Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 35


part 35:
Hey guys so I am back with next part of my FF.
So.. enjoy..??
let’s start without wasting any time:

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The episode starts at shivaye’s resort:
Om’s POV:(pacing up and down in his room)
Oh god I am seriously pissed off why can’t she tell me who he is this time works took her away. But why am I bothering so much it’s her life and it was not as if she’s my gf or something. But I L.. Like her . But she doesn’t know afterall I have never told her. And she loves that Mr. X whoever that champu is..urgghhhh…I hate this I always taunted shivaye that he cannot express his feelings while I am the one who is loser in expressing… I should tell her…yes…(he takes a step forward but immediately 4 step backwards)no..no..
She’s going to be married how can I…
He was busy in these thoughts taking one step forward and 4 steps backwards. While anika rudra and Gauri were seeing through the window.
Rudra: at least he is trying to take step forward.
Gauri: forward??? He is going backwards only.
Ani: rudra your plan to make him jealous seems to fail
Rudra: don’t worry bhabhi my plan never fail they just intend to take time sometimes so I think he just needs a little more push.
Aniri agree. And continue seeing him.
Voice: what’s happening here??
All three jump.
Rudy: w…wo papa we were..
All three were fumbling trying to find some excuse.
While shivaye, Priyanka and somya were sniggering standing behind tej.
Ani: w..wo bade papa it’s all billuji’s fault.
She ran and hid behind shivaye
Rudra and Gauri looked at each other and:yes it’s Bhaiya’s fault
They too Rand behind shivaye.
Shi: w..wh..what the ….(controlled himself seeing Tej) b..bade papa I..I.. was with you I don’t know..I..
Tej:(sternly) so?? Anu, Gauri and rudra come here
They all line up as obedient students. Looking down. Fidgeting their hands.
Tej: so is your plan working??is he affected??
They all got confused and looked at each other then at tej.
Tej laughed loudly.
All were surprised but then they all started laughing at their own foolishness.
Rudra: are dad it’s Rudy’s plan
Shi: that’s the problem
Rudra: what?
Shi: nothing you continue ( while others who heard shivaye were chuckling silently)
Rudra:hey shut up you all specially you prinku my first plan was good but it failed as your darling hubby had to leave .
Prinku: Bhaiya he had been called for the duty.
Rudra: hey …(cut by tej)
Tej: stop it you two now just tell what can we do now.
Rudy: I think we have to add some more drama.
Tej: ok but do it fast.
Scene shifts to the pool side:
Ani gave a thumbs up to Gauri as she sees om coming .
Gauri:(on phone) yeah babu ….I told you na..ya I was angry you didn’t come but if it’s your work than what can I say(om stops and is listening and burning in jealousy) yeah dear…you know no one’s here I miss you so much…(om: oh so we all are no one) ab what should I tell you… I miss your everything your biceps(om looks at his) your abs like they are carved by Michaelangelo himself.(om looks at his slightly peeping ponch and pulls it in) your hair (om: hey mine are the best)they are the best (om looked angry) and your..
Om: hey Ms Gauri Kumari sarma. Stop it or he will get diabetes from your sweetness.
Gauri: hawww so you were spying on me?
Om: n.. no
Gauri: so you were evesdroping??
Om: n…no I was just passing..I..I have to go.
He left in hurry but her were words were stuck in his mind.
He went straight to gym. And started excercing.
Om: abs!!! Bisceps!!! And and hair!!! I will show you what they mean.
Rudra come there: o?? You?? And in gym??? Are you alright?
Om: why can’t I be here?
Rudra: you can be but that’s never happened before.
O: there’s always a first time ok… Accha Rudy can you help me?
Rudra (knew what was coming still controlling his laughter): anything for you o.
Om asks Rudy to help him build his body but rudra refused saying it’s not possible and om leaves angrily while all the others laughed.
Om: what shall I do now? Shivaye…yes he is my true brother he will help me.
He goes to shivaye’s room;
O: I need your help
Shi: what is it
O: I want to build my body.
Shi: what?? Are you blind?? (Om looks at him confused)om I am shivaye not rudra.
Om rolls his eyes and leaves angrily. And bump into Gauri who was outside the room.
Gauri: why do you want to build your body??
Om: nothing!!(and leaves)
Whole day passed Everyone tried to make om confess but he was just impossible.
Gauri (sitting beside the pool): shivaye I think I was wrong.. Everyone has tried but none succeed we tried jealousy, talking to him, and what not but he is not reacting only. I think it was a misunderstanding and he doesn’t love me.
Shi: are you mad he loves you and I can tell it and you know I am never wrong.
Gauri looks down with uncertainty
Shivaye side hugged her: don’t worry I will make everything alright.
Voice: no..this time I will….
So guys that’s it for today I hope you liked it and please do tell me your feedbacks through comments below ☺️?

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