Sanky looks at shona who is looking at her with i-will-kill-u-if-u-agree look…
Sanky : but kavita listen i am not free today….
Kavita : ooho sanky u r always bzy…. I dont know anything u r coming??? Thats final….
She disconnects the call…
Sanky : hello kavita , hello….
Sanky looks at shona and passes a faint smile….
Sanky innocently : what shall i do now???
Shona angrily : go to hell…..
She leaves from the room angrily….
Sanskar looks at ragini for help….
Ragini : i cant do anything…
Sanky : but , okay fyn….

Sanky comes to shona who is in ragini’s room sitting on bed furiously…
Sanky was about to knock but stops thinking something and smiles…..
He goes and jumps on bed shocking shona….
Shona : what type of behaviour is this ???

Sanky innocently : arey i will behave like this only unless u tell me y r u angry??? Arey whats my fault??? I did nothing naa…
Shona realizes that he did nothing but acts as angry….
Shona : so what???First u picked her call and then u talked with her so politely and then even didnt refuse when she asked for date…
Sanky shocked : date???????
Shona : yeah , i wont talk to u..
She gets up from bed but accidently falls on sanskar….
Shona : aaahhhh !!!
Sanky worriedly : are u alright?
Shona : yeah….

She tries to get uo but falls again….
She looks at him who is staring her…..
They both get lost in each otherbut comes back to their sense as the door opens….
They both get up and composes themselves but are shocked to see shekher who he is hell shocked and angry….shona gets scared……sanky looks at her scared face and holds her hand tightly and blinks his eyes to assure her….
Raglak and sumi also come their and gets tensed……………

Ragini goes to shona and holds her….laksh goes and stands with sanskar…..
Shekher angrily : will anyone tell me whats happening here???
Sumi : calm down shekher i will tell u…..
Shekher : how can i calm down??? My two unmarried daughters are roaming with boyz and u r asking me to calm down…..
Ragini : dad…
Laksh holds her hand and signs her to keep quiet….
Sumi : shekher come i will tell u everything…come……
sumi takes shekher from there
Tears rolls down from swara’s eyes….
Sanskar looks at her and feels bad….

Sanky cups her face…
Sanky : hey shona , sshhh , dont cry , okay , its fine , everything will be fine ….
He hugs her affectionately shocking laksh and ragini………
He breaks the hug and wipes her tears…
Sanky : these tears doesnt suit u , okay?????? only ur smile is the best , so i want to see my shona smiling okay??? U wont cry again…
Shona nods…

Sanky : trust me nothing will happen i will talk to uncle,i will explain him okay???i will make everything fyn , just trust me…
Shona smiles with teary eyes..
Sanky : u stay here , i will talk to ur dad…

Shona holds his hands and stops him…
Sanky cups her face
Sanky : trust me ….. I will make everything alright….
Sanky kisses her forehead while she closes her eyes andlet the tears slip from her eyes…
Sanky : i will be back…
Ragini side hugs shona and gives an assuring smile…
Lucky : shona dont worry we all are here for u….
Shona smiles….
Sanky makes shona sit on bed and gives her water…
Sanky : my sweetu , u stay here and relax….
Sanky signs ragini to come with him…
Sanky says to laksh in low voice: lucky u stay with shona , we cant leave shona alone, u know naa how sensitive she is and plzzz try to make her mood light , i know u can do it.
Laksh : but…
Sanky : lucky plzzz……
Laksh : okay…

Ragini : sanky i will come with u…
Sanky : okay….
Sanky and ragini leaves while laksh thinks what to do???
Sanky and ragini comes to shekher’s room and look at each other before knocking at the door….
Ragini : so we pacified shona but u know naa how much dad is stubborn , once he decided something he will never ever step back from his decision…
Sanky with determination: i am also sanskar maheshwari , son of durgaprasad maheshwari , and once i decide something i can go to any extent to do it….
Both smile and breathes and knocks at the door….
After sometime sumi opens the door…
Ragini and sanky look at her with a questioning look and she nods negatively…..
Sanky : dont worry aunty , everything will be fine…
Sumi : but i am not sure that its the right time to talk to shekher , he is very angry….
Sanky : aunty one day we have to talk to him , then why not today??? And dont worry about shona aunty , i wont let all this effect father-daughter relation….
Sumi and ragini smiles…
Sanky,ragini and sumi goes in..
Shekher looks at sanskar and fumes…
Shekher : how dare u enter my room???

