoor: So Ms.Bose how are u feeling now?
Dev stands while Dr.Kapoor sits besides Sona and checks her eyes.
Sona: Better doctor.
Dr.Kapoor: Take care Ms. Sonakshi. If u urself become a patient then how will u treat others. U haven’t slept properly right?
Sona: Nods yes innocently.
Dr.Kapoor: Hmm. So Ms. Bose u hav no medicines. Just take rest and eat well. And Dev hold her hand.
Dev without realizing says yes and goes. Just then what??…. Why?…
Dr.Kapoor: To give her injection.
Sona: What??? Noo doctor no… u know right, I am…
Dr.Kapoor: Scared of injections. I know but its necessary.
Dev giggles hearing this.
Sona: stares. No please….
Finally they somehow made a injection. It was as if they finished a war. Dr.Kapoor leaves then bidding goodbye to dev and Sona.
Now Dev and Sona were in the room along with an awkward silence.
Sona: (Trying to get up from bed) I will go and work.
Saying this she gets up and slips while dev holds her.
Eyes lock and breaths merge….

Saadgi achi lagi hai mujhko teri…
Sachi lagi pyaar ke adaayen ye teri…
Kuch toh tera pyaar hein…
Kuch hai teri shokiyaan…
Mere dil me bas gayi
Teri saari khoobhiyaan….
Pheli dafa hei ki mujhme toh challka he…
Mere rangoon mei kuch dhand ye teri jaise bhi…
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi….. Female version plays….

Dev: Be careful Ms. Bose. And now take rest. That’s it.


Now its been 8 hours since started baking. Now the even office hours ended and all started dispersing. Shravan was busy in laptop. There sumo was busy in kitchen. Its gonna strike 6.00 pm. Office was as empty as vacuum. Shravan removed his blazers and placed it along with his cell phone on table, used wash room. While leaving he just took his blazers but forgot his mobile. Switched off all electricals in his cabin.He then headed to move. Office was all dark except kitchen. He noticed it. He went inside. Saw our poor girl sumo with all her hair messed up. Flour on her nose and cheeks. Totally battered state. She is now staring at the oven hoping atleast this will turn out to be a success.

Shravan: (All laughing at her state) Hello Ms.Confidence ka synonym.
Suman: Turned and stared. But she didn’t say anything. Her full concentration was on oven. She is counting secs. 5…4…3…2…1…. Keee
She immediately took the cake out. Hurriedly took a knife, cut it, tasted it. Noo this was also not good. All her confidence were over.

She went and sat sadly on chair without even uttering a word. Shravan also then tasted it.
Suman: You were correct Mr. Shravan. I should have listened to you. We would have atleast got a certificate. Now see. I was not able to make it. Iam so sorry.
While saying this Suman had traces of tears in her eyes. Shravan was not able to see it.
Shravan: No. Not so. Actually the cake was not that bad.
Suman: Neither that good too.
Shravan: Ms. Suman when had you changed from confidence ka rani to pessimistic rani?
Look we still have time. Lets do it….
Suman looks at him.
Shravan: I mean you can do it. Try it again. Don’t give up.
Suman: No Mr.Shravan. I cant.
Shravan: Here I am your boss. We are trying it once again and that’s final.

Shravan somehow cheers up Sumo. He then heeds to help. Suman offers him apron. He has no idea of how to wear it. Suman helps him. Shravan then gives a glance to the recipe in suman’s phone. They both start to cook. Shravan helped in getting all things in perfect ratio while suman mixed the batter. Then shravan whipped it. While whipping batter got splashed on Shravan’s nose. Sumo signed him but his hands are busy. So she herself removed it with hand. They both smiled.
While everything was set Suman headed to place the mix inside oven but her hair constantly disturbed her. He then went close to her, gently tucked in her hair. The timer started. There was silence and blush all around the hair. While cleaning the things their eyes kept on meeting but they tried on avoiding. Finally cake is baked. Suman took it out.
Suman: This time you cut it.
Shravan nodded. He cut and tasted a piece. His expression was bland. Suman again scared hurriedly cuts a piece and tastes it.
It was a perfect, delicious Irish cake crafted with love. Yes. Finally she… no no they made it. Suman went to space without a rocket. In the happiness she immediately hugged Shravan with full excitement. While now its his turn to go to space.
Suman:Yes. Yes. Yes. Perfect. Finally it turned out. Thank you.

