Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 4

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let’s start with the episode:
The episode starts with shivaye’s mind lingering over his past:
A voice from behind said shakily: who told you that?
Dadi lifted her head to see who was it while shivaye too wiped his tears and turned
Shi:(trying to act normal) Bade Papa aap? Kuch kaam tha ?
Tej: shivaye what were you saying?
Shi:(flustered) nothing Bade Papa I was just talking to dadi you tell me na what can I do for you?

Tej:(getting more angry with each passing minute) shivaye I heard that you told me that my om was illegitimate!!(roared) How could you even imagine that?
Shi:bade Papa calm down or om would hear it and he already is too tensed come inside we will sit and talk
Tej:(still shouting) oh enough of your fake drama let him come let him see what kind of lies his elder brother whom he worshiped is cooking
Shivaye was shocked:bade Papa what are you?
Tej:I said stop it shivaye !!(every body started gathering) I didn’t expect this from you I knew you were ambitious but this? I thought after all you loved my sons but now I get it I didn’t even think you will stoop so lowto malign mine and my son’s name while you could rise higher

Pinki and jahnvi: what happened jethji /tej atleast tell what happened
Tej to jahnvi while fixing his deadly glare at me: what happened? Ask your ideal son shivaye he thinks I am character less and on top of that he thinks om is not your son
Everyone looked at me totally aghast while I just kept nodding in negative:no…. No please…
Dadi:tej atleast listen to him once ..

Tej:(glared at dadi but before they could go any further dad arrived)
Shakti: yes bhaisab atleast hear him out
I looked at gratefully at my dad who I felt silently assured me
I mustered my courage and told them every thing about daima and Mrs Kapoor
Tej(laughed sarcastically) oh so that was your story come on shivaye atleast tell something I can believe you are such a fool to Believe anyone on anything? No no you are too smart to become a ideal son and brother to so that when you play your shot Everyone believes you…
Shi:bade papa…. (His words stuck me like spear I didn’t know what to say)
Jahnvi:tej he is shivaye…
Tej: exactly he is shivaye ambitious, egoistic and one who could go to any extent to get why he wants

Everyone one by one tried to explain bade Papa but with each argument his anger just kept rising which finally exploded when omru arrived and took my side he called Mrs Kapoor and confronted her but to my shock she plainly refused I was….
Om (telling Sahil):we reached there and saw what was going on and instantly understood why he didn’t support you that morning we tried to convince me oberoi but he thinks Everyone is like him selfish and self centered and I even called Mrs Kapoor but after her refusal there was no bounds to Mr oberoi’s anger and then came the explosion
FB starts again

Tej: I was right I was so right you are actually a self centered parasite who digs a whole in the plate that he eats in…
Shakti:bas bhaisab….
Pinki: jethji…
Shi: parasite? What do you mean
Dadi:(sensed something but couldn’t understand like all of us but she decided to stop him) tej bas kr ab(tej enough stop now)
But train had left the station my brother had understood something else was going on..

Shakti:come shivaye (taking his arm)
Shivaye:but dad what? I am not going anywhere
Tej:(chuckled sarcastically) see Shakti he doesn’t even listen to you and you
Shakti:(totally enraged)I said bhaisab you will not say a word against my son otherwise….
Tej: (at the top of his voice)otherwise? Otherwise what? Shakti now this day has come you will show your anger to me your elder brother and for whom him??
Shakti:he is my son
Tej:he is not your son Shakti get out of your dream world your son was still born but your wife wanted to to have a child but couldn’t become a mother anymore she wanted a waaris as she was jealous of my jahnvi so you brought this brat and gave him in her arms
But see today he has shown his blood is much thicker than our teachings and values
We all were spellbound at the revelation…Choti mom broke down and was on her knees, shivaye didn’t move even a bit Chote Papa was worried about his wife and son he ran towards Choti ma to comfort her non of us heard what me oberoi was blabbering and cursing shivaye but he kept on going me and Rudy ran towards shivaye who stood motionless he just moved towards Choti ma and Chote Papa and fell on his knees in front of them and cupped his mother’s face
As I sat there in front of her I just looked into her eyes which told me everything bade Papa said was true I was numb I couldn’t think till yesterday my blood my lineage my family was everything to me and today none of them were mine…
Om: but that was not enough for Mr oberoi he just pulled shivaye to his feet and he’d him by his collar and said: listen you vermin you have played a lot with my family and their emotions and my business now if I even see you near any of my children I do not know what I will do..(and pushed shivaye)

Shakti: bhaisab!!!!(raising his hand)
But before he could do anything dadi pulled Mr oberoi and gave him a tight slap we all then turned to see shivay only to see him walking lifeless like a zombie to his room we all ran after him but he locked the door
Shi: I don’t know what happened then I just walked into a room and locked it as I didn’t want to see anyone… Anyone but anu my anu.. I could see all the flashes in front of me my torturing her for blood lineage and rubbish, om saying that he wished I was more shivaye than an Oberoi my reply shivaye tab tak Shivaye h jab tak uske Saath Oberoi juda h, bade Papa’s words ,obro moments, moments with my mom and dadi all seemed to fade my ears were ringing I could feel a strong pain in my chest my body burnt as if kept in heater my mind wandered…
Ani:then I got home and whole family were banging shivaye’s door om told me what happened and I was worried I too called..
Shi:then I heard a voice one clear voice her voice I wanted to run to her but body didn’t allow I sunk on my knees
Om:we broke the door and barged in to see shi in very bad condition he was on his knees sweating
Ani:I ran to her he just held me and wispered”I am sorry don’t Leave me…. anu”
Shi: I just saw her beautiful face though her eyes were filled with tears I was in her arms I felt her , it was so relaxing so warm I touched her cheeks and passed out…

OK guys so that’s where I pack up for today hope you liked it please give me your feedbacks and suggestions ☺️?

And guys I may not be able to upload next part for 4-5 days as I am going out so we will meet as soon as I return k tada☺️☺️☺️

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