Sanky : uncle i want to clear everything…
Shekher : everything is clear , u r a spoilt brat and i wont let u spoil my daughters life , i will make sure u and ur brother stay away from my daughters……
Sanky : no uncle , its not , u r taking us wrong …….
Shekher : enough , i know boyz like u they trap girlz in their sweet talks and then break their heart and i wont let anything happen to my both daughters…
Sanky : uncle , i always thought that u just dont like us but i didnt know that u have such disgusting point of view about us , uncle we maybe rich but we arent spoilt brats , we may be boyz but not like the ones who play with girlz , we maybe bad , but not enough that we will break ur daughters trust , our parents raised us and gave us the best values and we can never ever think about doing this cheap thing….
Shekher : ohhh look who is talking about trust and all huh , shall i remind u???my daughters friend is sanskar raichand not sanskar maheshwari , and u r talking about not breaking her trust…

Sanky gets angry and a layer of guilt also surrounds him…
Sanky angrily but trying to act calm: uncle thats her and mine matter , its better we solve it ourselves….
Shekher gets up angrily and shouts…
Shekher : and she is my daughter….
Sanky : uncle look i dont want to sound rude , but i love my brother alot and i did it for him , for his love , for his relationship , we thought we will change her views but we dont know what caused her to hate rich people , and if we dont know the reason we cant find the solution but we are trying….
Shekher : trying what??? Break her trust…
Ragini finally breaks her silence….
Ragini : stop it , dont need to bring this matter here , dad its not a big thing , i know swara doesnt know they are maheshwari’s but she knows that they are very good natured guyz and only sanskar didnt lie , i was involved too , i lied to my sister , my own sister….
She cries….
Sumi : shekher plzz try n understand , they both are very gud , just give them a chance and i am sure u wont regret giving them a chance , plzzz for ur daughters , plzzz for their sake ……….
Shekher : sumi u too..
shona : lucky plzzz stop , u r such a bad joker u know , u dont even know how to joke???
Laksh : arey i joke the best , u dont know what is real joke…
Shona : acha bachuu , i dont know??u will definitely regret saying this…..
She sees here and there and smirks….
shona : so what did u day???
Lucky : arey go to ear specialist , i think with ur brain , there is some problem with ur ear too , and u know what i know very famous ear sp…..aaaahhhhhhhhhh…..
He shouted with shock as shona put a full jug of water on him making him wet….
Shona : hahahaha look at u , now u r looking like a pure joker…..
Laksh : u , u , i wont kill u today for sure…..
She laughs making him frustrated but he thinks

Thank god , u are back to old shona , i did it bro….
Whrn she was busy laughing and making his fun , he clicked a pic of her and send it to sanky…..
Shona sees him typing on his phone…
Shona shockingly: arey u didnt get angry???
Shhona doubtfully : and whom r u chatting with???
Laksh : with my new girlfriend.
Shona widens her eyes…
Shona : u r cheating on my sister , u cheater , i will tell dii about u , she will beat u with sticks naa then u will understands…..
Laksh starts laughing making her shocked…..
Laksh : ohhh shona , u became fool ….
He laughs….

Shona lfumes and sees pillows and throws at his face..
Laksh : aahh…
Shona : tit for tat idiot…
Laksh throws it back on her and she bows down and the pillow lands at dressing table caushing a body spray to fall…
Shona : shoooott…
Laksh : what happened???
Shona : that was di’s favourite and u wont believe she can even kill the one who touches it but u directly broke it…
Laksh fumbles : arey …who…i…. i didnt….u broke it….
Shona : i didnt , u did , u cheater….
Laksh : u started the pillow fight…

Shona : no , no its all ur fault…
Laksh : what i did???
shekher : if u all are saying so i am ready to give them a chance??? But only one chance and if laksh fails to pròve that he is capable of my daughter , then…..
Sanky : that wont happen….
Sanky’s phone beeps….
He doesnt check….but ragini takes asks him to check… he checks and sees shona’s laughing pic from laksh….
He smiles brightly and shows it to ragini who also gets happy…………….
Shekher : and what about u???

