Part 8

Sanlak talks to preeti and preeti agrees to help them , shekher agrees to let swaragini work in other company coz of sanky’s plan…………………………………………………………………………………………….
Swaragini calls sanlak…..
Sanlak : congrats…..
Swaragini : thankkkkkkk u so muchh……
Sanlak laughs….
Ragini : by the way tell me something , how did u do this???i mean convincing dad is one of the toughest tasks…
Shona : i am sure the plan was of sanky….
Sanky : yes yes my sweetu , it was my plan but u know what ragini lucky helped me alot , actually we had to convince a girl and lucky did it so perfectly …..
Sanky smirks while laksh looks on shocked….
Laksh : arey no rags he is lying …..
Laksh thinks something and smirks…
Laksh : u know what shona , what sabky did??? He….
Sanky keeps hand on his phone so that swaragini doesnt hear….
Sanky : arey why r u bringing her in all this???
Laksh : bhai its called tit for tat ….
Sanky : lucky i was just praising u….
Lucky : yeah i know very well what were u doing???
Sanky : arey meray bhai , whatever it was i am sorry for that plzzz dont do this , u know naa shona will get angry……
Lucky looks at his pleading face and thinks…
Lucky : okay but u have to convince ragini…
Sanky : okay okay…..
Lucky : now plzzz move ur hand or they will disconnect the call….
Sanky removes his hand….
Shona : where the hell r u both???
Ragini : hello sanky , lucky….
Sanlak : yeah , yeah sorry , i think network problem….
Swaragini look at each other…
Swaragini : shut up…
Sanlak innocently : as u both say…..
They both gets quiet…..

Ragini : tell me one thing y r u both irritating us so much right now???
Shona : are u both planning to spoil our mood???
Sanky : arey meri shona and ragini listen we arent planning anything right now because i am tired of planning and plotting , and about how we convinced hitler , hitler is convinced naa , then leave the matter….
Ragini suspiciously : but was there any girl in ur plan???
Sanky looks at lucky who signals him to say no……
Sanky : what??girl??no yaar , nothing like that….
Shona smiles….
Ragini : by the way ur morning plan has affected hitler , i think we are successful in changing his views about u…..
Lucky : no rago its just a temporary change , we have to attack again and again to change his views….
Sanky : yeah lucky is right……
Shona : so whats the plan???
Ragini : yeah sanky…
Sanky : do i look like a planner????
Shona : no but u r a masterplanner…..
Sanky : acha shona???
Shona : yess….
Sanky : guyz for next plan we have to know about hitler….
Ragini : to know about him.what???
Shona : sanky means to say that we have to find out what type of qualities hitler like in boyz….
Sanky : exactly , thats like my shona…..
Lucky : by the way i have set ur interview for job in maheshwari’s company and u need to go there tomorrow….
Shona : lucky bucky y didnt u inform us before???and when did u fix it???
Lucky : hmmm…
Sanky : he fixed it after our plan…..
Shona confused: isnt it weird???
Ragini : arey shona leave all that naa , just prepare urself for tomorrow…..
Lucky : acha dont forget our other mission , u both have to find out about …
Ragini : yeah yeah we know….
Shona : actually i was thinking that we shouldnt ask him neither directly nor indirectly , i mean we cant take risk…
Sanky : exactly , thats what i was thinking now , we cant ask him , because it may create doubt in his mind…..
Lucky : then what shall we do???
Sanky : dont know…
Shona : i have an idea….
Lucky : so tell….
Shona : we cant ask him but we can find out about the peraon he likes , i mean the boy he likes , his qualities…..
Sanky : yeah super but do hitler likes someone???
Ragini : dont know , i will talk to piya that in office if there’s any person that is liked by hitler and if there is i will find out all the details about him and will let u know……
Lucky : super , so done…..
Ragini : acha guyz , i was thinking something????
Sanky : and whats that???
Ragini : i was thinking that we should go to sunshine cafe….
Lucky : oh kk , what??????in this situation u want to go to cafe….
Shona : no lucky she is right , i also wanna go there , we have many memories there so lets go….
Sanky : okay , u both get ready , we will be there in 10 mins….
Shona strictly :noooo ,u wont drive fast , come slowly , we can wait…..
Sanky : okay shona , i wont drive fast….
Shona : gud boy ..
All laughs…..

