Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 16


Part 16:
Hey guys sorry for being late….. Again. So no more talks let’s start..
for those who missed any part:

The episode starts at the police station:
Voice: so you brothers got yourself into some trouble again…. Can’t you stay out of trouble??
Shivaye looked up his phone: sorry
They were shocked to see the person in sitting in front of him.
AniShivkara together: ranveer(hehe Nita you were right again)??
He stood up laughing and hugged the brothers and greeted anika with a smile. And made them have a seat.
RV: so tell me you both​ here?
Shi: no first you tell me. You here??
Om:since when?
Ani: And where is prinku??

RV: ok ok guys calm down
Gauri:so you are prinku’s husband RV? Why didn’t you ever tell me?
Shi: sorry I forgot to introduce yes this is RV prinku’s husband and she is Gauri our childhood friend.wait how do you know each other?
RV: yes of course we know each other.afterall we both work on same side of the law. And miss Gauri how could I know that you knew my wife.
Gauri: point
Om: so you both?
Gauri: we worked on a few cases together he is police while I am detective so we had a great chance of knowing each other so why are you both so surprised?
RV: yes she’s a hell of a detective.
Gauri: yes but not good enough to know that you were prinku’s husband.
RV: yes (they laughed)
Shi: so??(shifting a questioning gaze to RV)
RV: ok I got my increment and got posted here I have moved in just two days back.
Ani: great congratulations..
Om: but where is prinku ? Why didn’t you both come to OM.
RV: don’t blame me it’s your sister’s great idea she will be here with shikha(rv’s sister I assumed a name as I didn’t know her name) till tomorrow actually they had some work so I came here first and prinku gave me clear instructions that I shall not tell anyone as she wanted to give surprise when she got here. But what to do I will tell her I kept my promise but her brothers have a magnetic pull towards police station when I am here so they ruined her plan not me..
Shi:(smiles a little) don’t worry if prinku wants it to be a surprise so it will be a surprise don’t worry no one will know about it.
RV: thank you now tell me how are you all here?
Shi: yes actually (narrated the whole story about Gauri and business to him)
RV at times looked at Gauri she nodded .
They had a few questions and answers.
RV: don’t worry Bhaiya I will look into the matter soon. And Gauri if you want I will provide you security.
Gauri: no I will manage.

Shivaye: but?
Gauri: don’t worry billuji i am a detective and dealing with these people is an occupational hazard you wanted it so we came here now​no more please.
Om: ok as you say.
Shi still looked unconvinced but nodded.
Om: ok so I think we should take a leave
Ani: but RV your might not be fully set till now na?
RV: no actually..
Ani: ok then you are coming to our place for dinner.
Rv: but bhabhi..
Ani: don’t worry no one in the family will get to know. And why are you so formal we are family right shivaye?
Shi:(smiled) absolutely. See you tonight RV .
They left.
Scene changes to OM:
Om enters soumya was sitting on the sofa in drawing and ran to him as soon as she saw him. The frown and the lines of tension were clearly visible on her face.
Soumya: Bhaiya you didn’t even inform we were so worried is everything ok there? Why did you go to bade Bhaiya’s house at that time?
Om: Somu it’s ok calm down everything’s alright. Come let’s sit and talk.
They got seated in the sofa and omkara narrated the whole story.
Soumya: is Gauri di alright now?
Om: yes she’s ok she is a strong girl I am more worried about shivaye you know him and Gauri is like his sister and the condition in which she met him last night he will get busy in the worries again. I can swear anything at this very moment he would be sitting somewhere with his eyes in the some file and his mind wandering about Gauri.
Soumya: don’t worry anika bhabhi’s there for him

Om: so where are omika and rudraksh they came here no I mean all the kids here still so much silence?
Soumya:(gave a soft laugh) the kids are at school and shivaye Bhaiya will pick them up from there itself. You go and freshen up I will arrange the lunch and call Rudy he was worried too.
The scene shifts to shivaye’s office:
As om predicted he was sitting in his office with his eyes in the file and mind revolving around Gauri.
Anika suddenly enters the room: shivaye you!!! (Shivaye don’t look up ) shivaye… Shivaye(she shouts)??
Shi:(coming out of the dream world): what?? Anika what are you doing here?
Ani: what do you mean by that? This is our office and I come here daily.
Shi: no I mean what are you doing here leaving Gauri alone at home?
Ani: seriously!! You are worried about Gauri?
Shi(confused): ha..
Ani: shivaye you are impossible ( starts leaving)
He runs after her but she leaves in complete anger.
Scene changes:
It’s evening shivaye reaches home.
Shi: anika …Anika this girl she is not even answering her phone.
Gauri comes and taunts mischievously : what happened billu ji waiting for your billi?
Shi: shut up Gauri and where is Anu?
Gauri suddenly feels something is wrong: I don’t know Bhaiya
Shi: what do you mean you don’t know? She’s not here ?
Gauri: no she went to office in morning only.
Shi: and where are the kids? Oh fish..(he bangs his head and thumps on the sofa) no I have to do something.(he starts to leave)
Gauri: what happened?
Shivaye calls someone: please tell me where is anika?

Precap: shivika showdown and prinku’s entry

So I hope you liked the episode as most of you were getting bored of jealous anika so I decided to end it soon so next episode will be a showdown as some of you asked for and yet soon gaukara and priveer stories ahead…
So keep commenting and keep reading!!??

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