Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 37

part 37:
Hey guys I know I am super late this time but I got really busy so I couldn’t write the next part I hope you consider it but without wasting any more time here is the next episode:
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The episode starts at shivaye’s resort:
Om: what the hell is going on (om shouted in frustration)
Pin drop silence and only one voice to break it.
Rudra:(whining) are that’s what I’m saying first you loved her and you won’t say it and became local devdas. And then till yesterday she was going on(imitating in girly voice) “I want to marry om !! I want to love om!! Oh my om!!” And now “I don’t love om” huhhh!” And after so many of our efforts he got ready but no you want your tadi now you two first decide you love each other or not and don’t go mental about it again. Mere dimag ka dahi ho gya h!!
All: shut up rudra……
Rudra suddenly jerked and kept finger on his lips.
Shivaye(turning to Gauri): yes he is right! Gauri what’s the problem now.(she opened her mouth but before she could speak) quiet!! Enough!!
She stood with puppy face.
Shi(in scolding tone and pointing fingers at her): you love him?
She nodded her head quickly with scared expression. He then turned to om and in same way: you love her??(he too nodded totally freaked out)
Shi: good!! Then sit!! (Om was so scared he literally jumped and was on his knees in a jiffy while others were chuckling seeing the drama)
Shivaye thrusted a ring in his hand : now say!!!
Om: s..sh…shi… shivaye i…
All laughed shivaye thumped his hand on his head?

Shivaye: you want to marry me ??(Om shook his head even Gauri was laughing heartily along with others)
Gauri: Bhaiya nothing can happen of him she took other ring from shivaye’s hand and kneeled in front of om. Om dear I don’t know poetry like you so I talk straight will you marry me?
Om just meekly nodded his head. And she took his hand and made him wear the ring.
All others clapped happily while om was just too drowned in the brown eyes and the ring in front of him. While Gauri looked at om confused and then to shivaye.
Shivaye kneeled beside om and wispered: shri Shri sant baba om what will you take to make her wear this ring now?
Om suddenly snapped out in the real world while. All burst into laughter. He glanced at the ring in his hand. And hurriedly asked thrusting it towards Gauri: Gauri will you marry me?
Rudra: I think she already answered that when she asked you!!( All laughed while om looked at her embarrassed and Gauri went red).
Gauri (softly): I will!(and forwards her hand and he puts ring on)
All of them get happy and run hug the happy couple.

Lafzon ka yeh rishta nhi ……(plays)
The scene shifts to the dining table the whole family is sitting and having a laugh
Rudra: so Bhaiya I take my words back O’s proposal was even more interesting than my marriage.
Tej: seriously om today you really let me down you couldn’t even propose after all this drama at least you could have thought once that you are my son you know in my days.
Jahnvi: yeah yeah in this case I will support tej. Tej on is really your son like you he too didn’t propose the girl.
All: what!!!
Tej : jahnvi let it be
Jahnvi:(enjoying the moment) yeah you know what tej and I loved each other but he too didn’t confess and in those days girls were not supposed to confess first. So I dropped hints and this dumbo here urgh!! And I got irritated and said yes for the first marriage proposal I got so that he would get jealous and say something but he didn’t!!
Gauri: then?? How did you two got together?
Jahnvi: well I didn’t had Shivaye to force that proposal so you know what I ran from my wedding on the day before wedding and went to his college and proposed him in front of the whole class.

Everyone’s eyes bulged
Anika : wow bad ma you really were as tadibaz as bade papa told.
Jahnvi: what ? What did he tell?
Tej: yes..when?
Shivika and omru remembered that Anika was not supposed to know about that conversation.
Rudra: let it be Bhaiya did you see the repetition wow on today you really proved you are Papa’s son. Proud of you brother.
Shivaye: oh that’s where bade papa got all this marriage idea he thought om would get jealous.
Tej:(sighed)yeah but he’s my son!!
Om:what?? Drama?? Means non of the marriage were fixed??
Soumya: what?? Really??
Shivaye: and we thought rudra was the dumbest oberoi.
Rudra: om I officially pass on my honor to you!!
Om realized how dumb he was and palmed his face: and I deserve it.
All laughed.
Voice: oh no!! That means I missed it
So that’s it for today I hope you liked it I know it was short but promise next update will be soon enough.
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