Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 26

part 26:

So sorry guys I am late I could not write it due my exams but hey finally it’s out so do tell me . this one is little slow and emotional episode so let’s start.
but first for those who missed any part: Click Here

The episode starts at OM:
Hearing anika’s scream Everyone rush out of the room. They see Anika standing at the corner of the corridor Rudy runs to her in full speed :bhabhi what happened??
(His gaze shifts to where she was looking and his blood froze he felt that it was a nightmare was this real?) Bhaiyaaa!!
He shouted as he saw shivaye at the foot of the stairs lying in the pool of blood

Om’s POV:
I was sitting in the hall had rushed to shivaye and omika who was in my arm literally jumped from my arm and crawled to her father and was patting it hard as she was not getting response she looked at me and her mother on the top of the stairs and again patting her dad irritated and shouting his name (papa!!!) she knew something was wrong tears were rolling down her cheeks I could not comprehend what to do my brother was lying unconscious my neice needed him so I was trying to control her too but she was resisting she was wailing even at my touch she just wanted her dad I looked up Anika was standing numb in a sort of trauma I called her name but she just stood there blank staring at shivaye I called for the servants and Khanna and whoever I could think of and told them to call the doctor.then rudra came followed by the family while I and Rudy took shivaye inside khanna called the doctor and Gauri took and comforted omika while dadi and soumya were with Anika and Choti ma. Anika still was in trauma and my brother…. I heart clenched from the moment I saw him fall my mind feared the worst but my heart kept saying shivaye ko Kuch nhi ho skta(nothing can happen to shivaye). How can anything happen to him ? He is the strongest one.no! But the sight of his state clenched my heart rudra was continuously crying we were in shivaye’s room I held a cloth tight on his forehead to stop the bleeding but with each passing minute shivaye’s face was growing pale and my eyes were on the door waiting for the doctor to arrive. Finally he did.

I rushed to the doctor and cried in front of him: please please save my brother.
He just comforted me and told us to leave.
There we were at the door of the safest place we had, shivaye’s room.
The memories of the moments​ we spent there came flooding to me .
Suddenly a a hard jerk brought me out I turned my face.it was Rudy my baby brother he had hugged me tightly I could sense his fear and his dispair.
He was shivering with fear, my shirt was soaked with his tears I ran my hands on his head and through his back comforting him. I too needed it badly I wanted whom I could cry too but the only person who could comfort me was inside tears were continuously rolling down my cheeks.
End of POV

Om: Gauri? What are you doing here I thought you were with omika .
Gauri: om omika is with soumya she is fine but..
Om: but?…. But what ?…. Speak up..
Gauri: wo Anika .. Anika bhabhi she is not responding.
Om: what?
Om’s POV: I didn’t want to leave that place I knew doctor may come any moment and tell about shivaye’s condition but Anika bhabi I have to be with her yes she only can save shivaye like she did the last time yes I have to go to her .
End of POV.

Pinki’s room:
Om(shook her hard) bhabhi!!.
Anika looked at om and hugged him and started crying om too held her tightly he could not see her like this afterall before his bhabhi she was his best friend.
Ani:(wispered still crying) he is alright na?
Om: doctor is there… Come…
But Anika didn’t move.
Om looked back: bhabhi?
Ani: I can’t go there he is in this condition because of me.
Om was shocked.
Dadi: no anu beta it was not your mistake.
Pinki: yes if it’s anyone’s mistake it’s mine.
Om was staring clueless from one to other.
Khanna entered : om sir wo doctor.
Everyone rushed to shivaye’s room.
Om: he is ok na??
Doctor:we cannot say anything till he gets conciousness.
Om: but…what… Shall we shift him to a hospital if it’s needed.
Doctor: no I have arranged everything he needs here but I have kept nurse and a junior doctor here as I am worried about his heart condition. And I will be here at regular intervals.
Om: heart??but he got hurt …
Doc: the injuries he sustained are not so dangerous but just superficial but he actually fell down as he had a panic attack his temperature, his blood pressure everything is very high we are trying to manage it. But it seems he had too much stress.
Shakti (who had just arrived when he came to know what had happened): what? But he was very happy this morning.
He and om looked at his family the look on their faces revealed that the matter was something else.
Om: so doctor till when will he get concious
Doc: nothing can be said but I am hoping till tomorrow his condition may improve.
Rudy: can we see him.
Doc : he is still unconscious (but by his look he had known these boys since there childhood) rudra you can go to him but don’t disturb him. Ok om I am leaving but take care I will visit in every few hours if there is any problem contact me.
He left.

