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Now story…..

Holi has not yet got completed for our ladies. Suman after so much happened directly headed to Ishwari mansion.

Suman: Happy holi auntyji. ( takes blessings)
Ishwari : Kushro beta. Why didn’t u come in the morning?
Suman: Wo I had work aunty.
While saying this she is all blushing. Just then Neha comes. They two hug each other. Then share some light talks.
Suman: so tell me how was your holi?
Neha: its actually so good. U know my mom’s nutritionist gave a spl surprise for me. Actually that’s great thing…..
While neha was explaining these suman was all lost in shravan’s thoughts. So she didn’t hear anything properly.
Neha: Now tell me how is yours?
Suman: Very lovely….
She was completely lost. While neha shook her.
Neha:what happened madam ji? Why your cheeks turned rose?
Suman: (coming to senses) nothing like that.
Then they both chatted for sometime. Suman was about to depart then Dev entered.
Suman: Happy holi Mr. Dev
Dev: Happy holi Ms. Suman. How are u?
Suman: yeah good. How about you?
Dev: Good.
They had some formal talks. All these time Dev was happy thinking about his special holi with sona. And yes because of that his mood was good. Ishwari watches them from far and smiles.
While leaving Ishwari also gave some new bangles as a holi gift to Suman.

Ramnath Mansion…..

Sona reaches there. Its been a long gap since she met that person who gave her life.

Sona: Happy holi uncle. ( Takes blessings)
Ramnath: Long live beta. How are u?
Sona: fine uncle. How are u? U r following my diet right?
Ramnath: smiles and nods.
Just then Ria and Nikki also come and hugs sonakshi. Shravan too enters.

Sona: Happy holi Shravan.
Shravan: Wish u the same.
Sona: By the way nice shirt.
Suman’s face immediately flashes in his mind. He unknowingly then, said
Shravan: someone special told me to wear.
Sona, Ria and Nikki widens their eyes while shravan covers up saying its an employee. He then goes inside and pats his head.
Then Sona notices Ria and Ramnath not talking to each other. She enquires Ria.
Ria: look dhi papa is not ready to allow me to work. I don’t know whats his problem.
Sona: ok ok. He might have his own reason. U should try to know it. Let me talk.
She goes to Ramnath.

Sona: Uncle.
Ramnath: yes beta. Come inside.
Sona: Am I disturbing you?
Ramnath: y are u asking like this. Not at all.
Sona: I have a big confusion uncle. U have to clear me that.
Ramnath nods yes.
Sona: uncle u told that u are proud of me. But why?
Ramnath: what kind of question is this? Of course I will be proud of u. I made u join a school. And today u turned into a great business woman even beating my son. I gave u an opportunity and u have used it to fullest.
Sona: Exactly uncle. U hav given me an opportunity. So don’t you think that even Ria deserves the same opportunity?
Ramnath: oh I see. Ria told u everything. Look sona I can understand what u want to say. But I cant see my daughter working with folded hands under anybody. That’s why I don’t want her to do job outside. And she is not ready to do work with her bhai because she feels that it surpasses her identity.
Sona: So this is the problem. Then I have a solution. Will u permit ur daughter to work under my company? I will take care of her.
Ramnath thinks but sona convinces him. And ria was on cloud nine. Y not afterall she has got job in India’s leading company that without even a single application while others have applied and waiting for months to get a call from there.

Finally sona and suman reached home.

Suman: welcome dhi. Dhi do know?
Sona: what?
Suman: Today is holi.( in a sarcastic tone) and still somebody has no time to remember it. They don’t even have time for colouring……
Before she finishes sona took a plate full of color and poured it on suman’s head.
Suman: dhi……
Sona: I thought you would celebrate your holi with your Macaca.
Sona laughs and runs. Suman chases her and finally hugs sona and apply all colors on her. They both then hug each other and wishes happy holi…

Few days passed with Shravan and Suman working sincerely to bring up Rianik hotels. At times they both will argue and sometimes they look at each other from their cabins and smile.

