Every Breath I Take (RagLak)-Shot 4

hi guys this is Soundari back with the next part of every breath i take.. sorry for the dalay as i was quite busy with mu personal life.. thank you for all your valuable commets in the previous part.. so here it goes the next chapter

Recap : ragini rejecting laksh.. Laksh ego hurts.. Laksh determined to make Ragini fall for him. He follows her the rest of the day and finds a whole different ragini who’s beautiful and sensible both inside and out… Laksh broke ragini guitar… Raglak nokjhok.. Laksh helping ragini attend the important concert.. Raglak friendship..

Since I’m late I’ve given a brief recap.. Anymore doubt.. Please check ther previous shots by changing the numbers….

Raglak handshake with a contended smile on their faces..
Lak : so.. Ms.Ragini gadodia?

Ragini with equal attitude : Haan Mr. Laksh maheswari?
Lak :Since with the help of one and only laksh you achieved your goal.. So don’t you think u vow me a treat?
Ragini : well Mr. One and only laksh.. Don’t you think this all happened only because of you and its your duty that you fulfilled a while back by repairing my sitar?
Saying so ragini smirked while laksh pouted like a child. Seeing his cute face ragini bursted out laughing while laksh pouted more.

Rag : achcha achcha.. I’ll give you the treat don’t make that face.. So what do you want?
Laksh who was lost in her angelic smile dreamily said ” you”
Rag (confused) : what?
Lak snapping out of his dream : wo, I mean a coffee with you..
Rag : achcha fine… Chal lets go..

Both raglak who was enjoying their sweet moment totally forgot another person who’s standing behind them and it’s none other than swara.. She felt as if the third wheel between the two as none even spared a glance at her in this whole conversation.. They didn’t even bother to call her to join for the treat including ragini.. Swara who always wanted to be the one who wants attention more than anyone else felt insulted.. She was fuming looking at raglak leaving for the coffee shop without even sparing a glance at her..

Swara (in mind) : oh wow.. This ragini totally forgot that I even existed. How ungrateful of her to forget that I’m the one who helped her to participate in the event by bringing her here.. But she just left without even giving a damn to me.. All of a sudden she’s became a heroine and I’m the side kick.. And that laksh.. That *****.. Totally forgot that I’m the one who helped him a while back to get forgiveness from ragini.. And what’s wrong with their looks.. It seems as if they both are some sweet lovers of a freaking fairy tale novel? I think that laksh is mad that he couldn’t notice me who’s more smart and modern than that dumb ragini..
Suddenly a cruel thought formed in her good for nothing head and she left the place smirking following the two who still didn’t acknowledge her a bit and was drowned in their own chatting world.

It’s only after entering coffee shop ragini got remembered of swara who was following them at a distance.. She found it strange that she, ragini of swaragini sisters forgot her soul sister due to her involvement with laksh.. She felt bad and at the same time confused about her her behavior. Laksh who saw ragini stopped all of a sudden and his drowned in thoughts waved his hand in front of her face to get back to reality.
Lak : what happened ragini? Y did u stop?
Rag : wo laksh, in between our conversation we totally forgot swara.. What will she think of us?Wait I’ll bring her too.
Saying so she ran towards swara leaving laksh while laksh was hurt by this but he doesn’t know why..
Ragini after reaching swara apologized for her behavior..
Rag : sorry swara.. I’m really very sorry.. I don’t know.. I was so involved in the conversation that I forgot to notice you.. I’m so sorry.. Please forgive your sis..
Swara who faked a smile just nodded saying, “it’s k ragu.. It’s nothing wrong.. I didn’t take anything wrong.. Come let’s go that idiot is waiting”.

Both swaragini left for the coffee shop. The trio took a seat at the corner of the coffee shop in a round table with laksh and ragini sitting beside each other followed by swara..
The waiter came for taking their orders.. Ragini without thinking for a second ordered cappuccino followed by swara who ordered an expresso for herself.. Swara for some unknown reason was eagerly waiting for lakshs choice as she secretly wishes for him to order expresso but to her utter disappointment he ordered cappuccino.. This infuriated swara more while both raglak hifi Ed for their resemblance in choice.

Once the coffee was arrived raglak were once again drowned in their convo but this time ragini made sure to involve swara in her conservation too. But swara having others plans in her mind just said one or two words in the middle while her whole mind was drowned in her mission. When she found both raglak busy in their convo she silently stole ragini purse and took the mony from it and kept it back and pretended to be normal.
After sometime the waiter arrived with the bill and ragini took her purse to pay the bill but was shocked to find it empty.. She got panicked and started searching it furiously while swara smirked in satisfaction.

Lak : what happened ragini?
Rag :Wo laksh my money is missing? But I’m sure I kept it here..
Lak : don’t panic ragini.. Just check down the table.. I’m sure it would have fell down while you are taking your mobile..

Ragini immediately bent down to take her Mobile while swara was enjoying her misery but her happiness is short lived because she was shocked to see laksh keeping his money in ragini’s purse without her knowledge.. Swara’s Jaws dropped in shock while lucky rocked.
Ragini who was tired of searching sat back in her table with a long face when lucky suggested her to check her purse once again as may be in panic she wouldn’t have checked properly.. Ragini with a hopeless mind checked her purse and was shocked to find the money in it.
Laksh smiled and said,

Lak : buddhu ragini, I said na u wouldn’t have checked properly. K now u pay the bill and come ill wait outside..

Saying so laksh left the place while swara glared him murderously.
Swa : this stupid.. What did he think of himself? I thought to become the heroine by paying the bill and proving my dominance but instead he took my position and became a hero that too without anyone’s knowledge.

She was so pissed that she faked a smile at ragini who was simply staring at the money in her hand with amusement .
Swa : woah ragini, I’ve to go to Anita’s party. So I’ll leave now. You pay the bill and leave with laksh.. I’ll see you at home.

Saying so she waved a quick bye and left the place while ragini too paid the bill and comes out.
Laksh who was waiting for ragini finds her lost in her thoughts.
Lak : what happened ragini? Y do u look at me as if I’m some alien?
Rag : it’s you na laksh?
Lak (panicking) : what?

Rag :you are the one who kept money in my purse right?
Lak : what do you mean by that ragini? Why will I keep money in your purse?
Rag : stop acting laksh.. My purse doesn’t have any magical power to convert all my ten hundred rupees note to two five hundred rupees note.. And I’m sure it’s not swara as I found her hands beneath the table clutching her purse. So it’s only you..right?
Laksh who was caught of his stupidity scratched his head and said, “woah, ragini.. i know that you won’t accept my help if I give it directly.. So I did like this.. I’m sorry”
Ragini : but why wouldn’t I accept laksh? You are my friend and I would never hesitate to get help from my friend.

Hearing her laksh face glowed like a 1000 watts bulb.. And he smiled like an idiot..
Ragini : now stop smiling like an idiot and come.. It’s getting late..
Saying so she started walking with a smile while laksh followed her. Slowly his smile vanished and his face turned into confusion..


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