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Lets go…..

Dev is staring lovingly at his angel. Sona wakes up on his chest.
Sona: Good morning Mr. Dixit.
Dev: Dev…..
Sona: sorry dev.
Dev: its been so many days but still Mr.Dixit. ?
Sona: arae sorry baba. Ab chod dho na?
Dev: hmm?

Sona: teek now let me go.
Dev: sonakshi how will u go?? Like this…..?
Sona realizes her state and gets shy. Pls mere dress thigiyaena?
Dev smiles. Ok then pay me something?
Sona: aap be na…??? teek. Now pls giv. Its getting late. All will be waiting for us.

Sharman room:-

Suman wakes up. Oh noo am I sleeping in your for so long?
Is it paining?
Shr: I can bear anything for u sumo.
Sumo: hey tho. Phir filmy…. Now I will leave for bath.
Shr: Filmy…. Tum ko asli filmy ab dhikathungi.
Sumo:?? what??
Shravan wraps the bed sheet around her and lifted her.
Sumo: hey what are u doing leave me….?
But he landed her only in the washroom, pinning her to the wall he turned the shower on……

Devsona room:-
Sona after bathing comes with bathwear to pick her dress.
Sona: Dev is dress ko kisne bathaldiya???
Dev: ( from bathroom) mene.
Sona: but why. I took a salwar ryt. But u hav placed a saree. Already for past three days I am wearing this only na.
Dev: no arguments. Wear what I give.
Sona: par u know ryt I don’t know to tuck saree?
Dev: that’s y I gave u that.
Saying this dev headed out from bathroom. He moved close to her where she was struggling to tuck the fleets. He holded her hands. They had an cute eyelock. He slowly placed the fleets and tucked it into her lacy hip…..

After getting ready both the couples headed out from their room and started walking down the stairs which was placed in opposite direction. Shravan looked at Dev. They both sighed each other with eyes. Sona was watching suman coming down the stairs while suman busily talking something with shravan. Both couples reached the common stairs to get down while suddenly Dev pushed Sona and she was about to fall Suman rushed to hold her. Dii careful. They both looked at each other. Suddenly Suman left her and went downwards the stairs while Sona with bit teary eyed walked down. Shravan and Dev watched this and they held each others hand and wishpered Lets do it…..

Sona and suman got blessings from Ishwari and Ramnath along with Dev and Shravan. Then both couples sat on sofa facing opposite to each other. Just then Shiv entered. He came towards them and took out two files. One was given to Suman and other to Sona. He asked them to sign. Both of them opened it and was about to sign. While signing Sona with teary eyed looked at suman and so as with her….
Suman to herself: Why cant all these be a dream!!!!
Sona to herself: If u nod a single yes I will make this a dream!!!!

Shiv who was watching them thought Is this the strength of fate….. Just a span of six months…… Things went upside down…..


A Big stage adorned with dignitaries is shown.
On mic: The best student award goes to Ms. Suman Bose.

Suman is seen no where.
Mic: Ms. Suman pls come to the stage and collect your award. Ms. Suman!!!!!

Suman was standing at the entrance and is very angry. Iam not ginna leve u today idiot.
Mic: Suman pls come to stage.
On hearing this voice she ran to stage because this time the voice is of her soul. Its her sister Dr. Sonakshi Bose, India’s leading nutritionist.

Suman went to stage and collected the award while Sona stood beside her being a proud sister.

On mic: Ms. Suman Bose of MBA ( Hotel Management) also receives the university topper award that to from hands of The great business tycoon, India’s leading business woman, TAKECARE NUTRITION AND HEALTH PRODUCTS M.D. Ms. Sonakshi Bose.

Suman got surprised and proudly received the award.
The function got over. Suman and Sona are returning home in the car.

Sumo: di u didn’t tell me that u r the chief guest.
Sona: then how would hav i seen ur surprise
Sumo: oh!! I am a mad I was just waiting for u to come at the entrance. But here u came as A leading business woman Dr.Ms. Sonakshi Bose and not as my sister??
Sona: Sumo tum ko aisa lagtha ye kya?
Sumo: ? joke kiya. I know tumko mujhse zyadha koi important nahi ho saktha?
Sona: haan meri maa. Now tell me u did B.Tech in Food processing and Dairy Technology, then did a diploma in Catering and now MBA, whats next.
Sumo: di next only rest. We hav reached home. Lets discuss this later. ??
Sona: teek!!!

Their lavish car entered the compound of the house proudly named Brindavan.

Sumo: papa papa see now its my 8th award?
Bejoy: no its 9th.
Sumo: accha may be??
She went and placed her award in the showcase which is already fully filled her and her sisters awards…….

Precap: Shravan and Dev’s intro……

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