Sanky : me??? Uncle its nothing like that between me and shona , she is my princess , my bestie , nothing like that…
Shekher : and u think besties are that much close to each other???
Sanky fumbles : no , i mean yess , we are ….
Shekher : first make urself sure , what u both are??? Besties or more than that and mind my words if any of my daughter goes through a heartbreak in her life because of u two , i wont leave u two , just make sure that u dont hurt them , they are my princesses……..
sanky : but uncke i have one request…
Shekher : what???
Sanky : u wont stop us from meeting shona and ragini , i know u dont trust us , but…
Shekher : okay…
All gets surprised….
Shekher : call ur brother here???
Ragini : actually he is with shona , u know she…
Shekher : bring her too….
Sanky msgs laksh to come and bring shona along , everything is set….

Laksh receives his msg ….
Laksh : so shona , there is a gud news for u….
Shona : and whats that???
Laksh : my super bro convinced hitler ….
Shona : whoaaa amazing , so soon but my bestie convinced hitler…
She smirks at him whike he slaps his forehead and asks her to come…
Laksh : come ur dad is asking for u and me….
Shona confused : why???
Laksh sarcastically : for fixing mine and ragini’s marriage date…..arey how would i know???
Shona : very funny….
She leaves while laksh murmurs : dont know how bhai handles her…..
Shona : i heard it….
Laksh : whatever…..
They both leave and come to shekher’s room…..
They knock and shekher asks them to come in….
All get shocked to see laksh….
Ragini and sanky look at each other and then at laksh….
Laksh : y r u looking at me like that???
Shekher turns to sanky : u r asking me to give HIM a chance……
Shona gets confused and then looks at laksh and undersgands what are they talking…
Shona : its not his fault , actually i poured jug of water , dad really he is not at fault …..
Laksh understands what are they talking about and looks at himself and smiles nervously….
Sanky : hey shona , its okay , happens…..
Shekher : so coming to point , laksh and sanskar i am giving u time of one week just prove urself infront of me and if u wobt be able to then i dont want to see any of u near my daughters, got it ???
Sanky and lucky : okay …..
Shekher : u all can leave now….
Sanlak and swaragini leaves from there…..
They come to ragini’s room….
Ragini : so what r u both going to do???
Lucky : dont know…
Shona : u have only one week , do whatever u want to but just do it fast….
Ragini : yeah but i just didnt got one thing , it was not so serious matter that dad made , its just we all are together , thats it…whats the problem???
Sanky : the problem is he thinks we are like other cheap boyz so our first priority is tochange his this point about us….
Lucky : and how will we do that???
Sanky smirks : just wait and watch….

Ragini : just dont do anything stupid…..
Sanky : trust me everything will be fine but u both have to do one thing for me….
Shona : and whats that???
Sanky : u just have to find out about his tomorrows schedule , where will he go??at which time???from which route??? And if he doesnt have any plans for tomorrow then u both have to take him anywhere ……
Ragini : i can find out about his schedule but from which route??i cant do it….
Shona : leave it on me , i will do it…..
Sanky : and make sure he goes somewhere surely because we only have one week and we dont have time to waste , so come on guyz ,, we have to do it???
He forwards his hand and shona keeps her hand on his then ragini keeps it and laksh at last…..
All together : mission change-hitlers-views starts now……
All smile looking at each other…..

Sanky calls someone….
Sanky : hey hello….
Sanky : yeah i need ur help…
Sanky : thank u so much , i will inform u about the details when we will reach the spot , okay???
Sanky : done bye….
He disconnects the call and turns to look at others…..
Sanky : i have to make one more call….
Sanky calls someone….
Sanky : hey kavita , actually i called to inform u that i am really very busy this week and specially tomorrow so i wont be abke to meet u , hope u understand , and yeah plzzz dontwait for me , bye….
Kavita : but sanskar….
He disconnects the call……
Sanky : so now u both find out every detail and then inform us….
Ragini calls someone….
Ragini : hey piya , i need ur help…
Ragini : yeah plzzz tell me the schedule of dad for tomorrow…..
Ragini : ohhh okay , are u sure there isnt any meeting tomorrow???
Ragini : okay , thanks for ur help , dont tell about this to dad , and surely inform me if any change occurs… okay bye thanks…..
Ragini to shona and sanlak : dad doesnt have any meeting tomorrow ,tomorrow all meetings will be handled by piya my friend….
Sanky : that means he will be at home only….
Laksh : that means u both have to take him somewhere,isnt it bro???
Sanky : yeah….
Shona : but where can we take him???
Ragini : to kavya’s house…..
Shona : then done , we will ask him to drop us there….
Ragini : yeah……
Sanky :okay from which route???
Shona : the route to sunshine cafe , from where we used to go….
Sanlak :done…..
Shona : but sanky tell us the plan naa???
Sanky smiles seeing hee curious face….
Sanky : i wont tell u both because u both wont agree so wilk see tomorrow itself……
Lucky : we shall leave now….
Sanky : yeah…
Ragini : okay…..
Ragini turns at looks at her broken body spray…..
She fumes….
Ragini angrily :stop…..
Ragini ?: who the hell did this????
She points towards the broken body spray..,..
Laksh and shona gulps hard seeing her anger….
Ragini : shona , lucky onky u both were in room , tell me who did this????
Shona and lucky points towards one another while sanky enjoys seeing them…..
Ragini : what that means???
Shona : he did it….
Lucky : she did it…
Both galre at each other….

