Every Breath I Take (RagLak)-Shot 3

hi guys this is Soundari back with the next part of Every Breath I Take.. Thank you so much for all your comments for the previous part. I don’t know how it is as I wrote in half asleep mode. So sorry if there’s any mistakes or if it is not up to the expectations.. K enough of my bak bak. Let’s move on to the chapter..

Recap : laksh following ragini. He is amazed to see a whole new side of ragini. He thinks to just play a simple love game without hurting her much..

Next day morning :

Ragini woke up soon in the next morning as it’s an important day for her today. Today it’s a very big event in her music academy. It completes its silver jubilee today and so there are many celebrities who are going to attend the event. She’s gonna perform in front of popular sitarists of the state and she’s nervous about it. She prayed to God to give her all the strength and blessings today as she may even get a chance to sing for bollywood if they are impressed by her musical skills. She took blessings from her daadi and left for the academy..she was wearing a pure snow white anarkali with her hair open. she was wearing only earrings as her ornaments. Her jhumkas were dancing along with her whenever she takes a step while her free air waving against the wind. She looked like an angel coming from her heaven not by floating but by walking..
Rag : o God it’s already late.. I don’t think I can able to visit dhadima and others (beggers treated by ragini) today as i may get late. K will meet them once the function is over.
She was lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t think twice before taking a turn for the next street. She bumped into a hard and musculine chest and was about to fall back. Her eyes shut tightly ready to hit the ground when a strong hand grabbed her by her waist and pulled her towards it.. She once again met with the hard chest but this time her both the hands served as a barrier between their bodies. After relaxing a bit she opened her kaajal filled eyes which met with a sharp and surprised pair of another eyes, (no need of any guessing.. Yes ofcourse it’s our lucky)..

Lucky pov :

He woke up before the sunrise for the first time in his life.. Never even in his school days he woke up before sunrise for studying but now something didn’t let him sleep the whole night.. He thought that it’s his thirst for revenge that’s not letting him sleep. But only inside his heart he knows that it’s his excitement to meet ragini that’s not letting him sleep. He get dressed up in his most cool as well as best clothes and comes down at the time of aarthi. Whole mm was stunned to see him attending pooja without anyone waking him up. They looked at him as if he is some sort of alien.. But he ignored all their looks and left for the day. He first went to a bouquet shop and bought some white tulips as it’s always his favorite and left for badi. On his way he found an angel walking on the road lost in some thoughts and he couldn’t believe his own eyes in that case. He never once thought that ragini can be so beautiful even in such simple attire. While ragini was lost in her thoughts he was lost in her beauty that both them were unaware of the surroundings and bumped with each other. He felt electric current pass through his body when their body touched the other. As an instant reaction his arms protectively surrounds her waist preventing her from falling..
He found her opening her doe shaped eyes to meet his pair and he was totally lost in its depth. Both were lost in that cute eye lock when a sudden crackle sound made them to come to reality.

Authors pov :

