Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 2

Part 2:
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The episode starts at OM:
Rudy comes running towards Om’s room: have you seen it?
Om nods smiling

Rudy: let’s go then I’ll tell sumo also..
After some time;
Om and Rudy are ready and standing in the hall when tej arrives
Tej: well today is holiday so what are you doing here all dressed up?
They see each other and ignore him and continue their chat
Just then soumya comes to the hall fastening her watch: rudra !! Have you seen shivani anywhere?
Rudy is spellbound to see her in dark blue flowy dress which flaunted her pink cheeks even more and her shiny hair strands falling over her cheeks..His mouth fell open and eyes just fixated on her

Rudy:(in his mind) she is so cute we have been married for 5 years but I still fall for her each morning…
Soumya looked up on not receiving any answer:rudra?
Om noticed rudra and wispered into his ears:muh band kr le duffer makhi ghus jaegi(close your mouth duffer or fly will get into it)
Rudy came into real world and fumbled :h..Ha sumo you were asking something?
Soumya:(smiled a little) Shivani?
Rudy:no I don’t know she was with you only..
Soumya: I just got this little brat ready don’t know now what mischief she’s up to?
Tej:oh so a family picnic is going well there are others in the family too maybe you could atleast inform them

Om gave Rudy a disgusted look
Tej: what now don’t I even have the right to ask my children where they are going?
Rudy losing control:look Mr. Oberoi…
Om and soumya just stepped ahead to stop him but they all were distracted by a voice
Voice:oh my mata!!!

They all rushed towards the kitchen:

They are all shocked to see Shivani covered in curry fallen on her and she is sitting near fridge eating a chocolate and her mouth and fingers covered with chocolate.
Shivika: offo Choti dadi kitti baar bataya oh my mata nhi oh my god hota h
Soumya:(scolded)oh my god ki bacchi what’s all this mess??
While others were laughing at her cute antics including Pinki and tej
Shivani:mumma what to do I wanted chocolate and it was at top rack and so climbed and….(she said in a matter of fact tone)
Everyone laughed while soumya banged her head(defeated) with her hand: come on now let me get you changed on and rudra spanked her lovingly on her back of her head as they left.

At shivaye’s house:at the breakfast table kids were having the breakfast
Shivaye came and saw anika doing something in the kitchen he went and hold anika from behind…Ani:chodo mujhe bacche dekh lenge (leave me kids will come)
Shi: no one is coming
Ani: aaj bada pyaar aa rha h billu ji
Shi:pyar to roz aata h billi ji mauka aaj Mila h(door bell rings)
Ani:koi aaya h ab to chodo

Shi:if you had to do all the work then why did we hire servants don’t worry they will see and you miss concentrate here(he said turning her towards him and they had an eyelock)

Ahem..Ahem… Shivaye and anika heard the voice and turned to see rudra smiling
Rudy: sorry Bhaiya
Shi:tu kahi bhi rhe how is your timing so perfect?(anika blushed and hit shivaye on his hand then went out to see Shivani,om, soumya and Sahil enjoying with the kids while shivru followed her out)
On their way out Rudy chuckled seeing shivaye who hit him on the head
Om: what happened??
Shivaye gave a warning glare to rudra but rudra blurted: as usual o perfect timing.
Everyone smiled and shivaye and Ani grew red
Shivaye: what a surprise you all here?
Rudy:well you didn’t come to see us so we did( as soon as he said this he realized what he had said and bit his tongue soumya gave an angry glare dumble Singh oberoi)
Om:well you didn’t tell us but we came to celebrate

Shivika looked confused Om: what??You don’t know?
Rudy: bhabhi you and Bhaiya are voted best business couple of the year and they want to felicitate you he said showing the magazine with their pic on it
Ani: taking the magazine:oh bete ki..

Shi:oh that..(Everyone looked surprised at his coolness)
Ani: that means you knew (he nodded positive) and you are behaving as if nothing had happened seriously…

Shi:big deal it’s just an award.(suddenly he remembered the first time anika heard that shivaye was getting business man of the year award and how excited she was)
Ani: just an award? Shivaye you are impossible
Shi: sorry… Sorry I just forgot please sorry
Ani:it’s OK as I am very happy (she was jumping of excitement) this will be my first award yeah…
Everyone congratulated them and cut the cake they had brought
Rudy: bhabhi I am very hungry

Ani:oho looks like Soumya has affected you I mean this is always her line
Soumya:(making crying face) bhabi…
Ani:OK IRA ! Do one thing set the table in the garden area then she turned to others : come on let’s take a stroll till then
They all went outside enjoying the beautiful weather and each other’s company when shivaye received a call he excused himself but Ani,Om and Rudy waited behind looking at him.
Shi:(on phone): what do you mean you can’t do it ? Shivaye Singh o…(he paused and change d the tone) listen.. Carefully shivaye is not in habit of listening no…I want it done…. Understood?… Good
(He cut the call and turned to see omruika looking at him he stole the glance and walked ahead calling): come-on kids these elders will bore you come let’s go to the beach and took omika, rudraksh, Shivani and Sahil to the beach leaving behind the complete silence
The distant noise of the sea and birds could be clear heard and all the moist eyes just strayed at him

Ani tried to break the silence she looked down trying to smile:wo ….
Om(putting a hand on her shoulder): bhabhi we know he is ignoring usits OK we understand afterall we have known him all his life but at least he talked today I think today our conversation was longest since that day ..
At OM:
Tej threw the magazine on the table which had the announcement of shivika winning the award…:see now I know where they have gone..
Svetlana:calm down tej…
Tej:why don’t they understand?
First of all thank you guys for such a good response and please tell your veiws about today’s episode sorry if it’s going too boring promise next one will be much better

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