Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 34

part 34:
So guys I am back with next part of my FF so just enjoy.
let’s start without wasting any time:
If you have missed any part of my FF:

The episode starts at the resort:
Rudra: what??? Marriage?? Gauri di??? Boyfriend??
Tej: ha so any problem?
Rudra: n..no why will I have a problem? By the way who is the lucky guy?
Shivaye smiled at Gauri.
Ani: what happened shivaye why do I feel like you know who it is.
Shi: of course I do she is my best friend and she tells me everything so I knew it. She told me as soon as she came to know.
Om: what you did?
Tej: what is the problem with you guys why are you behaving as if some 8th wonder of the world is taking place it’s just marriage and one day every girl married I am just happy our Gauri got her Mr perfect.(he smiled and kept hand on Gauri’s head giving her blessings others too smiled at them but the smiles were far from some faces)
After the breakfast Gauri and shivaye were called by tej for some preparations for her mother’s arrival.
While the ladies too were discussing some matters regarding it.
But Anika’s eyes were fixed on her bestie. She could read something was wrong.
Soon she excused herself and went to rudra: rudra why do I feel that om is not happy with the marriage.
Rudra: how will he be bhabhi?
Ani: Matlab??

Rudra: couldn’t you see bhabhi Gauri di has always been more than a friend for om his first crush…his first love…
Ani: then this marriage? Don’t Gauri know?
Rudra:(chuckled sarcastically) bhabhiyou know om he was always been like this reserved,shy… When we were children then also om hardly ever talked to her then shivaye Bhaiya was there and both Gauri di and shivaye Bhaiya were so alike they too were always together while om just watched her from distance you know there is a secret cabinet in Om’s room full of her paintings Everyone noticed Om’s love towards Gauri except those two then Gauri’s mom decided to leave and our om he never said anything and see he is still silent.
Anika looked at om who pretended to work on his laptop but was clearly in his own world a thin layer of tears lingered around his eyes.
Ani: don’t worry I won’t let that happen let me talk to shivaye.
Shivaye’s room: Anika enters
Ani: shivaye I want to talk about something..
Shi: I know… me too Anu(engrossed in his files)
Ani: hai?? You know?? You too?? Whatsoever shivaye I want to say something very important wo….(she was cut)
Shi: I know what you want to say that’s why I too want to speak with you
Ani(her temper rising with every word she got angry took his file and threw it ) listen mr bagadbilla you think you know everything but you know nothing now shut your mouth and listen to me it’s about om…
Shivaye tries to speak but she gives a deadly glare and he sighs and sits on the bed with his face resting on his palms. Letting her speak.
Ani:(speaking fast as she was stressed) you know this marriage can’t happen as om will break you know om loves gauri(looked at him expecting to see him shocked or surprised)
But he just sat there.

Shi: I know..
Ani: what’s this I know I know? Wait you said you know?
He nodded.
Ani: and you know om hasn’t confessed it to Gauri??
Shi: uhuhh.
Ani: then why are you letting this to happen ??
Shi: because Gauri wants
Ani: but Gauri can’t possibly get better guy than him
Shi: I know…
Ani: I don’t understand anything…
Shi: calm down anu sit and have water(he gave her water) listen I know everything you are forgetting I am shivaye and he is om my brother how could I not know I know om loves gauri a lot and I know what you all don’t know Gauri too loves om!!!
Ani: then…

Shi (holding her mouth) shhhh listen to me first… They both love each other and this is all a setup so that om confesses his love…
Anika’s eyes widened: what?? When?? How?? Why don’t you tell me?
Shi: that’s what I was trying to say some time back but you were so hyper that you didn’t let me….. Ok now listen… Om loved Gauri and everyone saw it even Bade Papa and he didn’t like it so that’s why I spent much time with Gauri so that they two stay away as I felt it was just an attraction and om might get over it.. but then I realized it was love and I decided to make them one but bade papa came to know and did what I feared he mad a deal with Gauri’s mom and sent her away. Om cried for days after he came to know about it. Then now when she is back and bade papa trying to mend things he felt it was fair to give them a chance so he asked me so I asked Gauri and she still felt the same she loved him a lot. But she wanted to know his feelings she tried to talk drop hints but our om he was too innocent to see them so she asked him a little directly yesterday and still he didn’t confess his love openly to her. But at least she understood it by the way he talked about the love of his life. So she came to me last night and we talked to bade papa too and he planned all this drama so that that long haired dumbo at least confessed. And they finally marry.
Ani: hawwww…. Such an elaborate plan. And who all Know about this.
Shi: bade papa and Badi ma,me, Gauri and now you so keep it down and I told you this as I may need your help.
Ani: anything for om
Shi: see you are his best friend so you have to make sure he plays along and finally proposes Gauri.
Ani(saluting): sir yes sir(and both of them giggle)
Ani: I didn’t know you were such a love guru.you can be so romantic….
He pulled her close and she was drowned in the azure orbs of his while he peirced her brown ones.
Shi:(hoarsly): wanna see how romantic I can be?
She smiled shyly.

Shi: you still shy like I have seen you for the first time Mrs. ASSO we have 2 kids now.
Anika smiles more widely: but you surprise me with your new side everytime and make me fall in love as it is the first time.
Shi: is it?? Then we deserve a first night don’t we?
Anika tries to free herself: shivaye it’s morning time. Cheapde!!.
Shivaye pulls her and presses the remote with other hand and the drapes close the whole room is filled with a dim light.
Shi: see no problem anymore..
Anika hardly breathe and looks down.
As he picks her in his arms suddenly there is a bang on the door.
Rudraksh: papa!!!!
Shivaye gets flushed and drops Anika while she falls thankfully on the bed
Ani: ouchhhhh are you mad
Shi: sorry.. sorry (he knows if he waited here she would kill him so he runs out to open the door).
He returns after sometime with Omi and ru the drapes are up again and bright sunlight flooded the room he could see she was still angry but pretended to be normal in front of kids.
Ani: what happened baccha?
Ru: is it true Gauri aunty is getting married?
Shi: yess
The kids jumped in excitement while shivika smiled: yeeeee!!!!
Ru: so dad there will be celebrations and party.
Shi: yes and lots of Masti!!
Ru: so I need new clothes dad I will dress like you 3 peice suite.
Shi: sure why not

Omi: m bhi.
Shi: you also will dress like me
She nodded. Shivaye laughed while anika nodded and gave nothing can happen of them look.
Ani: but baby if you both dress like papa who will dress like me?
Omi(thinks): sibani di(Shivani)
Shivaye laughs: see these are my kids
Ani:(fake crying) ok you both go with your dada and no one dress like me.
Omi looks worried: Mama no cry…omi..mumma…same
Anika: Pinki promise?
Omi: Pinki..p..pl..p..
Ru:(completes her) promise(she smiles)
While anika show tongue to shivaye mocking him.
Scene changes: rumya’s room.
Rudra: what???

Soumya: wow bhabhi that sounds awesome done we will help you.
Rudra: don’t worry bhabhi not to fear when smarty Rudy is here. I have a plan..
He wispered the plan to Soumya and Anika .
Ani: wow rudra I will tell RV and we will get started today only.
The share a HiFi and rudra does his signature step.
Scene changes:
The whole oberoi family welcomes Gauri’s mom. Then they all sit.
Shivaye signs Gauri
Gauri: mom you came alone you were coming with him no??
Om: who?
Gauri: my bf.
Om: now can you please end this suspense and tell who is he?
Gauri: are what happened to you keep patience Mr zulfi.

So guys that’s it for today I hope you liked it and please do tell me what your feedback and suggestions through the comments below ☺️??

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