Ragini who got alerted by the sound pushed him a little and moved as far as possible while laksh sighed in disappointed. They both searched for the source of sound and was shocked to see her sitar lying on the floor with broken strings. Raginis eyes jumped out of her sockets while laksh stood shocked.
She took the sitar in her hands and tried to play it but it doesn’t resonate.. Her beautiful eyes stung with tears while laksh felt as if someone pinched his heart.. He felt guilty for what happened and apologized to ragini
Lak : I’m sorry ragini. I didn’t see you coming
Ragini got furious at him
Ragini : u idiot. Don’t you have eyes.. Is this your father’s road that you walk as you wish don’t you have sense..
She kept on shouting at him while laksh lost his patience and shouted at her..
Lak : enough ragini.. Y did u blame me for a mistake which was not intentional at any way.. I even apologized for it but still u keep on scolding me when even you are equally at fault here. This is a curve and even u have to watch out while you are walking that too while carrying around this stupid instrument..
The last sentence of him calling her sitar as stupid instrument increased her anger ten folds and she looked at him in a murderous way and said
Ragini : what did you say? Stupid instrument? How dare you insult my sitar calling it stupid? Do u even know the value of music? Uh.. How will you know? After all you don’t even know the value of your parents who raised you from childhood and satisfied all your needs.. U know what.. Just get lost from here.. Don’t even show your face to me anymore..
Saying so she ran off to her house crying heavily while he stood there speechless. He never thought that she could speak such words that too to him..
After her leaving he took the sitar in his hands and started examining it.. He can’t understand what is even wrong with it as he doesn’t know anything about it.. While he was busy staring at it he found a clapping sound. He raised his face to look at the person he despises the most after his parent.. It’s none other than swara.
She looked at him in rage while he too looked at her with equal intensity of hatred.
Swa : waah lucky.. I don’t know how could u manage to perfectly ruin everything related to ragini just in seconds. First your family ruined her life by calling off the engagement and now you ruined her career by breaking her sitar and also breaking her heart by calling the instrument which she worships like God has stupid.. Really u can send complete negative vibes in her life.
Lak : oi chudail. Just stop it OK. U can keep your mahanta act with anyone but not me. I know your real face… U just want to prove everyone that you are the best.. That’s y doing all the nautanki. I very well know about you. So u better stop pointing fingers at me when you are no way better than me. And what do u mean by I spoiled her career. It just broke and I can repair it and give it to her. It’s not such a big fault for both of you so called swaragini sisters to say whatever the hell you want..
Swa : huh do u know how important this say is to her
Saying so she explained the importance of the day to him
Swa : and u being the jackass you have spoiled her great opportunity…
Saying so she started walking off furiously when he understood what grave mistake that has happened..
Lak : oi chudail stop
Swara stops and turns back at him and said
Swa : you ******* stop calling me chudail else you will the worst in me and that’s definitely not the mahanta..
Lak : o please I don’t even want to even look at your face but for once I want your help that too for ragini.. Show your mahanta skills once again but this time for helping ragini
While swara looked confused at him he explained something to her which is muted.

After half an hour :

Swara reaches ragini room and found her crying like hell in her room. After a lots of convincing and emotional blackmailing she persude her for ice cream and both gets on an auto rickshaw. Ragini is lost in thoughts that she doesn’t care where the rickshaw is headed to.
The auto rickshaw jerks a little to stop bringing out ragini from her thoughts. She looked around and is shocked to find that she is in front of her music academy.. She looks questioning ly at swara while she looked somewhere. She turned that side and is shocked to find laksh standing there holding her sitar in his hand.
She furiously walks towards him and snatched it from his hand. She was about to give him an ear full when she found that her sitar resonating while pulling from him. She looks amazed at it and started pulling its strings one by one and is happy to see that it’s working perfect. She looked amazed at him and was about to ask something when they heard her name being called for the stage..
Lak :Ragini we can talk everything later. Now just go fast else all the hardworker will go waste.
Saying so he pushed her a little and she left with half mind
After sometime both swara and laksh were waiting outside the gate with both busy in their phones without sparing another glance to the other person while ragini came running towards them and hugged swara rightly and said
Ragini : swara u know what? They all loved my performance that they even gave a standing ovation to me. I can’t express my happiness right now.. Everyone are saying that I may even get a chance to sing in bollywood. I can’t believe this. It’s all like a dream.
Saying so she once again hugged her happily while swara patted her back smiling. After sometime they broke the hug and she turned around to find laksh standing there with a smile and relief on his face.
She looked questioning at swara while she explained what happened.
Laksh who badly wanted ragini to perform in the stage took the guitar in his hand and left to a musical repairing shop while he asked swara to somehow convince ragini to come to academy while he will reach there directly. And then him using his influence as maheswari got the sitar ready as quick as possible and also luckily its not that much damaged else he would have to buy a new one.
Ragini looked gratefully at laksh and said thank you and after that she immediately hold her ears and said sorry for her behavior few hours back.
Laksh who was in aww seeing her cuteness just wanna hug her tightly but he controlled himself.. He fold his hands like strict officer and turned other side while ragini pouted a little.
Lak : I don’t want any sorry or thank you..
Hearing that ragini’s face fell while laksh smiled a little and said..
Lak : I just want your friendship.
Saying so he forwarded his hands while ragini who smiled like a thousand watts bulb shook her hands with him accepting his friendship making laksh smile wider .
The screen ends on the joined hands of raglak..

Precap :Honestly no idea ?(if anyone has any suggestion, please leave it in your comments section…)

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