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Recap: Shravan surprises suman by crediting her on stage. Dev permits sona to leave… Then shrman and devakshi moments.
Here comes holi spl part 2: Story……


Dev and sona stand up. All the children come there and surround them and laugh.

Sona: Hey this time I won. See I got escaped from ur trap.
Suddenly all took water gun and started spraying it on sona. She was fully coloured.
Tinku: now tell dhi who won?
Sona: u tinku ki bachae….
He ran and sona started chasing him. All children followed her. She totally forgot that her boss is standing there and started playing. Dev watched all these with a smile. Suddenly a small truck arrived there. Deepthi came and welcomed Shiv. Yes he has bought holi gifts for all as per the order of his beloved mam sona.

Shiv: Sir you…. Here….
Dev: Yeah…. Ur mam invited me here.
Shiv: That’s great sir.
Dev: what about u Shiv? Didn’t your mam gave holiday for u on holi?
Shiv: Not so sir. I came to just deliver these gifts. Every year mam gives gift to all here. U might have known who these people are! All are so much affected due to one or other cause and lost hope on life. But its only our mam who made them live happily. U know sir that small boy tinku, he has cancer. His span is only 3 months here on. And that girl, she has Alzheimer. And that boy bublu has pleuritis. That old couple has lost their entire family in a fire accident. Like wise here each one has a bitter past. But for all now our mam is sweet present.
You are wondering right why iam telling all these to you, because u hav misunderstood her. She is so nice Mr. Dev.

Dev heard all these silently. A drop of tear oozed out when he heard that all those children has short life span. Just then sona again runs back and all children are now chasing her with colour in their hands. Sona came running towards dev and she just avoided colliding with him by taking a left turn. But by then Tinku has threw color but it coloured Dev instead of sona. Tinku stopped. All shocked and sona’s heart too stopped a moment.
Sona in mind: oh no, tinku spoiled his shirt that too with colors. Now he will again start his wwf with me. And if he scolds tinku….. She has thought too much in those two seconds. Dev stared at tinku while he got little scared. Dev then kneeled down before him. He raised his hand….. ….. ….. Took colour from nearby and applied it on Tinku’s cheeks and whispered Happy holi.

All smiled. Dev then coloured all children and they too colored him. Literally they were playing holi. And now sona admired Dev and watched him playing holi. She took her mobile and even clicked pics of that moment. Y not? It’s a moment to be preserved afterall Mr. Dev Dixit is playing holi that too nearly after 20 years.


Shravan went to his cabin and started working. Here suman was managing the party. Ria and Nikki were enjoying the party. Suddenly in the group 3 youngsters started misbehaving with Ria and Nikki.

Youngster 1: Hey baby whats up??
Youngster 2: come on sweety lets dance.
Ria: Hey shut up!!!
Nikki: come dhi lets go!
But those people blocked the way. One guy held Nikki’s hand and tried pulling her close while other was trying to near Ria. Somehow Ria and Nikki managed and came inside crying. While Shravan saw this entire scene from his cabin through glass window. He was on top of his anger. He folded his shirt sleeves and walked down as an angry young man.

Here came down through steps…. And suddenly stopped, seeing this…..

Suman: what happened?
Ria: woo dhi…(tells everything)
Suman: hmm. So now where r u going?
Nikki: To complain to bhai. They will get to know what mistake they did by messing with us.
Suman: oh I see! Is your bhai a superman or a spider man or a hulk? According to me he is only monkey man!!!
Ria: I cant get u dhi! What should we do now?
Suman: Look here. We are girls that doesn’t mean we always need someone else to protect us. We should know how to protect ourselves and tackle situations. Now here ur bhai is there. If he is not there what will u ppl do? So learn to be independent and self supporting.

Saying this suman went to somewhere and bought a hockey stick and gave a cricket bat and gave it them.
Suman: Now these not to play with the ball alone but also with those ppl who think that girls are play toys.
Ria and Nikki took that and went towards them. While Shravan came towards Suman. Suman was watching aside.
Shravan: I thought u took training to just cook. But it seems that you too training even to preach…. Before coming here did u work in some church or what??
Saying this he smiled. Suman gave a stary smiling look.

There Ria and Nikki went towards them again. Again they started teasing. Shravan got tempered and was about to move while Suman held his hand and stopped him. By then Nikki took hockey stick and started beating them continued by ria with bat. Finally they ran. The sisters came laughing and hugged suman.
Ria: U r correct dhi.
Nikki: And dhi, it was so enjoyable.
They all laughed including Shravan. Ria and nikki then went inside.
Shravan: So Ms. Suman, I think I should be careful with u here on. And suddenly if u got angered and hit me with puri making rod then… Because u seem to be too dangerous!
Suman smiled.
Shravan: Anyway thank u. Today I understood sometimes instead of protecting we need to let go on so that they will form their own shield.
And yeah u told something else too. What spider….super….
Suman widens her eyes and suddenly disappears from there while shravan says Monkey man and smiles.


Sona: So come here all. Don’t want gifts ah?
All come near her and gets their gifts.
Sona: And reeshi here is ur spl gift. Tickets for paris… happy???
Reeshi: Thank u so much di. Love u love u…..
She jumped in joy and went.
Bublu: dhi even I asked u to take me to everest peak na. But u didn’t take me. Now u r sending reeshi alone to paris. Dhi pls dhi take me to mt. Everest.
Sona: Wo bublu. I will take u after sometime.
Bublu: when? After my death ah? U don’t love me na. I know. U hate me….
Saying this he went weeping. While tears dropped from sona’s eyes.

