Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 33

part 33:
Hey so I’m back with next part of my FF and let’s start without wasting any time:
If you have missed any part of my FF:

The episode starts at the resort:
Near the pool on and Gauri are sitting.
Gauri: om!om!(trying to snap om out of his thoughts).
Om: yeah
Gauri: tell me na who was she.
Om: she was a girl.
Gauri: wow at least what rudra said was a lie.
Om: yes wait what? What did he say ? Gauri tell me..
Gauri: okay but promise me that you will not get angry on my sweet Rudy boy.
Om: oh stop irritating me and tell..(Gauri gave him a look and he huffed) oh okay now speak up.
Gauri: well.. he..was..he.. thought you know (in one breath”ma da ladla bigad gya”)
She shut her eyes tight as she knew om would be angry as hell.
Om: what!!!! Really!!! I will kill that guy is he mad or something…
Gau: hey hey you promised nothing to my Rudy
O:(sarcastically) oh ya sure
Gauri: well he wasn’t wrong well you have not even talked to a girls since like forever and you are so sensitive and sweet. And over all you have these pretty hairs.(she started laughing)
Om: oh yeah I have promised for Rudy not you I will see you Gauri Kumari sarma.
Gauri sensed what he meant and ran while om chased her.
Shivaye’s room:
Shivaye enters his suite and calls Anu.
Shi: Anu!! Dear where are you?
He doesn’t get a response
He looks around and sees anika sitting on the couch working no banging on the laptop.
Shivaye was confused he figured she was hell angry but he could not figure out why.

He took out his coat and sat beside her: wo my god poor lapy.
Anika gave him the deadly glare.
Shi: (mumbling to himself) well now poor me I guess (he composed himself and spoke as lovingly as possible) what happened my love.
Anika: I cannot talk to you
She went to the bedroom and he followed.
Shi: why??
She ignored and went back to the couch this happened a couple of times.
Shi: ok stop. (He pulled her and she collided with his chest and he held her hand behind her back they both were into each other’s eyes) now tell me why can’t you talk(he asked huskily)
Ani: oh if I talk I may cry afterall I am a crybaby no..
Shivaye: what how did you? Wait you were eavesdropping our conversation.
Ani sensed the tables turned on her. She looked down careful not to look at shivaye
Ani: wo..wo… actually… But hey you called me a crybaby!!(trying to cover up)
Shi: oh yeah so someone was being a bad girl.
Anika looked back at him surprised.: You are not angry?
Shivaye smiled:it’s okay you can do that after all you are my wife you have got to be nosey.
Ani: nosey??(holding her nose) well I have a nose Everyone does.
Shivaye laughed:(between the laughs) I love you.. classic Anika …nosey is not that (pointing her nose)
Ani: then(pouted)
He continued laughing.
Back to the pool:
Both om and Gauri were tired and sat with a thump catching their breath.
The both looked at each other and started laughing.

Gauri: why are you laughing?
Om: first you Tell
Gauri: no I asked first?
Om: well because you have turned pink and are looking like gaint strawberry ice cream.
Gauri: what??(hitting him)
Om: ohk sorry now your turn.
Gauri: well while running your pretty hair were flowing in the wind like a Bollywood heroine.
O: is it(and threatening to tickle ) wait I will tell you what heroine can do.
Gauri: no no please
They again laughed
Gauri: wow I never knew you were this much fun.
Om: well you would have noticed it if you would not have been busy in making fun of me during our complete childhood.
Gau: oh come on zulfi I said sorry everytime I did that .
Om: well I don’t remember any such apology.
Gau: oh is it? Well then sorry now (she held her ears)(om acted as if thinking) oh come on now.
Om laughed: ok apology accepted.
Gau: thank you my Lord. Well now tell me about her.
O: so you would not let it go? (She nodded) ok I will tell.. but no names agreed?(Gauri did agree)
While in rumya’s room:
Soumya was sitting near the dresser combing her hair. While Rudy was behind her on the bed looking at her with his face resting on his hands.
Rudy: sumo
So: yeah
Ru: sumo; soumya: yeah; ru: suno; soumya laughed: rudra say it.
Rudra: you know what I noticed something.
Soumya: what?
Rudra: coming and holding her from back and resting his face on her shoulder: well today Shivani is sleeping in omi and rudraksh’s room.
Soumya:(naughtily) ha so..
Ru: that means you and me… And me and you are alone in this room.

Somya blushed:so..?
Ru: oh Mrs. Dumbell oberoi remember that’s my title. (He said and picked her in his arm).
Shivaye’s room:
Ani: now will you tell me what’s nosey or will you show me more tadi.
Shi: ok let me think in your words nosey means Jo dusro ke phate me tang adate h.
Ani: what you think I am that type of wife how rude? You go away I don’t care for you from now on…
Shivaye laughed at her expression: oh no you are my sweet Anu and hugged her(she also smiled).
Shivaye to himself: huhhh.. bach gya otherwise today this wild cat would have eaten me alive. Thank God I brought up eavesdropping point and changed the topic. At least no water this time(he chuckled).
Near the pool:
O: she was sweet smart and intelligent.her mind works in different directions than us but she is brilliant as she can go on the line none of us can. She was confident as a lioness. And proud as a peacock.
Gauri: is she beautiful??
Om:(smiled) most beautiful. Her brown eyes and the hairlocks falling on her face.
Gauri: oh my God you were totally into her. Who was she? Was she?
Om: yes she was my first love well if I think now my only love I liked Ishu and Ridima but somewhere I always searched her in them.
Gauri: wow so did you ever confess?
O: no never had guts and till I buckled up a bit dad found out and drove her away.
Gauri: where is she now why don’t you do it now.
Om looked at her smiling at him and he smiled back: well she is always close to me but I think it’s just too long and maybe she doesn’t feel the same way.
Gauri: oh my God om nothing can happen of you.
Shivaye’s room:
Shi: it’s late come let’s sleep.
Ani: oh no I have to finish this work
Shi: what is that anyway?
He looks in the laptop:
Shi: oh sorry dear I had to do that. Oh how could I forget?
Ani: it’s ok billuji you do it or I do it . It’s one and the same thing. If you can do so much for me and Sahil then I can do this at least.
Shi: hey don’t ever dare to say that again you are my family and I can do anything for my family.
Ani: aww I love you sweet Singh oberoi.
They came close but suddenly there was a loud banging on the door.
Shivaye opened it.suddenly Gauri hugged her so excitedly.
Gauri: shivaye.. shivaye… shivaye…

Shi: wo.wo what happened?
She pulled him outside
Anika saw them as they were exchanging excited wispers both were so excited:
Shivaye returned and when Anika asked he just changed the topic and went to sleep as Anika eyed him.
Next morning all were having breakfast:
Tej arrived: I have a news.
Dadi: what happened puttar?
Tej: Gauri’s mother is coming tomorrow we’ll it seems that she have found apt match for Gauri and she is coming for fixing her marriage.
Ani: so that’s was Gauri was excited about.
So that’s it for today I hope you liked it and please do tell me your feedbacks through comments below ☺️?

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