Here Dev busy in his work. Sona too. They both have formal good morning and good evening wishes now which far better than their daily fights. Same time sona is working day and nights to manage her business as well as Ishwari’s health. For past two days its even hectic for her. She didn’t sleep for two days. Preparing presentation for her new deal which worths 50 crores. She is so keen about it. And other side suman is also working for some cookery competition for her hotels. They had already won all rounds. Now its semis.

One fine day….

Ishwari mansion…
Sona: Auntyji. Your food.
Ishwari: I don’t know how could some one think only about food all the time?
Sona: I cant get u aunty ji.
Ishwari: I am telling about u only beta. Thoda rest tho karlo. I will care for myself.
Sona smiles and still stands there with some sort of hesitation.
Ishwari: Do you want something?
Sona: wo yes aunty ji. I need 2 hours permission today. Shall I leave early. Wo I hav an important work.
Ishwari: That’s it. For this only you stood like as if u hav murdered someone. No problem beta I will manage.
Sona: No need to manage and all aunty ji. I hav already made your food and refrigerated it. U pls tell kichu bhaiya just to heat it once.
Ishwari: Then what. No body can beat u in your job. Jaavo.
Sona is about to leave. Dev enters.
Dev: Ms. Bose u r leaving so early?
Sona: yes Mr. Dixit I have an important meeting. A big deal that’s why. I’ve asked aunty ji. Bye.

Dev looks at her hurry and thinks but doesn’t care too much.


Shravan and suman went to that competition and its Semi finals that day. Somehow suman had won it. Now its finals in next two days. The final round is baking round and its so tough. There is also a choice of surrendering the competition so that they will get half prize money and a prestigious certificate. But if they fail in final they wont get it. And if they win its even more prestigious. Now suman and Shravan has a discussion.

Shravan: So Ms. Suman shall we surrender?
Suman: Gone mad. Why should we?
Shravan: Look Ms. Suman even bigger hotels like lisa etc has also surrendered. And u know its not easy to win finals. Now atleast we will get a certificate and its so worthy.
Suman: Don’t you trust me? If u have forgot, just remember, I bought our hotel till here.
Shravan: Its not like that. Look I know u r weak in bakery. Even in your university exams ur least marks are in bakery. So lets not risk.

These words irritated Sumo to the core.
Suman: Look Mr. Shravan, I will participate and win it too. I wont back off. Got it!! Take it as my challenge.
Shravan: seriously!! Fine. But if u lose then I wont forgive u. Understand!!!.
Then they both walked in opposite directions.

Ishwari mansion…..Its evening….

Just then Tina has delivered Ishwari’s Resistance test reports. Dev went through it and it was not satisfactory. Still her health is not balanced and dev could not understand the reports so well. He became restless after all its about his mother’s health.


Shiv enters Sona’s cabin.
Shiv: Mam the clients have reached. They are waiting in conference hall. Shall we move
Sona: yes yes!
She with much care and concern welcomes the guests. Now she is about to start her presentation.
Sona’s phone rings. Who else it could be. ‘Mr. Dev Dixit’ this name flashed on her mobile.

Sona: Mr. Dixit I am in an important meeting. I will contact u a bit later.
She cut the phone. But dev could not stop him. He again called. Sona cut. Again and again. Finally sona switched off her mobile. Now land line rang. Now the most irritated one due to these phone game is neither dev nor sonakshi but it’s the clients.
Suddenly the main client stood up.
Client: Look Ms. Sonakshi Bose u better tackle your boyfriend first. Lets meet some other time.
Saying this he rushed out furiously without even waiting for her explanation.

And yes its 50 crore, 2 days of sleepless nights deal which is moving out. And Sonakshi turned red hot. She immediately grabbed her phone and called back the same name. Dev picked up the call in very first ring. Bechara doesn’t even know the consequences.

