Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 17

Part 17:
Hey guys so I hope I am on time this time but I will say I got very less response last time so I was thinking if it were boring please do tell me ..
Well let’s leave the talks here and start with the episode.
But first for those who missed any part:
All Parts here
The episode starts with shivaye driving:
Shi:(to himself) you are crazy shivaye who does such a thing now you are gonna be dead for sure that jhasi ki Rani is not going to leave you .. now drive fast or she’s going to leave.
After some time his car screeched to halt he looked up to the railways station:
Shi: this girl can never change still like to travel through train not even by flight leave alone chopper.(to himself while running inside the station) shivaye concentrate stop bickering ,go inside and apologize it’s good she travels by train or you could never have stopped her it’s just because of Indian railways and their habit of running late you are here.
He reached the platform and looked everywhere.
Shivaye: why did it have to be so crowded here now what to do?

Suddenly his eyes fell on anika walking towards the train carrying omika on one shoulder and holding rudraksh with other while Porter behind carried the luggage.
He ran occasionally knocking someone over on his way but eyes were only fixed on her as she boarded the train he too got on it and followed her but it was an account 1st class and all the doors were locked how would he know she was in which one
Shi: no I will do it even if I had to barge in through each one of them.
He pushed and entered the first one but some strangersโ€‹ were sitting in there who looked at him shockedโ€‹ while he would have flushed with embarrassment if it were some other day but at this moment nothing mattered to him. He tried a few other compartment as well then he heard her fighting with the porter over some bargain he just followed and ran inside the compartment she fell silent seeing him even porter looked back he gave porter a crisp note and sent him out and latched the door behind him.
Ani: you?? Here ?
Shi: where do you think you were going without me?
The kids were just too quiet and we’re seeing their mom and dad.
Ani: oh so you finally got time from her?(and turned in anger)
Shi: what do you mean by that?
Ani: don’t act innocent you know what I mean.
Shi: Anu what’s your problem from her.
Anu laughed sarcastically.
Shi: can’t you say clearly.
Anu: what should I say huuh? You trusted her with your plan. You were continuously in contact with her but never ever mentioned her to me. Then you brought her home but then you forgot everything else …..
Shi:(he cut her in between and pulled her towards him) Anu she’sโ€‹ my little sister so I was worried about her and I told you I couldn’t tell you about my plan and i know I forgot to pick kids but that doesn’t give you the right to leave me you understand!!(he was teary eyed)
Anika:(was angry but seeing him just made her laugh and she burst into laughter) awww.
Shi: huhh? What?
Ani: you thought I would leave you for such a small thing? Don’t worry Mr. Bagadbilla I am not going to leave you so easily .
Shi: Matlab?? You were going
Ani: are budhu ram I was going to the meeting in Pune you forgot about you had to attend it and had to leave for it 4 hours ago.
Shi: but the kids.
Ani: wo to I was angry with your irresponsible behavior so I decided not to leave them with you.
Shivaye (heaved a sigh of relief and sat with a thud on the seat holding his head) ohhh god…
Anu and kids started laughing
Shi: I was so worried and you are laughing?
Ani:(pulling his cheeks) you are so cute billuji.
Omika giggled and repeated softly: billuji

Everyone turned towards omika as it was the first so complex word she had uttered. Everyone began playing with her.
Shi: now Anu is the high time to stop calling me that as one of the first words of our daughter is billuji.
Ani: so? You don’t have any problem when your favorite Gauri calls you that..
Shi: oh so this was the real problem.. anika not again please I said I love you and only you and if you have problem she will not call me billuji from tomorrow. Happy?
Ani: yes only I and dadi will call you billu ji
Omika (again) billuji.
Ani(burst out laughing) yes and her too.
Rudraksh: oh fish!!
Shivika together: what happened???
He signed and then they realized that train had started moving long ago they were so engrossed in their talks that they didn’t notice it.
Anika: what will we do now?
Shivaye: nothing will happen I am here no. We are getting off at next station and then we will go home.
Anika: but the meeting?
Shi: don’t worry I will see to it. It will be rescheduled.
Anu: but.
Shivaye: no buts no ifs…… Enough adventure for today.
Then pulled her close: and listen dear wife promise you will never ever do that again…… Ever!! Understand?
She nodded
Shi: Pinki promise?
Ani: Pinki promise(they were immersed in each other’sโ€‹ eyes)

While omika was busy in herself Rudraksh giggled seeing his parents which brought them to the real world and they moved away and both were blushing.
The scene changes to OM in the evening:
Everyone was busy in their daily routine.
Om and rudra had just returned from office and we’re sipping tea and chatting with soumya.
While all ladies too were sitting on the other side of the room having their evening snacks with a daily dose of gossip Shakti was in the temple arranging for his evening Pooja. And tej had not really talked to anyone since swetlana’s arrest was in his room.
Voice: I knew no one would be missing me!!
Everyone turned to see prinku standing there.
So guys that’s it for today I hope you liked the episode as I had promised I didn’t pulled the jealousy drama long and finished it with a proper ending I guess so I hope it matched your expectations…. Please do give your advice and reviews through comments and keep reading…..


  1. Nita D

    Nita D

    |Registered Member

    Hey Adi….u kept your promise n din’t make me wait so much……
    Nice chapter….loved shivika moments as always….I thought she was really angry…..but it was for a meeting….in beginning, Shivaay grumbling about her train travels added a humorous touch to it….N omika was๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    • Aditi9



      Haha finally something you didn’t guess beforehand….. Thanks dear …..And don’t I will try and make it more regular from now on

  2. Banita

    Amazing….. & omi called biluji… it was just superb….. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt… Post asap dear…

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