Shona and lucky : pillow did it….
Sanky laughs while the trio glares at him….
Sanky : sorry sorry , ubcarry on , i wont interrupt now…
Ragini : so pillow did it???isnt it???
Lucky and shona nods…..
Ragini : u both just wait…….
She starts finding something to hit them….
Shona shouts : run , lucky bucky run , run….they bothrun outside while ragini takes a stick and runs behind them…
Sanky shocked : shoooot!!! I think theyforgot hitler is home..
He also tuns outside to stop them but its toi late shona, lucky and ragini are standing infront of hitler sorry i mean shekher…..
Ragini : dad actually they broke my body spray…
Shona and lucky : we didnt…
Shekher : are u all kids??? And raginiat leasti didnt expected this from u , it was just a body spray naa.,.,
Ragini in low voice : itwas my favourite….
All look at her….
Sanky comes there…..
Sanky: sorry uncle , wont happen again , sorry and lucky come we need to leave , we are getting late….
Lucky : okay….

Sanlak : bye…..
Swaragini : bye…..
They both leave and come outside….
Lucky : thank god , we got saved….
Sanky : grow up lucky….
Laksh makes faces…
Sanky sees shekhers car and smiles….
Laksh : why r u smiling like idiots seeing hitlers car???dont tell me u r planning something, if u r then plzzz stop thinking about that , he will kill us if he comes to know we did something with his car and look there…..
He points towards guards..,
Laksh : they will eat us alive if we get caught red handed…
Sanky : arey my innocent bro , we are not going to do anything but our sweet swaragini will do…..
Laksh : what??? What will they do????
Sanky : that i will tell u at night when i will tell swragini okay , now come home , or elsedad wont be able to handle the situation….
They both come to maheshwari mansion…..
Sanky : lucky we are late again…
Lucky : dont worry dad will handle mom….
Sanky : i hope so…
They come inside and sees a lady yelling at man…..
Lady : just because of u , ur freedome , they have become spoilt brats…..
Man : anupurna , nothing like that , they are very mature and responsible, they arent spoilt ……
Yes they are anupurna and durgaprasad maheshwari but here both are total opposite from their characters on screen….

Anupura : a lil bit strict and punctual lady….
Durgaprasad : a sweet father who always supports his sons and covers for them…….
Anupurna :yeah they are very responsible u know lucky is nowherebto be seen from morning and now its 5 pm and ur sanky he came back to delhi but didnt find it important to inform also….
Dp covering for them : arey laksh told me that he will be late and sanky also called me and informed that he reached safely…..
Anupurna : dont lie , i know three of u very well.,
Laksh and sanskar look at each other and goes in…

Laksh : hey beautiful lady….
Sanky : and handsome young man , whats up???
Anupurna : loom who came???
Laksh dramatically : arey look what type of time it is , mom forgets his sons , how can u forget ur own sons , ur own blood mom…….
Anupurna : stop ur drama okay…..
Sanlak : sorry na mom….
Sanky : actually we were a lil busy but next time we will definitely inform u…
Lucky : pakka mom , now plzzz give ur million dollar smile…
Anupurna smiles….

Laksh : thats like my mom….
He hugs her and sanky too joins him….
Dp tauntingly : look someone forgot their father or saviour..
Sanky : arey how can we forget u….
They all hug and smile….

….DAY 1…..

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