“I’m a waste daughter for my parents. When have I made them happy..? I never got good marks. I didn’t get a job now. I never got any gold medal. I didn’t stand first in any competition. I made them always sad. They are never happy with me. I’m sorry maa.. pappa..”
A girl is feeling sad.
Her eyes are filled with tears.

Then, her heart said something else from deep down,

“Wait-a-minute..! her parents aren’t happy with her..? just because she didn’t get marks or she was not good in career..? did they ever point this out..? did they ever said that they aren’t happy with her..? NO…!!! They will never say that..!!”

The truth is…



She might have not been successful in anything, but..
She is a reason for their happiness..!!!
She is the one who makes them happy..!!

They love the time when she crazily fights with them…

They love the moments when they eat pani puri together with her.

They rejoice the times when they watch a movie with her.

They love her to see smiled, they love her to be happy. They love her to be active and do all shaitani things and fight with her silly siblings.

Of course, they feel even happy when their daughter is successful in something.
But, it doesn’t mean they hate her when she fails..!


They never hate her because,…..
they feel successful for being her parents.

Yes..!! Every kid.. whether it is a girl or a boy…
Parents love them.

Loving them with all the heart.”

Her heart has spoke out. Her tears were gone. Now a smile has appeared on her face.

“Now, why she need to cry..! of course, her parents love her ever whatever she is…! Her success or failures, they always support her.”

Now her mind has no doubts. She is completely happy. It is not gold medals or marks which make her happy.. but, her parent’s love..!!

She looks at her parents who are doing some work. She runs to them,

“Maaa.. Pappa..!! let’s go to eat pani puri and then let’s go to a movie..!!”

They smile looking at her..!!

It is their princess.. the light of their house. The doll of their hearts.

She is a precious gift for them.



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  1. Darshini

    Asthu…it’s really awesome dear…100% true..every parent’s love their kids whole heartedly and unconditionally…
    Waiting to read mre…
    Love you loads dear
    Tc da!!

    1. Astra

      yes darshu.. u r right. thank you dear…

  2. Dharani

    Awesome…u said so true

    1. Astra

      thanks dharu..

  3. Yahavi

    True every daughter is precious and a gift!! We should always respect daughters. Love u for writing this!!! ❤️❤️❤️?????????

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot yahavi..

  4. Aanchal

    True astra

    1. Astra

      thanks aanchal..

  5. Sindhura


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      thanks sindhu..

  6. Raina

    so cute astra!!
    i loved it sooooooooo much!!
    thank you.. for this short and sweet message!!

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot raina..

  7. Asra

    awesome astu dear….am also like thz….i didn’t get any gold medal…i didn’t got first prize in any competition…but am princess of my parents….am sooo happy for that…actually it’s lyk my story….loved it alot dear….tkcr dear…

    1. Astra

      thanks asra dear… even me like that..

  8. Parulkashyap

    awesome msg dr lvd it

    1. Astra

      thanks dear

  9. Wow loved it

    1. Astra

      thank you

  10. correct ??

    1. Astra

      thank you..

  11. Shrilatha

    No words astu…worthy reading…I wanna hug my parents for no reason now

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot shri…

  12. Berdilla

    Awesome dear friend

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      thanks dear

  13. Praju


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      thanks praju

    1. Astra

      thanks anu

  14. IME

    Awesome Diii
    loved it
    Love you
    Take care

    1. Astra

      thank you don ji..

  15. Awesome dear

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      thanks rehna..

  16. Awesome

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      thanks aleeza

  17. Superrr

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  18. Richa19

    It’s awesome dear!! So true… Girls are the sunshine of a house… I loved it!! ? ?

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot richa..

  19. AMkideewani

    Superb dear, you are absolutly right, I’m blessed to have parents that love me, want me to be happy, but there are some people, who are after my happiness and don’t want me to successful

    1. Richa19

      Ppl who do good always get good… Sooner or later….. The one’s who pray for others sadness get that only in return…… It doesn’t matter dear wht others say… U shld be confident and work hard… No one can stop u from being successful… …. All the best dear!!! ? ?

      1. AMkideewani

        Thank you so much dear, I’m doing my best to make my parents proud

    2. Astra

      thank you dear..dont worry about such ppl dear.. we have to trust ourselves and keep going… nobody can stop us if we r confident..

      1. AMkideewani

        You are right

    3. Richa19

      That’s it then… No need to worry abt those ppl who think bad abt u….. Just do good and get good!!! ??

  20. Mintu

    Awesome sis.. Really true..!! Even we did a mistake.. Parents r try to correct us but not leave us for our mistakes…then they love us more..!!

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot mintu dear.. yes u r right..

  21. IQRA222

    awesome astra di this was the bestest artivle by you
    you clearly justify all the feelings of a parent and a girl
    hats of to you

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot dear… ??

  22. good one

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      thanks veena

  23. Simi

    Good one ?

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  24. Akshata

    very thoughtful, directly reached to my heart

    1. Astra

      thanks akshi..

  25. Harinipriya

    I was reading this for the title. But I got lost in it with tears in my eyes. But at last when I saw the author’s name, a big smile came in my face with tears in my eyes. This os is reallly emotionally attached it to me. It had directly went to my heart through my eyes. I want to say loudly that ‘I AM A DAUGHTER OF MY MOM AND DAD AND I LOVE THEM A LOT WHICH NO ONE CAN GUESS’. My love for them will never fade like a good writer’s works. And my endless love to my dear Astra for making me say this and I love u a lot which u can understand by my heart beats. Love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and I am double happy that this was posted on my birthday. 🙂 😀 I am crazy goose naa? 😀 😉

    1. Astra

      awwww…. girl, u make me always melt with ur words. thank u so much yar.. yes, even i went to eat pani puri after writing this with my dad.. love u too a lot dear.. hehe, u r not a crazy goose, but ur my crazy sis..!!

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