Every ending is not happy#shivika

Hey guys I am true ishqbaazian I am die hard fan of shivika and I am gonno write an os and this os has a sad ending really sad ending I always want to write a sad ending story instead of happy ending.pls read and share u r views so lets start

Shivay’s room
Anika stands near balcony(I don’t know if shivays room has balcony)
Anika watches moon while shivay works on his laptop
Anika pov
Shivay I know u never said me “I cannot live without u” but I know u cannot live without, I can read u r feelings,u love me and I really love u I don’t know how will u live without me
Anika gets tears in her eyes
Shivay comes and anika wipes her tears and think shivay didn’t notice
Shivay:mujhe lagta he ki tum bhul gayi ki tum do aakhon se roti ho(I think u forgot that u cry with 2 eyes)
Anika: kya matlab(what do u mean)
shivay:dikh raha he tum ro rahi hoon(its visible that u were crying)
Anika: I am not crying
Shivay:toh kya rone ki practice kar rahi ho(then were u practicing to cry)
Anika: rone ki practice ki mujhse zyada aapko zarrorat he, aapme toh feelings hi nahi he na tik se smile karte ho na kabhi rote ho(I think u need practice more than me,u don’t have feelings,u cant even smile and u cant even cry)
Shivay: who said I cant smile arre meri smile pe ladkiyan pagal ho gati he(girls become mad by seeing my smile)
Anika: yah I always become mad seeing u r smile ek baar toh itni pagal ho gayi thi ki main bhul gayi ki aap mere pati ho ek dam security officer lag rahe the(yah once I became so mad that I thought u as my security guard not hubby)
Anika pov:anika don’t fight with him today leave him for today, shall I say to shivay, no I cant afford to see him cry
Shivay: u r mad u r totally mad jab se aayi ho mere zindagi ko..

Anika interrupts and says
Anika:dinchak I know I made u r life dinchack
Shivay: tumse na baat karna hi bekar he have u seen my file(its of no use talking to u )
Anika: aapki file kya movie he jise main dekhungi khud dundlijiye agar nahi mila tih mere paas hana haath felate huye(is u r file a movie that I shold see it search it u r own if u don’t get it then u come to me )
Shivay: dekha he toh bata do tumare pehle zindagi bahut sukoon thi(if u have seen it then say me, before u my life was filled with peace)
Anika: aise bol rahe ho jaisi aapki zindagi main raita phel gaya ho
Shivay: ha phel gaya raita

Anika pov: I am sorry shivay I have to do this
Anika: prove that u can live without me for a day no messages no call no talking no meeting u have to go somewhere and have to come after 24hrs and u will see me and u r time starts now
Shivay: I can live without u for whole life
Anika gets teary eyes
Shivay: see now u got senti I will prove u cant live without and will come to me
Shivay hugs anika and leaves
Anika: shivay I cant live without u
Shivay goes to rudy room
Rudra: bhaiyya bhabhi is not here
Shivay: I know
Rudy:still u came love life me problem then pls consult baba rudy
Shivay: sare ghar me pagal bare pade huye
Shivay goes out in car
He plays radio

He remember anika and recalls his old moment
Shivay: anika says I don’t know singing I will learn a song for her
Shivay goes to music teacher who is famous in whole Mumbai and that is none other tia
Shivay: hey I want to learn a song from u
She turns and finds shivay
Tia: shivay
Shivay in shocking tone: universe
He remember anika teasing shivay and recalls old moment
Shivay: tia its u
Tia:comein shivay
He goes
Tia: why do u want to learn song shivay
Shivay: for anika
Tia: aww ok just sing any song which u know
Shivay sings ek hazaraon me meri behna without tune
Tia: shivay keep some tune in it and u cant learn this will u sing sister song for u r lover and its too late night I have to go
Shivay: let us meet tomorrow
Shivay goes to hotel
Shivay pov : yes I cant live without anika yes I love her I love her, I want to spend each and everysecond with her I will meet her morning and will confess that I cant stay without her
ANika: if shivay donno how to live without me then he has to learn how to live, I love u shivay

Next day
SHivay goes to his room and says see I lived alone without u for a night see I proved u wrong
He finds anika lying unconscious
He finds a letter in her hand
He reads
I know u lived without me for one night learn to live like that for whole life as those were my last 12hrs
I am a cancer patient and that was my last night, I love u shivay, take care I hope u learnt how to live without me and ha don’t cry bcoz u r my tadibazz bagad billa
Love u shivay
From billu ki billi
Shivay cries whole heartedly findind his love died
He shouts Anikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I know many of u didn’t like my story I am sorry If my story hasn’t impressed u
Pls do share u r views
Criticism is always welcomed

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  1. Christie123

    Very heart touching!! It is emotional!! I am crying yaar. Just awesome!!!??

    1. thnx u darling

  2. Aryaa

    Nice story dear.. but you could’ve made it bit lengthy.. in short update also you’ve beautifully weaved their love & emotions.. you made it longer it would’ve been more beautiful..

    1. i dont like long stories dear but still i will try
      thank u

  3. Neha_Pheonix

    Candy you rocked it dear..It was so emotionally appealing and holding me to read more..Continue the journey of your OS! Totally fantabulosly fabulous! Love ya dear!

    1. thnx u so much dii love u take care

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