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Its night. Sumo and sona reaches home with much anger. Both enters their room and gets freshen. Sumo is murmuring in anger.

Sona: what happen? Why so much tension?
Sumo: Macaca dhi….. And even u r boiling? Why?
Sona: Pan species… who else will irritate me! U know even tomorrow I hav work there!!!
Sumo: For u tooo!!! Thank god I feared u will sit at home and enjoy holi but no….
Sona throws a pillow at her. Sumo ki bacchi… How sweet u r!!! Wait wait that means even u hav work tomorrow. Oh wow!!!
Sumo with pout face: yes dhi. All karma….
They both laugh and leave for dinner. Sun rose. Day begun. Sisters left for work to meet those monkey brothers…..


Suman reaches and starts doing all arrangements for the party. Shravan reaches. For the first time sumo stared at him and thought yes he is handsome. You no why?? He is wearing same baby pink shirt. He came and greeted sumo Good morning Ms. Suman.
Sumo: Good morning Mr. Shravan.
Shravan: How is work going?
Sumo: Till now good, but from now its doubt….
Shravan: why?
Sumo: Because u came right…
Saying this she left. But to much of amazement, shravan smiled at her counter. Sumo raised her eyebrows seeing him smiling instead of fuming…..
Just then enters Ria and Nikki.
Ria: Suman dhi. U here. What a surprise!
Sumo: Hey hai. How r u?
Ria: Fine dhi…
Nikki: Oh hello. I am also present here. By the way I am Nikki. Only beautiful sister of Mr. Shravan Dixit.
Ria: Hey I am also his sister only. U r telling only.
Nikki: I said only beautiful. U r also his sister only but not as beautiful as me.
Ria stares. Suman laughs. They have a formal talk.
Sumo: So where r u working now?
Ria: no dhi. Not working.
Sumo: what but y? Though u have a big businessman brother a girl should always learn to stand on her own legs. That gives her courage and confidence in life.
Ria: yes dhi even I am thinking about it.

Ramnath just entered and heard sumo’s lecture. He got irked. Because already Ria was adamant to go to job but he don’t want his daughter to work under anybody. So he convinced her on it. But again suman instigated her.
Just then some work comes and Suman leaves.


Sona enters.
Ishwari : Sona beta, even today you will work?
Just then dev too comes. Sona stares at Dev.
Sona: Wo kya he na aunty ji. I am ur nutritionist. If I take a leave then will u also give holiday for eating. No right. So if u hav to eat I hav to come. So I came…. By the way happy holi aunty ji.
Ishwari: kuch bhi. Kushro beta.
Sona moves to kitchen. Dev smiles and gets ready to go for meeting. Mr. Workaholic as always….
In kitchen…. Neha comes and drinks water. She looks a bit sad.
Sona: Happy holi Neha.
Neha: yeah. And y u came today. Wont u celebrate holi?
Sona: Yeah I do. Me and my sister will do all sorts of masti. But ur bhai na…. Ok leave it.
Didn’t u celebrate holi?
Neha: Me? Gives a sad smile. Whom is there for me to celebrate? I hav sisters but they r not with me. Bhai has work 24×7. All my festivals will go in loneliness only.
Saying this she went. Sona could not understand all her words but she understood her pain of loneliness. Sona thought for a while and immediately called some one.