Dev got confused.
Dev: Deepthi, y sona refused his wish alone?
Deepthi: Because he has pleuritis and we can take him to such high altitude.
Dev then went near sona.
Dev: Its ok Ms. Bose. U r doing so much for him and he knows that u love him too.
Sona: May be. But I wish I could complete his wish.
Saying this she went. Dev thought for a while. He then called somebody. After 30 mins a parcel came.
It was a new super smart phone which can be hanged to ur eyes with a device so that u can see things as if its in front of u.
Dev: Bublu now I will take u to Mt. Everest. Close ur eyes.
Bublu: But how?
Dev: u just close ur eyes.
He closed. Dev made him wear that device to his eyes with Mt. Everest video playing. Dev also placed some ice cube flakes near his feet and place some in his hands. Now he felt as if he is in Mt. Everest.
Bublu exclaimed happily saying I saw Mt. Everest. He then very happily came near dev and hugged him tightly. It’s a different feeling for Dev. Then he hugged sona while sona has tears of joy. Then all went inside for refreshments.
Sona: Thank u so much Mr. Dixit. It’s a very big thing for me.
Dev: No Ms. Bose, it’s a very small thing in front of what u r doing.
Sona looks at him surprisingly with tears in her eyes.
Dev: This doesn’t suit u Ms. Bose.
Sona: What?
Dev: These tears. You are always a wild cat Ms. Bose.
And suddenly Dev took a hand full of red color and applied it on her cheeks. Sona shocked…. Dev rocked……
Dev looked at her. They both were lost in each others eyes……
Pyaar mein lipte kitne rang mile
Dekhe kabhi woh rang jo
Kabhi na mile
Kuch rang pyaar ke hai aise bhi
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi plays……

This suits you better. Red hot Sonakshi Bose….
Sona: Seriously… Then its Dr. Bose for u…
They both laugh.


Its going to be evening. Party got over. Suman is now clearing all party arrangements….. Shravan looks at her and says to himself… she is so hard working. Just then suman looks at him and signs what with her cutie eyes. Shravan signs nothing and turns. Time passes…
Suman is supervising all the workers. She is instructing them to clear all decoration items properly. Just then a light is about to fall on her and shravan comes and grabs her. They look at each other……

Honthon Pe Tere,
Shikwon Ka Shor Hai,
Par Yeh Nigaahein,
Kehti kuch aur hai,
Jo Hain Miley Lamhe Kahin,
Chuth Na Jaaye Haath Se,
Mil Jaane De Dil Jo Bane,
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays……

Then they get into senses….
Shravan: Ms. Suman I know you r sincere. But over sincerity is dangerous. Be careful.
Sumo: Thank u.
Suddenly she takes a hand full of green colour and applies it on his cheek. Shravan was stunned.
Sumo: Being rigid is ok. But over rigid is dangerous. And you look good while smiling Mr. Shravan. So keep smiling. Happy holi.
Saying this she immediately moved from that place as if she has bombed a building.
But the reaction was different. Shravan touched his cheeks and took the colour in his hand and smiled.


Dev and Sona finally bid good bye to all.
Dev: So….
Sona: So…..
Dev: I should leave.
Sona: Ok…
Dev: How about you?
Sona: I will take a cab.
Dev: If you r ok I will drop u.
Sona immediately boards the car as if she was waiting for those words.
There is complete silence in the car beating a library. Suddenly a ringtone.
Dev: Hello Tina….
Tina: Sir your meeting with….
Dev: Oh no I completely forgot! Yeah I will be there sharp.

And car stops. No don’t think that dev will leave her in mid way. Her house has come.

Sona: So you have a meeting now.
Dev nods yes.
Sona: Will u go like this?
Dev: Then should borrow some other face for it?
Sona: Even that’s a better idea. Actually I got bored fighting with same face.
Dev stares.
Sona: I meant look at your shirt. Its fully coloured.
Dev: Oh yeah…. But…
Sona: Better Mr. Dixit, you come inside and the clothes.
Dev hesitates.
Sona: Mr. Dixit, even in my house there is sugar and even I can afford u, your 8 spoons sugar coffee.
They both laugh.

Dev gets inside. This house is no new to him. The house which made him waited for hours. Which gave him a beautiful employee. Last time he was a stranger. But now he is something more than a stranger but less than a friend. Sona gives him his brother’s new shirt and shows him guest room. Dev freshens there. He then comes out. Mean while Sona also changes her dress.
She is now standing in front of a big portrait of her mother. She takes some color and applies it to the photo. Dev watches it.

Dev comes. Your mother will be proud of u Ms. Bose.
Sona: May be. I will not tell that she is my everything but my everything today is because of her.

They both then reaches living room. Seethama brings coffee. Sona takes it and mixes sugar in it. While she was about to add second spoon,
Dev: Enough Ms. Bose…..
They both look at each other and laugh.

Bejoy enters. Dev takes blessings from him. Bejoy wishes him.

Dev: I think I should leave now.
Bejoy: Ek minute beta. He goes to his room and brings a parcel.
Here take it. You came to my house and how can I leave you without giving gift on holi. Take it. If time permits read it.
Yes it’s a book. Dev opens the cover. The title of book glitters “ KUCH RANG PYAAR KE AISE BHI”.
Its sonakshi’s favorite literary piece. Dev then says thank u and signs sonakshi bye with his eyes and leaves.

While returning home both Dev and Shravan thought one thing. What are all happened today is not just a routine but a beautiful memory……

Precap: Dev spoiling Sona’s meeting. Suman challenging Shravan…..

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