Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 25

part 25:
Yaaayyyyy guys I have reach part 25 I never thought it will be this long and you all can bear with me for so long thank you all so much for being such great readers even though I had such irregular updates.
So as a note of thanks I have made a major revelation of Gauri so hope you all like it.
So let’s start with the episode.
but first for those who missed any part:

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The episode starts at the OM:
It’s a new day Anika as usual stuck to her kumbhkaran nature and was sleeping late but shivaye didn’t disturb her as she needed rest so he hself sent rudraksh to school and omika…well she had so many people in the house who wouldn’t let her even set a foot on the ground from morning onwards there was a passing the parcel game going on from om to rumya to Pinki to jahnvi to Shakti(who made her sit with him during his morning Pooja) to dadi to Gauri that’s​ pretty much everyone wants to be with her so one by one each of them took her to their room all of them wanted to cherish the few days shivaye and his family was them.

So Early​ morning only Omru came to shivaye’s room so that they can have obro moments while making breakfast and kid’s tiffin together even rudra had woken up this early after 5 years that too without soumya shouting over him.
Shivani was happy that she got the tastiest tiffin and a partner to go to school with.
Pinki was on the seventh sky and jahnvi, Dadi and Shakti were happy seeing them.
Oberoi mansion had got a new life and enthusiasm is it but shivaye was up to something and everyone wanted to know what was it why had he called them ? What was the important “talk” he had .
In shivika’s room shivaye came with the breakfast to wake up his Anu .

Shi: Anu (he lovingly said taking the strands of hair falling on her face and putting them to the back of her ear with his finger he was so into her face it was so innocent so charming so beautiful).
Anika felt something and knew it who it was she smiled and opened her eyes: so you started checking me out early in the morning only (she said throwing her arms around his neck).
Shivaye: early morning? Madam check out your watch first.
Anika glanced and was shocked seeing the time.

Anu: oh god shivaye it’s 10 why didn’t you wake me up? rudraksh’s school? Breakfast? And …
Shi: shhhh(putting his finger on her lips). Calm down dear I am here no. Everything is managed you needed rest so I let you sleep.big deal? Ok now freshen up and have your breakfast and medicines​then remember we have to be in living room Everyone must be waiting.
Anika smiled at her caring husband wondering how can a person change so much from tadibaz bagad billa to her billuji.
She tries to stand but can’t and is about to fall when shivaye grabs her from waist and pick her up both are lost in each other .

Rikara and rumya come there and give a fake coughto break their trance .
Shivaye: are you all here?
Rudra: sorry Bhaiya but our timing is so perfect that we could not resist.
Shivaye glared at him while anika turned to deep shade of pink.
Shi: wo..wo Anika is hurt so I had to take her to the washroom.
Gauri: oh so why are you explaining we understand billuji .
Everyone giggled softly.
Soumya: ok so Bhaiya you go have breakfast we will help bhabhi .

Shivaye couldn’t handle it anymore so he agreed: ok whatever.
And shivomru left the room.while girls giggled seeing Anika and teasing her.
After some time the whole family is seated in the living area.
Shi: so I had some pending work which was needed to be finished much earlier but couldn’t be done as legal proceedings took time.
He took the papers and distributed​ them among the family members.
They all looked at it and then to shivaye surprised.

Om: what’s this shivaye?
Shi: what? I have just given back what was yours.
Gauri asked : what is it?
Dadi: shivaye has given all the shares and the companies of oberoi empire that he had acquired to save it from Kapoors back to , us.

Shi: and dadi there are also the shares which were with the Kapoors. So I brought them back where they belonged.
Rudra: Bhaiya it’s alright you handed Mr oberoi’s and Chote Papa’s share back to them but what’s this you have surrendered all yours?
Shi: hey who said I surrendered I have distributed my shares to whom deserved it I have distributed it among my brothers and sister.

Ani: yeah so what’s wrong?
Soumya took and read the agreement shivaye had given (out of his 100%) 30%to each of his brother and sister out of which half will belong to their spouse once they are married and 10% to his mom.
Om: but bhabhi these are his companies,his hardwork which he had been doing for years.
Ani: it was his now it’s your and rudra’s hardwork which you are doing since we left.
Shi: yes and besides I have too much while managing our shivika enterprises alone I don’t need any more work pressure.
Rudra: but Bhaiya.

Shi: shut up rudra I have decided and don’t like hearing​ no.
Silence fell Omrusom were just not happy dadi and Pinki were not surprised they knew this would happen. Dadi just gave a smirk to her son tej who could not comprehend what to do his heart was repenting that he was wrong but his mind suggested this is all fake and even if it’s true shivaye just did what he should have this all had never belonged to him.
It was prinku who broke the silence: but Bhaiya why to me I mean according to your logic too it’s om bhai and rudra Bhaiya’s hardwork.

All three brothers at once: shut up prinku.
She was surprised by this sudden reaction.
Rudra: wow it feels good when this word is said for someone else.
Shivkara: shut up rudra.
Rudra made puppy face.
Shivaye: and you prinku and ranveer don’t dare to question my decision I will give whatever​ I like to my sister.
Om: yes so no question of whose hardwork it is.
Tej stood and left.
Shivaye also excused and followed him.
Dadi signalled someone and followed them.

Afters some time :

Scene changes to shivaye’s room:
Gauri and Anika were pacing about dadi, rudra and soumya were sitting.
Gauri: see I was right tej uncle and shivaye’s ego were the only reasons he was not returning.
Ani: I have done so much drama so he atleast got him to stay here but what shall we do now he is not moved by anything.
Dadi: I have only 4 days more to do my job and change tej’s mind.

Rudra: don’t bother dadi that man can never change.
Dadi: he is your father so show some respect. And he is my son I know what will happen. And Gauri you boast of being such an intelligent detective now why don’t you come up with something
Gau: hawww dadi I came up with so many plans since you assigned me the job I made up a story and entered shivaye’s home to know what was on his mind and to study him wo to it was RV or just think what would have happened if any other inspector was in charge . Then I planned about Anu bhabhi getting hurt so that they can live in OM. Now atleast someone else think of something.
Ani: we have to think of something soon else billuji will soon come to know about my acting.
Shi: too late dear…

All turn around to see shivay standing on the door his eyes were blood shot in anger.
All: shivaye/Bhaiya.
Shi: thanks for opening my eyes you all didn’t only lie to me but played with my feelings​ and my emotions especially you(he said turning towards anika).

Ani: shivaye I…
Shi: I thought you understood me…..(his voice was getting heavier with emotions with each word he spoke his eyes were flooding with tears). I am going. you?? I have an idea you can stay here Anu I have never stopped you from doing what you want if you want to live here so be it .
He left .Everyone was standing numb from the turn of events . While anika ran after shivaye.
After a few moments before they could move out of the room.
They heard a shreik and their blood froze. It was anika
Ani: shivaye!!!!!!!!
So that’s it for today I hope you liked it and please do tell me your feedbacks a
Through the comments below ☺️??

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