Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 36

Part 36:
Hey guys thank you so much for your comments and here is the next part of the FF so enjoy reading.
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The episode starts at Shivaye’s resort:
Coming out of his room
Rudra: om!! Om!!

Soumya: what happened?
Rudra turned: wo……..(the words were lost in his throat as he saw his wife coming in a beautiful pink dress moving with some flowers in her hands busy in admiring them like an angel who just stepped from the sky )
Soumya:(still bzy fiddling with the flowers) hmm..
Ru: hmm
Soumya: (confused) what??

Ru: wo…..oh forget it(moving towards her)
So:(shying a bit) but you were searching for bade bal wale Bhaiya na ?
Ru: I said na nothing important forget it
So: accha then see these flowers how beautiful they are aren’t they?
Ru: hmm just like you(holding flowers along with her hands).
So: rudra this is a resort and we are not in our room.
Ru: so?(pulling her)

Voice from behind: hawww….
They turn and see shivika standing
Ani:(teasing) haww Rudy Kya baat h??
Ru: (looking down) w..wo
Shivaye: ha so? It’s his wife. And this place is private part of my resort.
Rudra looked at his brother smiling who winked at him. Then he pulled soumya even closer and back hugged her: ha bhabhi she is my wife.
Soumya blushed.
Shi: see anika waise to you are also my wife.

Ani: huhh? How did I come in between?
Shi:(moving closer to her) in between? You are always present everywhere like here(waving at surrounding) and here(taking her hand and pointing at his heart)
She shied : shivaye (signing to rumya)
Shivaye pulling her in a back hug: what? If he has his wife I can too have mine . Whatsay Rudy?
Rudra: of course Bhaiya (while anika and soumya glanced at each other and blushed).
Shi: so let’s now have time with our wives.
Rudy obliged and both of them picked their wives and left.

Next morning:

Om pov:
Today I will definitely find out who he is and… And what??. I can’t do anything…but.. I will think what to do after that later but I will find out today
Om comes to the dining area and gets confused seeing the hustle bustle going on among the family.
What’s up with everyone why are they all so excited?
Suddenly I was surprised as two pairs of hands grabbed my legs it was Shivani and rudraksh. They screamed with joy:om Chachu/om papa we are sooo happy!!
Om:(kneeling down) ale my babies what’s making you both sooo much happy. Huhh?
Shivani: om papa which dance will you do on the engagement?

Om: dance?? engagement??
Oh so that’s why to they are all so excited shi is getting engaged…wait what ? She’s getting engaged?
My mind had totally churned but why I knew this was going to happen I didn’t realize it will take place so soon.
I was shook out by the kids : bolo na on which song will you dance?
Dance?? Dance my foot I will not dance but what to tell these kids…
Om: w..wo m…
Rudra came to my rescue: are kids pappu can’t dance

Rudraksh: Matlab??
Rudra: means om doesn’t know how to dance .
Shivani: but papa how is that possible?? That om papa will not dance at his own engagement?
Om: but baby….wait what?? What did you just say??
Shivani repeated innocently : you will not dance at your own engagement???
Om:(shouting) what are you talking about what marriage??whose marriage???
The kids got frightened and hid behind rudra. While all the family members got there.
Shivaye: what happened why are you scaring the kids?
Om realized what happened.

Shivaye turned to and asked prinku to take kids to shikha.
Shi: now tell me what happened?
Om(furiously): what was Shivani saying ?? My marriage?? With whom??
Tej: yeah I fixed your marriage with my friend’s daughter
Om: what??? With whose permission?? And I thought you changed (scoffed) (turning to shivaye) I didn’t expect this from you at least I thought you’d be sensitive enough to inform me. Everyone knows about my marriage except me and you all are already preparing for the engagement.
Tej: wait!! What are you trying to say i informed you

Om: ???
Tej: yeah rudra and shivaye went to talk to you yesterday night and since you didn’t come to my room shouting I assumed they might have talked to you into it.
Om: but they didn’t come to me…
Tej and om glared at shivru while they looked down embarrassed remembering the moments with their wives last night.
Shi: w..wo….we…
Om(angrily): oh come on(turning to tej) whatever you are my father you should at least have come and asked me before trading your son for business.
Shi: wait a minute om it was my mistake and I admit it but don’t talk to bade papa like that.
Rudra: yes o and dad didn’t do anything for business.
Om: oh really ??

Jahnvi: yes because I selected the girl.
Shi: yes and I myself have met her she is perfect for you she is exactly as you used to describe your dream girl.
Om(cooling down a bit after hearing his mom and shivaye but still angry): but marriage is a big decision how can I just take it like that without meeting the girl.and besides you know na I don’t want to marry

Jahnvi: om beta leading life alone is very difficult you have to give someone a chance .
Tej:(haughtily) and you can meet her today and say yes.
Om(again bursting into fury): oh yeah but how are so sure I will say yes. I told you na I will not marry her or anyone. And just try doing anything else(he said to everyone warningly and stamped away while Gauri ran behind him)
Gauri: om!!om!! Stop!! Hear me at least!!(pulled him)
Om: what?? What do you want?
Gauri: why are you doing this ?
Om: what am I doing? What are they doing ?
Gauri: they just want you to be happy.
Om: by going against me.

Gauri: they said na she is a great girl then what’s the harm in meeting he at least.
Om: however she is I don’t want to marry her or anyone
Gauri: but why give at least one valid reason damn it.
Om: (shouting) because I love someone else.
Gauri: then marry her.
Om: I cannot
Gauri: why??
Omkara: as I am not worthy for her.
Gauri: and who told that??

Om: I just know
Gauri:(frustrated)are you mad?? If you think that I think you don’t love her from deep in your heart you don’t even care for her feelings you…(cut by om)
Om:(pulling her and holding her shoulder) it’s not like that I said na I love you. I love you more than anything
Gauri: what did you say?

Tears were lurking in both of their. As he gently pulled her closer and she was also giving in.
Om: I said I love you yes I love you Gauri that girl my dream girl was you it was always you. I love you (he smiled happily and excitedly)
Gauri: but I don’t
Smile vanished from his lips.
Suddenly voice from behind: oh come on

Rikara turned
It was shivaye along with the whole oberoi family.
Shi: come-on now Gauri don’t spoil the fun anymore.
Rudra: yes Didi we are bored now.
Tej: yes beta
Jahnvi: no Gauri you are doing correct.
Om: wait what the hell is going on.
So guys that’s it for today I hope you liked it and please do tell me your feedbacks through comments below ☺️?

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