Om and shakti turned to their family with a questioning gaze:
Shakti : we need to talk come
they all get seated Anika was crying hysterically om held her hands and comforted her
Ani: it’s my fault I.. I am so sorry..
Om: bhabhi? Don’t worry he will be ok. Ok(wiping her tears) did you two have a fight?
Anika narrated her plan and how shivaye heard everything
Ani(sobbing): he ..he was very angry..

Fb starts:
Anika reach there room to talk to shivaye he was leaving he had packed a small bag.
Ani: shivaye please listen to me please.
Shivaye: Anika I will pick rudraksh from school and I am taking omika
Ani: shivaye please.
Shi:don’t worry I will leave them here in the evening I know they will need their mom at night.
Ani: shivaye..
Shivaye: and take this(hands her a small pouch)

Anika opens it and tears fill in her eyes.: This?
Shivaye: yes it has my car keys some cash office keys and my credit card you never would have to be dependent​ on anyone. I know you have you self respect and so you will not like to ask anyone.
Ani: shivaye…. please look at me at least let me explain please..
Shi: what will you explain…I… I bye Ms Anika.
Anika was hurt hearing this it’s been a while he had call her mis Anika instead of Anu.: Billu ji I am Anu your Anu.
Shi: don’t call me billuji and you are not my Anu. my Anu was honest, understanding she trusted me with her decisions and she valued my self respect as much as her own . And today Ms Anika you have broken my trust, played with my emotions you know how much I got hurt each time I saw you in pain and most importantly Ms Anika you have broken my self respect by coming here in this house. I love you and will always care for you but I can’t forgive you at Least not now so don’t follow me and don’t try to stop me.
Anika:I ran after him calling his name i held his hand he turned towards me and I could see through them how hurt he was he moved back and the next thing I Know​ was he was toppling down the stairs.
Fb ends

Anika cried hysterically om shakti and tej(who was seeing and hearing everything from his study) were surprised to hear what had happened and everyone had made such an elaborate plan without getting into notice.
Om left anika’s hand and stood to leave even shakti who had been holding Pinki started to leave.
Pinki: Shakti ji??/Ani: om??
Sh: not now Pinki first with shivaye you made a plan and now this why can’t you let my boy live his life happily?
Om: yes he has done so much for everyone​ and you invade the last few things he is left with his emotions and self respect. you Anikayou know anika he had not slept for 2 day just to make sure he could be there for u if u needed anything he would sit beside you and massage your feet for hours and dozed off there I know this because I had seen this with my own eyes. And you Gauri when he came to know that you were in problem do you know how tensed he was??
Shakti: and Pinki when that day you stopped om and rudra from stopping shivaye as shivaye was not comfortable here . I tell you how proud I was of you . But after what you did today it would have been better if you had stopped him that day only.
Om: soumya ,rudra and dadi you all also joined without even thinking .
Sh: listen if anything happens to my son today I will not forgive any of you ever like tej Singh oberoi( after whatever happened 6 years ago shakti had not even looked at his brother he even saperated his business and would have left the mansion if it were not for dadi.) I love my son more than anything in the world.
They left.

In Tej’s study.
Tej was sitting on his desk when he felt a tug on his pants he looked down and saw omika standing there he could not stop himself from smiling he picked her up: arey! Little princess how come you are here .
Omika:(crying) papa tata(Papa got hurt)….omi wha nai(and omika is not allowed to go there).
It was like magic but tej Understood each word of her inexplicable language.
Tej: aww who is stopping princess.
Omika: chachi.
Tej: ohh… But dear papa had tata(got hurt) no so he is sleeping na you will disturb him.
Omika noded her head in no.
Tej: oh you will not disturb him so what will you do ?
Omika: phu..
Omika: softly blowed air on his hand and showed
Tej could not help laughing : ok so let Papa sleep today tomorrow me and you we will both go and do it pakka.
Omika smiled and hugged him he too hugged her: come-on shivaye you can’t be a spoil sport like this if not for us come back at least for her.
He suddenly saw dadi and somya who came there to search omika standing and watching this so he retained his angry expressions and gave omika to Soumya and left.
While they watched him go somya was shocked. and dadi?
Dadi was smiling she knew some where inside tej Singh oberoi she had her son left.

So guys that’s it for today fingers crossed I hope you like this episode as I did when I wrote it especially the ending and please do tell me your feedbacks through comments below ☺️??

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