Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 3

Part 3:
Here is alink if you missed any of the previous parts
Episode 2
Hey guys I am back with next part of my FF it’s a little late as I had to put in some changes from the story I previously thought hope you all like it:
The episode starts at OM:
Tej:I actually was guilty after I said all that to shivay and he left the house but somehow I thought this would atleast thrust some sense of Responsibility in my sons at last they are getting out of Shivay’s shadow but nothing like that happened instead my other children too grew far from me and instead of carrying my legacy forward they took up to care of that shivaye’s companies and stocks I don’t understand what to do while that shivay and his useless wife made their own fortune when I look back I only see myself and my children at loss
Swetlana: (keeping her hands on his shoulder and smirking)dear I said no I will fix things up after all how can I see you sad
Tej:(takes her hands and kiss them) it’s been 5 years now but you are the only one who stood by me while my whole family resented me
(Swetlana smiles at him)
Scene changes to shivaye’s place:
All the youngsters had taken their seats in tree shade
Ani is teary eyed:I am sorry om I am sorry rudra I don’t know what to do with him I told him so many times to go back to oberoi mansion to our family but you know Na how stubborn he is and his ego is bigger than this whole house
Om: bhabhi you cannot blame him I mean he stricken so hard by that blow and in a way it’s his stubbornness, ego and your endless support that has helped him achieve so much in 5 years which generally takes a lifetime to achieve.
Rudy:yes bhabi o is right(Om and Rudy comforted her)
Ani:(wiping her tears)may be you are right but…
Sahil :it’s enough..
Everyone turn to see him
Ani: sahil what are you doing here I thought you went with shivaye to the beach
Sahil:I did but I noticed something and came back (Ani was about to say something but was stopped by Sahil) Didi you will get enough time to say but now listen to me(Everyone was little shocked by sterness in his speech and looked at each other then Sahil softly went down to his knees in front of anika keeping his hands on her lap comforting her)
Didi it’s been 5 years now when you both moved out of OM I asked so many times what had happened but you refused to tell me but promised to tell me when I was old enough. Look at me di I m 16 now please atleast tell me now di ..nhi to aap log hi bata do(he told turning to others)I know it’s painful but di you only taught me pain divides when we share and happiness multiplies… I would not have asked but today I couldn’t resist what I saw in jiju’s eyes I mean it was like he’s tormented from inside like some very big chunk of him just vanished and I love him I cannot see him like this I mean I miss my old bagadjiju please tell me….(he looked expectantly at Ani who shared glance with others and om nodded)
Ani:OK… Listen (making him sit properly in the chair) that day again there was tussel going on in the house Tia almost fall down from stairs and you were blamed as your marbles were on the floor and Pinki aunty had whole Om on her head. Constantly badmouthing about me and you and I requested so much to believe me that you do not actually wanted to hurt Tia but as usual he didn’t listen and ordered me to take you back to the hostel I was steaming
Sahil:but that was Tia’s mom(he suddenly stopped and realized he promised not to mention Tia’s mom and her blackmail ever again)
Everyone looked at sahil with total amazement

shivay was sitting on the side he had made kids busy with some game and asked IRA to look after them he was deep in thought recalling that day
I was totally helpless I knew Tia was at fault but as usual Mrs Kapoor was on my nerves and only way I saw to save Sahil was to send him back I could see fire blazing out of anu’s eyes and her tears were just fuel but I did what I had to…

Ani:how did you know it was Mrs Kapoor who pressurized shivaye ?
Sahil: you also know?? Well I had known it for a while then and I knew she was blackmailing jiju and why(looking at om) . So I knew when jiju asked me to leave it was for my well being
Ani:since when you knew and why didn’t you tell me?
Sahil:I came to know about it on lohri day when they accused me of theft(narrated her the whole incident) but I promised jiju that I will never mention it to any one ever again(Ani recalls the incident and how Sahil was supporting shi afterwards she felt bad she couldn’t understand either her husband or her brother) now please tell ahead
Ani: well then we left for your hostel and I was made up my mind that when I would return I would pack up and leave OM forever…
Om:but destiny planned something else when you left dadi was furious and went to shivaye’s room to confront him

I went back to my room I foresaw she was going to leave me this time I just saw it in her eyes I was shattered I just fell on my bed thinking about what had happened and what should I do when dadi came in all furious and shouting about how could I do such a thing with anu and Sahil and I was stone and whatnot but I wasn’t hearing her I was just in my own world till she shook me to say something I just looked at her
Rudy:and dadi was dadi at a glance she knew something was wrong she knew a torment going on inside him and she asked him many times to speak up what was it

Shi: and I could never lie to dadi so I brokedown in front of her and told her about Mrs Kapoor,DAI ma and om being illegitimate
Voice from behind said shakily: who told you that??

Sorry guys I know you all don’t like cliffhangers but I am getting late so I will have to Stop it right here and besides Sabra ka fal meetha hota h guys…
Pls do comments and tell me your veiws…..bye and see you soon again with next part…

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