Sona: Whats wrong with u Mr. Dixit? Have you gone mad? I told u I have an important meeting and don’t disturb me. Then why the hell r u calling me so many times? Atleast u know what have u done? Today just because of u I have lost my deal. How mean u could be? Always thinking about your work. No care for others. So selfish!!
Dev now got furious with these words.
Dev: Look Ms. Bose u r my mothers doctor. And you even have responsibility of it. You should know your ethics Ms. Bose. Do you even know that mom’s reports have come. And its not so good. I have phoned u just to inform that. But you…..
Sona: Seriously Mr. Dixit. U called me so many times just to say it. For your kind information I am her doctor. And those reports have reached 24 hours earlier to me in my mail. And I have even started new diet chart from today. I am telling you I know my work and u please don’t teach me my work. Understand!! And its Dr. Bose for u. Don’t forget!!

Saying this she abruptly ended the call and that side Dev boiled in anger.

Next day Sona reached Ishwari Mansion. She is still boiling and so with Dev. Why not its almost her dream project and for him its his mom’s health. They both crossed each other without even a look. The day is gonna end. Dev reached home after his routine. Sona is about to leave. Dev is not guilty but Sona holds him guilty for spoiling her meeting. Just then Sona’s phone rang. Its her database Shiv.

Sona on phone: Seriously Shiv. That’s great. Thank you so much. No no…. This time arrange meeting after my work hours. I don’t want any disturbance this time….( she said this looking at Dev sarcastically) while dev stared her and went. Yes Sona got a second chance for that deal and this she will grab it.

That day night Sona made the meeting successful and was happy too. And that day too she didn’t sleep. Its been nearly 4 days since she slept.

Next day…..

Sona reached Ishwari mansion. She looked so weak and pale. Her eyes were closing as if it has magnets in its eyelids. She almost looked like one who just had 10 deliveries. Yet she cannot ignore her work.
Its afternoon then. Sona has prepared Ishwari’s lunch and placed it. She is so tired that while preparing dinner chart she slightly slept on the dining table.
While Ishwari saw her and don’t want to disturb her. By then dev has come back for lunch. Its 1.30 pm then.

Dev: maa, have you had your lunch?
Ishwari: nahi beta. Wo sonakshi is so tired. So I think she has not yet prepared the lunch. Let it me. Even I am not feeling hungry. You go and fresh up.

She left. Dev reached dining table and saw sona lying. He tapped the table and woke her up.

Dev: What are u doing?
Sona: wo I am preparing chart for…
Dev: oh seriously its 1.30 now, but now only you are preparing the chart. Yesterday u took me big classes saying u know how to work. Is this how u work. Its 1.30 now but still u didn’t feed my mom. Speak up!!
Sona stares at him and calls kichu bhaiya.
Sona: kichu bhaiya have you heated the food and gave it to aunty ji?
Kichu: yes doctor didi. Just now I gave. He went.
Sona: I don’t know Mr. Dixit you mom would eat even dinner in lunch itself. If I had known I would have even prepared it. I have already told you don’t even try to teach me my work. Concentrate on your business. Got it!!
She left. And now he has guilt. By then Ishwari is going to go to some temple. So even she left. Now its only Sona and Dev in the house……


Its finals tomorrow. Suman has challenged Shravan but she found it hard to complete it. Its already been 6 hours since she started to bake an special Irish cake. But all in vain. So far 3 cakes were tasted by dustbin. Still she is working there to bake that cake….
Shravan was noticing her since morning. Even he was moved by her hard work.
Shravan in his mind: who asked her to work so hard. I told lets surrender but no. She was stubborn. Mad girl.

Precap: Shraman and Devakshi moments in loneliness…..

So guys, I know todays epi is bit boring. So sorry for it. But wait for next epis surprise. Now comment box is peeping pls guys comment.

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