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Recap: Shravan orders suman to cook. Suman thinks to teach him a lesson. Dev taunts Sona saying she is partying…


Ishwari Mansion….

Dev reaches his parking area anf tries to take his car.
Accidentally he had hit Sona’s scooty. He comes out and checks. Scooty was literally damaged. And Dev has already sensed even a bigger a BOOM, a earthquake, a tsunami everything. Hearing the sound Sona comes out. OMG!!!!!
Sona stares as if she has seen the Osama Binladen. No even more than that.
Sona: Have u lost ur mind Mr. Dixit??? Cant u see?
Dev: Look Ms. Bose, its just an accident.
Sona: Don’t dare to argue with me (in the same way how dev told when Sona made his phone silent in the show)
I know u did it intentionally. How mean!
Dev: Look Ms. Bose, I said I didn’t see ur scooter.
Sona: Oh seriously! For past one week I am parking it here only and u havent seen it even once right?
Dev: wo…
Sona: U have done wrong Mr. Dixit, before hiring a doctor for ur mom, u should have hired one for urself. Its only u with all sorts of issues. Sometimes u have memory loss, sometimes blind, sometimes deaf but permanently in hyper tension and out of mind.
Dev: How dare. U r calling me Mental. Remember I am ur boss. And y r u shouting so much. Its just a scooty and I will buy u a new one.
Sona: Really!!!! Do u think I don’t have money to buy a scooty! Remember Mr. Dixit, I am Sonakshi Bose, CEO of such a company whose turn over is 5 times more than yours. And u r offering me scooty. My foot!!!

Saying this she took her phone.
Sona: Shiv immediately send somebody to Mr. Dixit’s house. Here a blind man has damaged my scooty. Make it soon and send the scooty for repair work.
While saying this Sona has tears in her eyes.
Then she just went inside without even looking at the side of dev.
Dev to himself: Attitude ka factory!


Suman prepares all traditional dishes with her hands. It’s the most tastiest ever. She then plated all dishes for the clients to taste. The clients arrived. They were discussing work in conference hall with Manager. Shravan asked Suman to serve dishes to them and also asked samples for himself to taste. Sumo smrinked. She took salt and chilly powder and added it excessively in dish and placed it in Shravan’s cabin and also served it to clients. Shravan before meeting the clients in conference hall tasted the dishes placed in his cabin. He spitted it out. He was red hot. After all they were so important clients and its his dream hotel.
He rushed to conference hall but the clients already started eating the dishes where suman was serving them. He watched it from outside. While they were eating suman came outside smiling. Shravan was outside. He then pulled her to centre of office in front of all staff.

Shravan: How dare u to spoil my dream project. U did it intentionally right. How cheap are u. I made u work forcibly so that will u stoop so low? That u will betray the company where u work. Is this ur ethics?
He went on taunting suman while she stood speechless with tears in her eyes. Its just then Manager comes and asks Shravan to come inside as clients want to meet him. He goes.

Client 1: Congrats Mr. Shravan.
Shravan looks confused.
Client 2: Yes Mr. Shravan, we have decided to give thos contract to u.
Client 1: your hotels taste is so unique and fresh. We havent eaten such amazing dishes anywhere. Its very delicious and so appealing.
Client2: All credits goes to Ms. Suman. She is an asset to ur Hotel. U r lucky to have such an employee. Ok all the best.

Saying this they left. Shravan was still confused. He then tasted the dishes served to them and found it perfect.
Just then Suman enters, staring at him.
Sumo: So Mr. Shravan doubts cleared? U were questioning about my work ethics right? Got the answer? Yes the food which u have tasted is very bad and I made it so, just to show u a glimpse of defeat. And yes I enjoyed ur tension of loosing the contract. But I am not so much mean to destroy my own company where I work. I am that kinda person who worships work. And my work place is like temple to me. So I will never let any destruction to occur to it. But I just wanted to teach u a lesson for the way u r treating ur staff. Even we have self respect. U may be boss but remember without us u cant be boss. First trouble shoot yourself Mr. Shravan Dixit.

Saying this she left, while Shravan stood with traces of guilt.

Dev’s Office….

Dev looks at time. Its 7.00 pm.
Dev: Oh no. Its 7.00 maa must be alone and I am sure Ms. Bose will not stay for extra time even for courtesy.
He rushes home, and while entering he saw sona talking over phone.

Sona: Shiv postpone my meetings to 12.00 am. I am still in Mr. Dixit’s house. Here no body is there and I cant leave aunty ji like this. So u manage it.

Then she cuts call and turns to see dev standing. She didn’t give a damn about it.
Just then doctor comes from ishwari’s room.
Sona: Is test over doctor?
Dr. Kapoor: yes Sonakshi. All ok. Now I shall leave.
Dev and Sona at one tone: Thank u doctor.
Then they look at each other. Now Sonakshi too took her bag and began to leave.
Sona: Aunty ji will be tired as heavy dose medicineswere given to her. So don’t disturb her. Let her sleep.

Saying this she left while Dev tried to thank her but she has gone.
Outside Dev’s house Sonakshi is waiting for her car to arrive. 20 mins passed but still she is waiting. All credits to Delhi traffic.
Dev sees her from his room balcony. He decides to drop her after all its him who broke her scooty. He takes his car keys and comes down.

