Swasan , raglak in sunshine cafe , preeti’s entry……..
Preeti comes to them
Preeti : hey guyz…
Sanlak gets tensed….
Laksh thinks
“”” now u r gone gone , shona says true u r such a fool , why did u ask sanskar to lie that there was no girl in plan , now get ready for punishment”””
Sanskar thinks
“Ohh no , she doesnt know that shona doesnt know about our real identities , what if she blurts it out????”
Swaragini gets confused and looks at sanlak….
Ragini : ummh , hi….
Preeti : ohh so u both r the lucky girlz….
Sanky : hey preeti come join us……
She sits with them….

Preeti : so u r shona and ragini….
Swaragini nods….
Shona looks at him questionably: sanky?????
Sanky :ohh sorry i forgot to tell u…..
Sanky : preeti she is shona….
Preeti : ur bestie???
Sanky : yup….
Preeti : and she is ragini….
Sanky : yeah…
Sanky : shona , ragini she is preeti , preeti knanna , u know Mr.khanna????
Ragini : uhh yeah mr.khanna , dads partner….
Sanky : yeah…
Ragini : ohhh….
Sanky : and she helped us in our plan….
Ragini looks at laksh with i-will-kill-u look…..
Preeti : arey what happened to u ???why is mr.laksh mah….
Sanlakragini : actually preeti…..

All look at each other and than at shona and ragini who are pretty confused……
Sanky : arey preeti leave it , he is like that only , but what r u doing here alone????
Preeti : uffh , what to say guyz , these my stupid friends naa , we all were gathering here but plan git canvelled and i landed here alone but to my gud luck , i just got a call that i have a meeting so i dediced yo set it here ,so after exactly 15 mins my meeting will start….
Ragini : ohhh so u r not working in ur own company???
Preeti : no , just like u both i dont want to work in my own company….
Shona gets a calll…
Shona : guyz u carry on , i will be back….
Ragini : who’s it??? Bhai???
Shona : yup….
Shona leaves from there and comes out while talking on phone..,,,
Shona : so bhai tell me when r u planning to marry???

###Aarav ###
“””Actually i didnt introduce him before ,aarav is swaragini’s one and only bro , he is elder bro of swaragini but a very friendly one , he always stands up for his sisters , he is out of country from 2 years , he is also gud friend of sanlak because he spent 1 year with them , remaining details will be revealed according to storyline””””
Aarav : arey my sweet sister , i havent found my dreamgirl yet , if u are so eager to get me married then plzz find one for me….
Shona cutely : okay then tell me what type of girl u want???
Aarav : nothing in particular but i want a girl that is combination of my both sisters…..
Shona : awww okay then i will try and find…..
Both laughs..,,
Aarav : by the way i havent found the one but u have found from past 3 years then u marry naa…
Shona confused : what???
Aarav teases her : arey i am talking about sanky naa…
Shona : bhai , what r u saying???we….we are just besties , u know ……
Aarav : shona , firstly i was joking but seriously tell me one thing do u have any idea what r u doing with ur life , u just cant see any other girl with sanky , he has to marry someday if not u then someone else….
Shona with pout face: no i wont let him marry….
Aarav with concern : look u r my cute ,sweet lil sissy okay and i am worried for u , just think about it , are u both just besties or more than that???
Both get silent , finally aarav breaks the silence and tries to make the environment light….
Aarav : by the way where r u???and where is rags and her handsome bf….
Shona : actually i am at cafe , sunshine cafe ,act…
Aarav : what???what r u doing there alone ???why did u go alone???i will talk to sanky and ragini , how can they let u go alone….
Shona : arey arey , take chill pill bro , i am not alone , sanky , lucky , rags are with me , and plzz huh u dont start now like ragini and sanky…. u know they both think i am a kid , they doesnt let me go alone tooo…..
Shona feels a tap on her shoulder and turns and sees sanky….
Sanky : hmmm so u r complaining about me and ragini to ur bro….
Shona immediately : no , no , when did i do that???…
Sanky : ohhh so u…..
Aarav : guyz i am still on line , if u both besties are done then can u plzz tell me whats happening???
Shona sticks her tongue out and makes a sorry face…..
Sanky smiles and asks her to keep it on speaker….
Shona keeps it and they both talk….
Aarav : so sanky how r u ??? Do my shona troubles u much???
Shona makes faces…..
Sanky : i am fine dude , and no yaar she doesnt ttouble that much but a lil bit….
Shona looks at sanky angrily…
Shona : so i trouble u???
Raglak also comes there….
Ragini : hey bhai …
Laksh : hey bro , whats up???
Aarav :hey guyz , nothing handsome but now just going to see a sweet show….
Ragini : show???
Lucky :sweet???
Aarav laughs …

Aarav : arey sweet show means the show in which shona scolds sanky sweetly… that sweet show….
Raglak smile and look at swasan who are arguing sweetly forgetting surroundings….
Shona angrily turns her face : thats so mean sanky….
Sanky : arey shona what did i do??? I was just teasing u naa…
He makes her turn ….
Shona : teasing someone is so bad …
Sanky : acha , i wont do it again….
Shona turns her face again…
Sanky makes her turn to him again….
Sanky : sorry naa sweetu , i wont do it alone….
Shona melts seeing his cute face….
Shona pulls his cheek…
Shona : okay …
Sanky : arey what shona , u r pulling my cheeks like i am kid…
Shona : what to do ??u r so cute ….
She pulls his cheeks again…
Sanky : shona????
Shona : okay , okay…..
They come out of their dreamland hearing awww’s of many people….
They look at the surroundings and see many people who are staring them….
Girl 1 : awww such a cute couple….
Girl 2 : both are so sweet…
Girl 3 : made for each other….
An old woman in her 50’s come to swasan….
Woman : may u both always be happy and together like this…
Swasan avoid eye contact due to awkwardness while ragini smiles…
Aarav : ahem ahem , u all carry on , i will call later…..
He disconnects the call….
Raglak looks at swasan who are flushing pink….
Ragini to laksh in barely audiboe voice : look lucky how they are blushing ,seriously such a cute couple…..
Laksh gives her a glare
Lucky : raginiii ….
Ragini : okay okay …
Lucky : by the way they r not couple but still they give so much time to each other and here u r who doesnt even know where i am , poor me …
Ragini : hawww how mean?Go , i wont talk to u …
She goes to swasan angrily…
Lucky : arey listen wait naa….
He slaps his forehead seeing her and follows her …

Same as tomorrow….

And one thing i need to tell u ,
Actually this was a swasan fanfiction , i posted 25+ episodes in swasan page but here i think some raglakians are also reading this fic and surely they will expect their couples scenes , i included many raglak scenes from start but they r not enough so i am including some more and posting the episodes ☺☺☺ …
I will try my best to not to disappoint u guyz ….

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