Every end has a new beginning By Aditi (intro+promo)

Hi guys I am Aditi hope you haven’t forgotten me…
So as I promised I am back with my new FF hope you all like it as much as you liked my previous one…
This is just an intro about how situations are and yes all the characters are exactly same as in the show but since there is a time leap some things are changed…
So story has taken 5 years leap and yes jahnvi’s suicide attempt and things after it didn’t happen(I didn’t like that track).
So situations changed are:

Rudy and soumya are happily married and have a daughter
Om is a little tashanbaz as shown in recent track(love him in this avatar) but reason are ofcourse different(his girl is yet to come he decided not to get married till he meets someone made for him types and frankly after Ridima and ishana he left all hopes)
Shivika have left OM and Live in a new home(details will be revealed as the story proceed)
And randhawa’s sister got out of coma and accepted that she actually ran Infront of Om and prinku’s car as she was being chased by some goons and it was her fault that she met with an accident not priom’s and that her brother did very bad torturing prinku after that priveer fell in love and married (I will definitely give a priveerscene in detail)
Other things will be clear as the story proceeds…

A serene environment crimson light of the setting sun warm breeze flowing picking up the scent of flowers that bloomed nearby and two people sitting in the garden while the boy layed in girl’s lap and she played fondly with his hair .
Boy:I love this…(breaking the silence)
Girl:(smiled softly)me tooo
The sound of a vehicle

B:lagta h mere Omru aa gye(I think my Omru have come)
G:A..A..Our Omru
Boy chuckles sorry ma’am and the laugh as the silhouette is shown….
Yes guys the couple was shivika
Guys i am too excited about this FF please tell if you like this promo so that I can proceed with same excitement..

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  1. Awesome…plZzz continue….

    1. Aditi9

      Thanks dear


    Lovely Plz continue

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      Thanks rashi

  3. Fantastic… Waiting before the episode

  4. Amazing nd continue tis

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  6. Plz continue dear.. Waiting for the next update.

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  8. Kehkasha

    beautiful dear……..it sounds really interesting………plz post the episode soon…….

    1. Aditi9

      Thank you I am so glad to be back

  9. Anlimita

    Reply nice
    Pls post regularly and soon
    And I have question
    Are u giving importance to a
    all the pairs
    Or only a particular pair

    1. Aditi9

      Well dear I have not planned to give any specific importance to any pair till now but will see as the story proceeds

  10. Awesome dear…sounds intresting!!

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      Thank you

  11. Wow. Lovely !! Please post next one asap !!

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    Hey Aditi u r back…waiting 4 episode….

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      Ya I am also glad to be back yashu

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    Interesting…. Plzzz post soon….?

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      Thanks and sure I will

  15. Awesome please continue

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      Thank you arthi

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