Dev: Havent u left still?
Sona: No no I had left 2 hours before and now u r talking to Sonakshi’s soul.
Dev smrinks.
Dev: If u don’t mind I will drop u Ms. Bose
Sona: Oh thank u so much Mr. Dixit, but I can manage. And I don’t take lift from blind people.
Dev stares at her and is about to leave. Just then sona phone rings.
Sona: Hello. Yes, what….. When….. Oh no….. I will come immediately…..
Sona then without thinking a moment goes to Dev.
Sona: Mr. Dixit, can u drop me please?
Dev: But just now…
Sona: Can u or not?
Dev: ok come.
They sat in car. Sona looked very tensed.
But Dev wanted to ask the reason but he didn’t, actually he couldn’t.
Dev: Should drop u in ur home only right.
Sona: No Mr. Dixit. Go to the address. She says address.
They had reached that place. A big board is seen there. HAPPY HOMES AND HOSPITALS……
Sona hurriedly gets down and says thanks and runs inside.
Dev: Hospital? I hope all is fine. He was about to leave but then sees Sona’s phone. She has forgotten it in his car itself.
Now I should return it. He takes it and goes inside. Sona was no where to be seen. Just then a lady comes.
She is Deepthi. Manager of Happy Homes.
Deepthi: yes sir how could I help u?
Dev: I came to meet Ms. Bose. She has just now got inside.
Pretty with a questioning expression: Ms. Bose?
Dev: Dr. Sonakshi Bose!
Deepthi: oh Angel ah? Actually she is busy inside.
Dev in mind: Angel she??? I think these people misconceived devil to be an angel. Anyways what for me?
Dev: Actually this is her mobile. I came to give it back.

Suddenly a small boy( tinku) comes and grabs the mobile from his hand.
Angel didi ka phone. I will give it to her. Now another girl girl comes and she grabbed it and said she will give. More than 4 children came and started fighting for mobile. And finally Deepthi picked the phone and gave it back to dev.

Deepthi: look no body will give it. This uncle himself will give it to angel didi. So don’t fight.
All made sad faces and went.
Deepthi: sir u pls give it by urself other wise they will fight again.
Dev nodded yes. Actually he is curious to know how Ms. Attitude factory has become an angel to them.
Deepthi: By the way u didn’t introduce urself.
Dev: I am Dev Dixit.
Deepthi: so u r the one.
Dev: Do u know me?
Deepthi: yeah. Angel told us.

Saying this she went inside. Dev followed her. They reached maternity ward. A loud cry of new born baby is heard. Sonakshi comes out of a ward with a cute baby in her hands. She then shows it to a old man and woman waiting outside along with many children.
Sona: U have got another grand daughter.
Old woman: yes yes.
They took baby and old man hugged sona with tears. Dev is watching all this from a bit far. Deepthi is standing beside him.

Tinku: andel di, where is our chocolate?
Sona: Oh I am so sorry. Actually today my patient auntyji had tests. So I was busy. But tomorrow I will surely bring. Ok
Another girl lily: bring for our new sister too.
Sona: yes sure.
Then all children shouted in joy and hugged sonakshi.

Now doctor comes.
Doc: Thank god sona u came. Meethi,(she only had delivery) was so adament and said she will not come to ward unless u come. By the way why are u late.
Sona: Doctor that I had another patient to deal with.
Doc: oh. I thought u got ur personal work. But no u always live for others. But dear take care of ur life too.
Sona: u know doctor. My happiness is in this happy homes only. Anyway thank u.

Sona then goes and celebrates with many people there.

Dev continues to look at her new avatar, which previously he had never seen. So loving, caring, attitude less, cute sonakshi who has turned a child along with others.

Dev: Now he wanted to know whats going on there. He asked deepthi, who are those children?
Deepthi: All were orphans. Those old people were sent out by their childeren to old age homes. Those middle aged ones were victims of flood and war who have lost their relations. Sonakshi gathered all of them here and made all of us a family. Here are patients too who got cancers, and othere disorders. Sona treats them for free here. She literally made a heaven on earth here. That’s why all call her angel di. She daily comes here to spend time with us. Its her personal time. She wont even lift her father or sisters call. She spends her time purely for us.

Dev completely taken back. So its her personal time. How stupid I have been.
Just then Sona watches dev. She comes towards him.

Sona: what r u doing here?
Dev: Looking at u
Sona: what?
Dev: I mean u hav forgot ur mobile. I have come to return it. Here it is.
Sona: Oh thank u. And thank u for the lift too.
Dev: yes. Now I will leave. Bye.

And he turns to leave but again turns and says
Dev: sorry
Sona confused: y?
Dev: No I thought to say. So only. Sorry. Bye.
He leaves. Sona in mind: Pan species…. Said Sorry and bye? I think world is gonna end soon……

Precap: Dev again scolding Sona and struggles to ask sorry. Shravan plans to convince suman by a surprise.

So guys how is it. Hope u will like it. And yeah i hav completed 10 epis. Omg!!!! I cant believe. Tq u all for support. Luv u all friends.Pls comment. Bye….

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  14. First congrats for completing ten episodes and nxt….just loved the episode and personal time reason…angel….u did grt and also I am sad by knowing current krpkab news of devakshi separation and so..but I am somewhat happy by reading ur ff. Pls continue this. ..u hve to compensate devakshi moments as krpkab now has entered main plot and very serious hereafter…waiting…

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