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T he claps of the guests made ShraMan realise that they were in the party. Shravan broke the eyelock. He took Sumo by her hand and asked her whether she would like to have some cold drinks and ordered two for both of them. The party night went over chatting about themselves. They both became very good friends and became fond of each other.
They exchanged their numbers and talked to each other regularly. Suman asked Shravan to call her as Sumo as like all her friends. Suman’s family were very much impressed with Shravan’s intelligence, personality etc. Especially Nanu. Shravan came over regularly and and played chess with him. On the other hand Sumo also paid many visits to Shravan’s house. They all praised her cooking and declared that Shravan was indeed very lucky to have the world’s best chef as her friend.

Shravan was very busy with a case. It was indeed a difficult one and he was stuggling with it since morning. Just then Sumo knocked at his cabin and a wide curve appeared on his face. She entered with the tiffins. After having a delicious lunch, Sumo urged Shravan to accompany her to the ice-cream parlour.

Shravan knew he has a lot of work to complete but how can he refuse her? After all it was his Sumo’s request. He nodded in affirmative and led her out. They were driving in absolute silence. Niether Shravan nor Suman spoke a single word. Whenever their eyes met they passed a smile and that was enough for their hearts to melt.

As the car came into a hault, they came outside and headed towards the ice-cream parlour. Their were many school children buying ice creams. Shravan asked herto stay under the shed of the tree while he went to the parlour and returned with a vanilla in one hand and chocolate in the other. He went to Sumo and offered her the vanilla one. Smo was very much astonished. How did Shravan know that vanilla was her favourite? She didn’t even tell him. Without saying anything she reached out her hand for the ice-cream. They both devoured it slowly, enjoying the flavour. After having Sumo looked towards Shravan. He was so childish. He has spread ice-cream all over his face. She laughed and taking out her handkerchief , cleaned his face neatly. Shravan was just eyeing her lovingly. They sat under the shed.
Shravan-‘’ You know when I was in school, Papa never bought me any ice-cream. He used to tell that I’ll catch cold. My friends bought ice-creams everyday and I eyed them with jealously and returned home with a sombre face. What about you? Your Mum or Papa bought you ice-creams?’’

As the words left Shravan’s mouth there was a drastic change in Sumo’s face. The curve of her lips turned into a sad one and her eyes started losing theur sparkles and tears started pooling in them. Shravan couldn’t understand what was going on. He wondered what made her look so withered.

In a shaky, quivering voice she uttered-‘’ My parents died in a car accident when I was 6. After that Nanu took me to Tiwari Kila and I was raised there’’ she paused for a while and then continued…………I am verymuch lonely Shravan very much’’. Shravan could understand the depth in her voice. He was shattered and pissed at himself for making e=her Sumo cry. He cupped her face with both his palms and wiped off the large drops of tears that poured down her cheeks tenderly and caressed her face with so much love that her silent cry turned into helpless sobs. Her shoulders raking. Shravan barely noticed the curios looks the onlookers were shooting at them. All that he could see was the pain of his Sumo infront of him as she cried in memory of her loved ones. His heart bled for her. She placed her head on his shoulder continuing to sob and he silently stroked her back until her sobs subsided. Slowly Sumo pulled apart and gave a soft, watery smile. Shravan leaned over and planted a kiss on her forehead. ‘’ I’m sorry Sumo’’. He pulled away and saw her gaze softening as she blinked her eyes in silent thank you. Shravan took her hand and guided her to the car. He sat behind the steering wheel and drove to her home.

Shravan finally won the vase. He was on cloud nine. After informing his Papa. He rushed towards Tiwari Killa to share these good news with Nanu and Sumo. As he entered the house he saw some strangers. Mami saw Shravan and asked him to come inside.
Mami-‘’ Shravan beta, come meet Aditya, Suman’s finance’’

Those few words were enough for the world to turn upside down for Shravan. He couldn’t believe his ears. He just froze to his place as he felt a wave of enviousness splashing on him, drenching him from head to toe. Just then Suman came out holding a tray in her hands clad in a gorgeous pink saree. She was equally surprised to spot Shravan and at some place she felt guilty for not informing him about this.
Shravan dumbly stared at Sumo. She could see the pain he was going through which was clearly reflected in his eyes and could hear him shattering and breaking into pieces. They always saw each other as best friends but probably there was something much ahead than friendship and it is now slowly unravelling itself.

Precap- last episode to go

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