One hour later…..
Sona comes to Neha’s room.
Sona: Its our culture to give gifts on holi. So I should give u a gift right. Come with me.
Neha: But where.
Sona: come. I will tell.
Sona takes neha to garden. She makes her close eyes. Then a group of girls shout surprise…. Neha opens her eyes. Its her new friends whom she got in class of Fashion designing. Neha was really surprised. Then comes preethi. Preethi is also studying in same college 2nd year UG.
Neha: How come u know them all.
Sona: Simple my cousin is in same college. With her help I invited ur friends home. Now celebrate holi with ur friends.
Neha: Thank u so much Dr. Bose. U have thought so much for me. Its really great thing.
Sona: No such big words Neha. Its very small thing. And yeah she is my cousin Preethi.
Preethi greeted her. Then Neha took all her friends inside. Dev watched all these from his room balcony. He comes down to thank her.
Dev: Ms. Bose….
Sona turns. Yes!
Dev: Thank u so much for bringing smile on her face.
Sona: That’s ok Mr. Dixit. I always find happiness in others smile unlike some people who will torture ppl without giving leave even on holidays.
Dev smrinks. Just then preethi interrupts.
Preethi: Hello even iam here.
Sona: oh sorry. Mr. Dixit she is my cousin. And preethi he is my boss.
Preethi: oh Mr. Pan… by then sona hits her legs. Ouch….
Dev looks on.
Preethi: By the way I hav seen u some where.
Dev: Yeah. That day I misunderstood u to be Ms. Bose ….
Preethi: no no I saw u even before that. Yeah I got it. U r the one right who got second position after my dhi in business tycoon list. Now look at the fate she is working under u. ( sarcastically)
Dev’s face changes.
Sona: Preethi! Whats this. Is this how u speak to someone. Ask sorry.
Dev: Its ok Ms. Bose.
Sona: I said ask sorry.
Preethi: Sorry.
Dev nods.
Preethi: I want to say something else also to dev. Can i?
Dev: what?
Preethi: You look so cute Mr. Dev exactly like Amul baby.
Dev widens his eyes while sona tries to control her laugh.
Preethi then runs from there saying, dhi come home soon and bye amul baby.
Sona then leaves from there laughing. Dev stands in embarrassment.

After some time sona is in kitchen and talks on phone.
Sona: I am so sorry tinku. I cant come now. U all celebrate holi. Pls. U will listen to ur angel dhi right.
Deepthi pls make them understand….
Saying this she cuts call. She has a drop of tear in her eyes. She was missing them because every year her holi goes with them.
Dev saw all this and felt guilty. Its only him who made her holi away.
He walks towards her.
Dev: Ms. Bose, what is for lunch?
Sona: Why do u worry? I know to take care of ur mom.
Dev: If u don’t tell me how will I cook in ur absence?
Sona: But iam here right!
Dev: Yeah but you will be leaving in some time.
Sona: Why?
Dev: Because u boss is ready to grant u leave.
Sona: So?…. What? Seriously….
She was so excited. Her expression was like that of a kid who got a holiday on maths exam. So happy.
Dev: yeah u can leave now.
Sona: tq so much Mr. Dixit.

She then moves with full happiness. Before moving she goes to wish Ishwari.
Sona: Aunty ji I am leaving.
Ishwari: par beta, u told u will work today.
Sona: yes aunty ji, but I prepared all ur charts. So only.
Ishwari: oh ok. And sonakshi, thank u for what u have done to neha. After so many days I saw her celebrating holi. Tq.
Sona: Its ok aunty ji.
Sona sits beside her and holds her hands.
Sona: Aunty ji can I ask u something. Why don’t u and Mr. Dixit celebrate holi?
Ishwari: Its all due to a bitter past beta. When Dev’s dad left us, we don’t have anything. We struggled a lot. Now u can think that dev doesn’t know anything beyond money but at once he don’t even saw a single 500 rupee note. At those days, during one holi, to make neha happy he stole color powder from a store. That day I beated him so hard. He was very upset. That day has become a scar in his heart and he stopped playing holi. Seeing his state even I started hating holi.

While saying this ishwari had tears.
Sona: don’t worry aunty ji, in everybody’s life, there is a testing time. And we all should face it. Actually I feel pity for holi, because it has missed two good souls celebrating it. U don’t worry aunty ji.
Ishwari caressed her face. Then she left.

Sona was waiting for taxi for past 30 mins. Dev saw her waiting.

Dev: Dr. Bose, still u r here. After seeing ur excitement I thought u would have crossed mars by now.
Sona stares. Actually I am waiting for cab. Its traffic out there and a road was also blocked.
Dev: Y cab? What about ur car.
Sona: Mr. Dixit, iam very good boss unlike u. Today all my employees are on holiday including my drivers.
Dev looked on. Ok then come I will drop u.
Sona : are u sure?
Dev nods. They both get into car.
Dev: where to go.
Sona: That same place. Happy Homes.


