Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 1

part 1:
Hey guys I am back and seriously I didn’t expect such a great response from you all thank you all so much for your comments and ab let’s end this chatter and begin :
Let’s start the episode from promo itself:

A serene environment crimson light of the setting sun warm breeze flowing picking up the scent of flowers that bloomed nearby and two people sitting in the garden while the boy layed in girl’s lap and she played fondly with his hair .
Boy:I love this…(breaking the silence)
Girl:(smiled softly)me tooo
The sound of a vehicle
B:lagta h mere Omru aa gye(I think my Omru have come)
G:A..A..Our Omru

Boy chuckles sorry ma’am and they laugh shivay and anika get up when a small boy of nearly 5 years come running towards them he was a chubby little boy with shivaye’s eyes and anika’s chubby cheeks dressed in football jersey and totally loaded with mud and sweat
Boy:(spreading his arms wide for a nice hug a cute smile persistent on his face) daaaaad…
Shi:hey my champ is here (they shared a hi-fi and a warm hug)
Boy: how was your trip and did you bring something for me?You know I told mom I want to be here when you returned. And I …..
Anika:hush hush.. calm down my gadadhari bheem first go and change then we will talk
Shi:hey come-on mumma let him be na

Shi and rudra(boy) looked at each other and made puppy face looking at anika
Ani:(showing fake anger) no..No.. Shivaye… Rudraksh ….Uhh.. come on this is emotional blackmail you both do…ok(she smiled)..But first tell me where is omika??
Rudraksh: she is coming with ira Didi(caretaker). look there they are
A young girl came carrying a small girl whom she put down after entering the garden..Small girl of nearly 2 years walked there(she had started walking a little while ago only) a cute girl with curly hairs and glistening smile and other features which had striking resemblance to that of anika but the eyes of shivaye wore a blue frock matching her eyes and as she walked the anklets in her feet clinkered..
She ran and hugged shivaye’s legs who happily picked her up and tossed her in the air and caught her(this went for a few times while omika continued giggling)then he finally caught her in his arms and kissed her and said: where was my princess?

Omika just pointed at rudraksh
Shi:oh my princess had gone to pickup her Bhaiya
She smiled
Then rudraksh tugged his pants dad do you know what happened today….
They continued there playing
Anika’s POV:
So much has changed over 5 years this is our small world now I had never seen shivaye so happy before except when they had obros moments but now…I can see he missed them so much so we have kept our kids name on them well as always..My genius idea (she chuckled softly) see the great tadibaz SSO is now just shivaye and so kiddish with his omru…
Every evening we have this daily ritual in the evening ira would take omika with her to pick our champ and me and shivaye would just steal a few we moments and then they would come and I am out of the team three would play and see like this rudraksh would renact all the days happenings obviously with lots of namak masala and shivaye and omika would enjoy his antics… Today it’s even more special since shivaye just returned from his 2 days trip.. I just glanced at the watch :oh no I will be late…
Ani: shivaye! Come on now let’s go inside
Shi:so early?

Ani:you forgot na?
Shi: suddenly remembered: oh no anu not today I mean I just came back na
Ani: shivaye we decided na I have to go to Goa for that new resort project and today itself
Shi:OK then let’s do one thing we can all go it will be nice family outing.
Ani:no baba tomorrow is rudraksh’s test and that too maths so you will stay here and prepare him and I will handle the meeting and will be back till noon tomorrow
Ani:no but no if and definitely no emotional blackmail of yours
Shivaye and kids looked at each other and then at anika and then collectively:OK mamma
They all went inside and had dinner and went to drop anika at the airport against her wish
Ani:now all of you will go home and boys study nicely for tomorrow’s test and no Masti ha otherwise you know Na…I always come to know..
They all greeted her and waved her farewell and returned home
Next day in the evening:

Shivaye:(on phone)this is not done anu you told me you will be back by noon then postpone it to evening and now you are saying tomorrow?
Ani:are shivaye I got caught up and missed my flight and now I can come tomorrow only please understand na.. and where are my punters ?
Shivaye reluctantly handed the call to the kids and as usual rudraksh had his never ending talking skills finally shivaye had to interfere and cut the call as anika was getting late for some work.
Rudraksh: dad today is weekend night and mom is also not home
They both smirked at each other mischievously
They both put omika to sleep early that day and switched on the late night movie followed by great Chelsea vs Liverpool match they both jumped about, had loads of snacks and a total blast finally at 2:30am rudraksh fell asleep and shivaye tucked him in the bed properly and himself went to sleep.
Shivaye’s POV:
I saw the flashes of everything that had happened my yelling over anika her crying face dadi’s confront….And…And..Bade Papa’s words…. Everything was revolving in front of my eyes my ears were ringing… just one clear voice… just one face….hers…I can hear Hera calling my name…
Suddenly I woke up with a start and there she was in front of me I just grabbed her I hugged her
Anika’s POV:

Shivaye woke up he was sweating furiously I can see it was his past haunting Humm all over again he grabbed me tightly I could hear him murmur “please never do this again don’t go again..”I just sat there till he calmed down and let me go I agave him the water..
Don’t worry shivaye I am here….
Hey guys hope you liked it I basically had idea for for sometime now and finally got time to pen it down and frankly in my last FF many of the readers suggested that I should insert the characters of shivika’s children but it was not possible there and I really wanted to write something that involved them so here it is.
I am so overwhelmed with the response I got for the promo I really hope I have done proper justice to your expectations and all your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.
PS:I know this part was purely based on shivika but as the story proceeds there will be other couples in lead too pakka??

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