She shouted all these still hugging him. It was then she realized what she is doing.
She broke the hug. He stared into her eyes reaching her heart. She is already lost.

Jo hai mere lamhe kahin
Chhut na jaaye hath se
Mil jaane de dil jo bane
Ek duje ke vaste
O o ho o..
Ho.. Kyu yeh dabhi si khwahishe
Dil mein tera bewajah
Ho.. Jaake zara ussey bhol de
Chahta jisse tu raha
Kahi teri khamoshiyan
Jeet na jaaye pyar se
Mil jaane de dil jo banne
Ek duje ke vaaste Plays….

They come back to senses.

Shravan: Now happy. Its already late. Shall we leave.
Suman nods. By then the time is already 9.00 pm. Suman then switches off the kitchen lights and they both move towards the lift. Suman packs the last made cake alone while Shravan comments on it saying she is so economic (kanjoos).

Ishwari Mansion….

Ishwari returns back home. She also advices Sona to take rest. She also asks Dev to drop her home. Dev compiles because he has already got ready for it. Sona and Dev sit in car.

Dev: We are going to home right!
Sona: No Mr.Dixit Drop me in Happy Homes.
Dev: But Ms. Bose u r not well.
Sona: I will get well once I go there. Anyhow I cant make children sad just for my sake.
Dev compiles and they reach there. Dev also gets down and move with Sona.
Sona: You are also coming?
Dev: Yeah I told I will drop u at home. So I will do that. And also its been time since I met children. So…

They both headed in. Sona saw some poor patients while Dev was chatting with elders there. Then Sonakshi played with children and Dev admired her from far. They all spent some quality time. Its then Sonakshi sat with tinku and started narrating a story to make him and he herself ended up in sleeping. Dev then entered there and saw two kids sleeping. He don’t want to disturb her. He then sat a nearby sofa and admired the sleeping beauty.
The clock struck 12.00 then. Dev too slightly slept in sofa. And Sona woke up. For that sound Dev too woke up. Sona is completely surprised seeing dev.
Sona: Didn’t you go home till now?
Dev: I told no, that I will drop you home. That’s why.

Sona: Seriously. You waited so long just to drop me home?
Dev nodded yes cutely. Sona smiled. They they headed to move in car. Both sat inside. Car started.
Sona’s phone rang. Who else had dare to call Ms.Sonakshi Bose at 12.00 other than her database.
Sona: yes shiv. I am sorry. I didn’t attend the meeting. So postpone it to tomorrow.
Shiv: yes mam.
They had some office talks.
Sona: So tell me Shiv when r u gonna divorce Shalini and marry me?
Dev was stunned by this question. But not shiv. Because its usual for him.
Shiv: Mam aap bhi na!!
Sona: Then what. One can be sincere but this much? Shiv even u has your own family. Ur wife shalini, one or the other day is gonna kill me. Now follow my instructions. Tomorrow is holiday for u. So go and enjoy. No office work got it!!
Shiv: But mam we hav an important meeting….
Sona: I said. And that’s final. Bye.
Shiv: Bye mam.
Throughout this conversation dev gave a weird look.

Sona: Now y r u staring at me like this?
Dev: Wo.. Did u really talk to ur secretary?
Sona: Yes. Why?
Dev: No… it looked like u were talking to your family member.
Sona: Yes that’s true. My company is my second home. So they are all my extended family. U know Mr.Dixit, Its only 3 &1/2 years old yet my company is India’s leading one. The reason is just those staff. So I do really care for them and that’s my duty too.

Dev admired her answer. They were about to reach home. By then Sona’s phone rang again. Its from her home.
Sona: Yes papa, haven’t you slept yet? ……….
What??? …. Are u sure?…. I will check. Yeah I am coming.
Sona’s face has slight tension. She hurriedly tried calling some number. But “Subscriber cannot be reached or switched off” was the answer. She tried again and again. Dev was watching all these…..

Precap: Sona slapping Suman.

So guys how is the epi. Surprise part 2 is tomorrow. Now bang on comment box guys. Bye…

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