All arrangements were finally over. The stage is set for party. All were gathered before stage. Shravan is on stage.
A client on mic: Welcome all. Today this party is being hosted by a brand new young hotel, RIANIK. Hearty congratulations to Mr. Shravan Dixit. Before we move on to the party, I just invite Mr. Shravan to say few words about his success in this short notice.
Shravan: Happy holi to all. I am really happy about my success. And all credits should go my dad Mr. Ramnath Dixit. He is the one who shaped me and my life. My inspiration and guide.
All clapped. Ramnath felt proud.
Shravan continued: Coming to RIANIK HOTELS… I have another person to thank. Because of whom this is possible. Whom had worked so hard, so smart. Who held all responsibilities and so talented. She is Ms. Suman Bose. Chief executive Manager of RIANIK HOTELS.
Suman was taken aback. she didn’t expect this that too from Macaca…. Once she pinched herself.
Shravan then invited her to stage…. He forward his hand. Suman held it from down and climbed to stage. They had a cute eyelock there….

Honton pe tere
Shikvon ka shor hai
Par ye nighaahe
Kehti kuch aur hai
O o ho o..
Jo hai mere lamhe kahin
Chhut na jaaye hath se
Mil jaane de dil jo bane
Ek duje ke vaste
O o hooo plays……
She then greets all. All clapped louder for sumo.The party then starts. Ramnath felt uncomfortable as his son gave credits to someone else that too a staff. But he ignored.

Sumo and Shravan climbed down the stage. Suman has no words.
Shravan: So Ms. Suman did u like my holi gift?
Sumo: Smiled. Yes. Thank u. So for this only u called me for work today.
Shravan smiled. They all then went to the garden outside for party. Shravan wished all with colours. He wished all his staff. Shravan was about to fill colours in her cheek but he stopped realising what he is gonna do. Without any color there already suman’s cheeks turned red. They stared at each other lovingly and lost. Just then someone throws colour at sumo. It fell into her eyes. They came back to senses.

Suman: Ouch my eyes( rubbing her eyes)
Shravan: oh wait wait let me call somebody.
Suman: what? Will u call ambulance and doctor now. Just blow into my eyes.
Just then suman realised what she spoke. And immediately turned to go but with half eyes she got hit by a can placed there and fell. Do u ppl think that she will fall down? Obviously a pair of hands held her. Shravan then went near… near…. Further near…. And blowed gently into her eyes…

Ho.. Kyu yeh dabhi si khwahishe
Dil mein tera bewajah
Ho.. Jaake zara ussey bhol de
Chahta jisse tu raha
Kahi teri khamoshiyan
Jeet na jaaye pyar se
Mil jaane de dil jo banne
Ek duje ke vaste plays…….

Happy Homes…..

Dev and Sonakshi reached there. Sona gets down and says thanks. She turns and walks. But stops and comes back to dev.
Sona: Mr.Dixit, if u r free u can join with me here. That too If u have no objection.
Dev: Without even thinking boarded down the car.
Sona didn’t expect this move. Dev then removed his coat placed it in car and followed sona in his pure white shirt.
Both reaches the entrance.
Sona suddenly stops dev.
Sona: Wait Mr. Dixit, u don’t know the ppl here surely they would have planned a trap for me. So wait.
She made dev stand there and she alone silently peeped inside and searched here and there.
Sona: look here guys this time I will not fall in your trap. So come out. Saying this she scrutinized every where.
The children hiding behind the bushes giggled. Just then sona turned and saw a big bucket about to fall with color water on the top of Dev’s head. She rushed and pulled him inside while he slipped and fell on her and the water didn’t fell on them. Yes they got escaped from trap but now trapped in each other. For the first time sona’s heartbeat raced. Dev’s breath heated up. He is on her. Their eyes locked…..

Kuch to badl gaya hai
Mere aasman mein
Asa kya ho gaya, kuch khusurat sa dil ho gaya
Pehli dafa hai, ki mujh me tu chalka hai,
Pehli dafa hai ki, mujh me tu chalka hai,
Mere rango me kuchh dhang hai tere jaise bhi.
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi ( male version plays…….)

All children come out and laugh…. Devakshi back to senses…
Dev: Ms. Bose y did u pull me like that?
Sona: Hmm to check ur weight!
Dev: What?
Sona: Mr. Dixit first stand up from me. I am not ur pillow!!
Dev then realised his state and stood up in embarrassment…..

Precap: Dev applying color to Sona. Suman colouring shravan…..

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