…..AFTER 15 MINS……
Sanky calls shona
Sanky : shona we reached , now come quickly….
Shona : yeah sanky , we are ready just coming…..
Shona and ragini comes out…
Ragini : come….
Shona sees car…
Shona : arey we have to go in car????
Lucky : yeah actually i thought that we all should go together na , thats why….
Shona : okay….
Sanky whispers to shona : shona dont tell me that u wanted to go on bike with me???i know i am handsome but that doesnt mean u will flirt with me…..
Shona laughs and hits him playfully…
Shona : shut up….
Shona : by the way , i knkw that there was a girl in ur plan…..
Sanky : no no…
Shona : dont try to lie i know…
Sanky : how???
Shona : telepathy u know…
She laughs…

They all sit in car and leave….
Sanlak infront and swaragini at backseat…
Ragini : acha i called piya and she told me that dad only likes one boy in who office ….
Lucky : ohh so did u find out about the boy???
Ragini : hmm yes actually he is an orphan and he achieved his position by his hardwork thats y dad likes him….
Sanky : hitler likes him because he is hardworking….
Shona : no he is hardworking and an orphan , thats why…..
Lucky : ohh…..
They all get sad…
Sanky : guyz look whtever happens , happens for gud so plzzz now cheer up and smile , he lost his parents its very heart-wrenching but it was a test for him , he passed it and look now where he is , he is a gud human thats what the most difficult to become , so plzzz stop ur sadness mall , okay????
All smile….
Raglak shona : u r the best…..
Sanky : i know that , we reached…..
All look at the cafe and smile…

Laksh : guyz remember , we all met here for the first time…
Sanky : yeah and u were totally flat on ragini….
Shona : love at first sight…
Swasan laughs and gives hi fi…
Lucky : yeah , yeah but u both remeber when we met second time at mall , uffh , u both were just too much …..
Ragini : yeah seriously , u both fought for a dress….
Sanky : actually mistake was mine , i should hve given that dress to shona….
Shona : no it was my fault , as i hate shopping my mood was bit off so ended up fighting…
Sanky : no no it was my fault shona….
Shona : no sanky , it was my fault….
Sanky : okay we both were at fault , good now??
Shona : okay…..
Raglsk laughs….
Ragini : look at u both now , that day u both were taunting each other and today both are taking each others blame…..
Lucky : yeah …..
Shona : that was our first and last fight….
Sanky : yup….
Shona : and u remember that icecream incident….
Sanky : yeah how can i forget that???
Shona and sanky laughs…
Shona : but on ething was for sure that day when that lucky gave his ice cream to di because that was the last of di’s favourite flavour , that day he really impressed me , i thought that he was such a sweet boy but now i think i was such a fool to think that….
Sanky laughs….
Lucky : oh hello , i was sweet and i am sweet boy….
Shona : yeah but if u r so sweet then go to sweet shop naa what r u doing here???
Shona laughs…
Ragini : shona stop teasing him okay???
Sanky : oh look finally lucky’s saviour stepped in the ground……..
Ragini : why not??? If u both can make a team then y not us???
Lucky : ohhh shoot….
All look at him…..
Ragini : what happened???
All look in the direction in which lucky is seeing and sees a girl coming towards them ….
And yess the girl is preeti , preeti khanna….
Preeti comes to them….
Preeti : hey guyz…
Sanlak gets tensed….
Laksh thinks

“”” now u r gone gone , shona says true u r such a fool , why did u ask sanskar to lie that there was no girl in plan , now get ready for punishment”””
Sanskar thinks
“Ohh no , she doesnt know that shona doesnt know about our real identities , what if she blurts it out????”

Some boyz pass cheap comments about shona which makes sanskar angry……
Sanskar angrily : u all go and sit in car , i will be back…
Shona : but sanky…
Sanky : lucky take shona and ragini from here……

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