Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 23

part 23:
So sorry for this super late update but I was caught up with some assignments. But this episode is long so let’s hope it compensates it.
so no bakbak today let’s just move ahead

lets start with today’s part but first for those who missed any part:
All Parts here

So let’s start the episode:
The episode starts at the OM:
Om received a call:
Om: what!!!….Yes I will be there in a jiffy.
After some time om and Gauri(with omika sleeping on her shoulder) enter the house Anika is unconscious and om has lifted her in his arms. Blood was flowing from her forehead.
Everyone saw this and ran to them , worried.
Pinki: (worried)oh my mata! Om! What happens?
Jahnvi: om is she ok?

Om just signalled them and took and placed Anika on the bed of her old room(shivaye’s room): Gauri where is the doctor?
Gauri: he is on his way .
Pinki:(worried as hell) om please tell me what has happened? Why is my DIL?
Om: actually she met with an accident and Gauri saw this she called shivaye but he didn’t return the calls so she called me.
The were cut by the doctor’s arrival.
The scene changes to shivaye’s office shivaye was just out of meeting and he was super happy it went so well.
He stood near the window sipping his coffee… His sairabano (he chuckled to himself) his eyes were witnessing the most beautiful side of his resort but his mind was fixed on the person who designed this view his life,his wife his Anu.
Shivaye got and idea and called his manager.
Shi: Mr Sharma can you do me a favour?(yes guys favor!! our Anika nd the past events have changed shivaye from bagadbilla to anika’s billu)
Sharma: sure sir just name it.
Shi smiled: I think it’s been quite some time my family had a fun treat. Do one thing prepare for a family room and kids area for my time with my cute Omru and yeah a caretaker for them ….and a nice dinner and suite for my anu.
Sharma: great thought sir(he smiled)
Shivaye too smiled: thanks..and Mr Sharma
Sharma: yes sir?
Shi: try this for your family too they will love it especially Mrs Sharma
Sharma: sure sir(he had blushed to deep pinkish color)
Shi noticed it and laughed as Mr Sharma hurriedly left
Shi: I should call Anu
He took out his phone and saw Gauri’s missed calls.
Shivaye called back: hello Gauri?….
Om answered and told him what had happened.

Shivaye’s heart was racing fast as were his legs he just rushed across the resort to the parking in a matter of seconds he sat in the car but his mind was so full he could not drive so one of staff employee drove him too the mansion.
In the OM outside shivaye’s room:
Shi came in running: Anu…Anu!! Om where’s.
Om looked at his brother he was struggling hard to catch his breath.
Shi: om I asked something?
Om: shivaye calm down she is alright doctor and ladies are there with her .
Shi: but?
Doc enters. Shi confronts him about his Anu.
Doc: don’t worry Mr oberoi she is fine they are just minor injuries and yes sprain in her leg so just make sure she has proper rest and doesn’t strain her legs so no walking or even standing for a few days. And here are some medicine make sure she has them on time. Take care and if any problem call me.
He left.
Shivaye entered the room he saw Anika sitting up against the bed and all the ladies surrounding her especially Pinki who sat beside anika holding her hand and caressing her hair. Seeing him they drew aside.
Shivaye rushed and hugged Anika
Anika caressed his hair as she knew how tensed he was.
Anu: shivaye I am alright.
Shivaye withdrew from the hug: what alright? So you know how worried I was when om told you had met an accident? can’t you take care of yourself?what was the need to go on the road and…..(his scolding went on and on like never ending train)
Everyone looked happy at first looking at his care.

After some time:
All: sssstttttoooppp!!!
Shivaye’s​ mouth got sealed in an instant and he looked at them like a baby with new aquaintances.
Ani:(shouting) shivaye I am all right and I was not jumping in front of the car “come hit me! Come hit me!” It was an accident ok! And if you said even a word more na you remember I am also Anika . Ok?
Everyone laughed seeing shivaye’s face.
Ani: what are you all laughing at its just my husband is overprotective.
(Everyone nodded then she turned to shivaye) and what are you staring like this?
(Shivaye just lowered his eyes: you only told to keep my mouth shut) Anika could not hold her laugh and burst out as everyone else in the room did.
After sometime​ they had all left shivika were alone in the room.
Shi: Anika it’s getting late rudraksh will be home any moment I think we should take a leave.
Anika nodded.
Pinki: oh my mata shivaye what are you sayings! no definitely not.
Pinki: can’t you see my bahu has got hurt ? No you all will stay here till she’s fine.
Shi: but mom…
Ani: mom I am…

Pinki stops them showing her hand: no means no see shivaye I have agreed to whatever you said till now but now no nonsense in this matter I know once she gets back home she will get busy in kids and will not take care .
So till she gets well you all will be here.
Shivaye was about to protest but seeing Anika he felt Pinki is right so he just dropped his weapons and went out. He knew Pinki was right but how could he live in OM again? The dillemma was too great for him
Shi: no I will hire nurse or caretaker but I will not stay here as soon as he reached the room. He saw Anika in Pinki’s lap while Pinki was caressing her hair and talking sweetly Anika was too smiling while Omru sat on side and joking about something .
Shi: no I cannot take this smile away if Anu is happy I will give up for a few days she deserves this love.
He went out to pick rudraksh and their stuff for the stay.
Tej is seen seeing all this from room above: so this is your next plan to enter the house shivaye you will fail again.
Dadi: you think so?
Tej: ma 1 day is over 6 days left . And remember ma I don’t have the habit of losing.
Dadi: you forgot tej I am your mom from whom you got that habit
Tej got irked.
Dadi: come sharp at 7 tonight to my room.
Tej: why?
Dadi: was that a question?
Tej: no..no questions I remember.

Scene changes
Gauri is seen outside shivika’s bedroom : time for next step.
Om comes from back: what ?
Gauri biting her tongue: nothing what?
Om narrows his eyes suspiciously.
Gauri: OMG you look like cartoon character wait was his name long hairs small eyes and crooked smile if I remember correctly one of the messy green villain of power Puff girls.
Om: fhat the wuck!! You wait I will see you…
She laughed and ran away they both ran up and down the sofas.
After sometime​ Gauri vanished and om searched for her in the pool area.
Om: I will not leave her today.
Gauri suddenly came from behind and pushed him into the pool.
But om didn’t fall alone he pulled her too.
After some time they got up
Gauri (pointing her finger) : you!!!
Om(smiled and said pulling her from that finger): hum Jo dubenge sanam tumhe le dubenge.
They both were lost into each other’s eyes.(saathiya played in background)

Shivrusom:(cough) and rikara came out of trance.
Gauri: see na Bhaiya om pulled me into the water
Om: and you pushed me.
Gauri: so you were chasing me
Om: you called me that dirty green cartoon character from PPG.
Rudy chuckled : great one di
Gauri: thanku thanku
Shi:(widened his eyes) oh so this​ was a fight going on?(teasingly)
Soumya sniggered
Gauri: h…ha so? Yes Badi ma coming!
And hurriedly left.
They all turned to om who had turned red : he too faked a sneeze and left making the excuse of cold.
While all others stood there and laughed.
So guys that’s it for today I hope you liked it and please give your feedback positive or negative through comments below ☺️?

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