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Recap : Shopping fun , shona distributing ice creams among children and all panic on seeing shekhers car (means shekher is back)

ragini : shona r u ready???
Shona : yeah dii……
They both goes inside and sees shekher and sumi sitting..
Shona says in a low voice that is only audible to rags : rags di it looks like they are waiting for someone?
Ragini sarcastically: and unfortunately that someone is none other than swaragini , chal shona get ready for a lecture…
Shona : but di my college is over na ….
Ragini : but its home lecture…Shona : but dii….

A voice interrupts them and the voice is of none other that our lecturer , sorry sorry shekher gadodia….
Shekher : swara , ragini what r u both doing there , come here sit….
Ragini to shona in a nearly audible voice : chal shona get ready beta , best of luck , our class starts now and i hope we pass the test….
Swara : how can we pass without studying but best of luck to u too , hope we make the same excuse i mean answers…..
They go to shekher and smile nervously….
Shekher : sit….
They sit….

Shekher : from where r u coming???
Ragini looks at sumi for help who nods her head in negative as she is helpless…Shona : ahem ahem….Shekher : why r u clearing ur throat???
Shona : u should clear ur throat naa so that u can answer well and pass the test..Ragini looks at her shocked…Shekher : test???
Ragini immediately : dad she is just kidding….
Shekher : just answer my questions , i dont like these types of jokes….
Ragini : dad , hmmm , actually we went for interview….
Shona widens her eyes

Shona shocked: interview…Shekher looks at her while ragini signs her to agree….Shona : yeah dad interview…Shekher : why u both went for interview??? I told u many times u dont need to work but if u want to than u can join our own company….
Ragini : dad we want to do something on our own…Shona : and dad plzzz u know very well i wont do work in ur company , i want to stand on my own feet ,so plzzz dont say like that again….
Shekher : look i told u both before , u wont work in any other company , why will u when u have a company of ur own …..
Ragini : we know that dad but..Shona interrupts her…
Shona : dad u have come from a long journey , u take rest while we both get fresh then we will talk about it plzzzz……
Shekher : okay….
Shona drags ragini from there.Ragini : shona why did u bring me here, i would have talked to him naa….
Shona : and u think he will agree…

Ragini : he has to , there’s no other choice….
Shona : ragini u know its useless to talk to him , he is very stubborn and u know that….
Ragini : then what shall we do?
Shona : i dont know and i really dont want to and plzzz now call ur stupid bf or else they will end up coming here and getiing scolded by dad….
A voice from behind shocks them….
“Aaah shona darling i didnt knew u know us so well”
Shona and ragini gets shocked and looks towards balcony from where the voice is coming….
Shona and ragini : LAKSHHHH.they both get shocked on seeing sanskar also coming up through pipe…..
Sanky : arey lucky help me naa , i am not used to this…Laksh : as if i always come from the pipe….
Sanky : shut up and help me…Laksh : arey why should i help u…..
Shona runs towards sanky and helps him….
Laksh : look here came ur saviour….
Sanskar comes up and composes himself….
Shona angrily : shut up , he could have fell down…
Laksh : actually….

Ragini : shut up u all and tell me one thing what the hell r u both doing here???are u both deaf??? Didnt we ask u to go home??laksh, leave him i can expect this kind of stupid moves by laksh only but sanskar u , not even in my worst dreams i ever thought that u will do this….
Shona whispers to sanky : sanky rags di was saying that dad will give lecture but i think rags became the lecturer instead of dad….Sanky : wohi toh , look how she is scolding everyone like every teacher does???
Shona : but sanky teacher scolds when u do a mistake , and u did a mistake so u should bear her scoldings..Sanky pout face : but i thought to see if u r fine or not….Shona : ohhh my sweetu , thats ok but he is my dad he wont eat me naa ….

Sanky : i really dont trust him..Shona : but i do….
Ragini : sanky , shona , what r u both whispering???
Sanky : arey rags calm down , u both r fine , we both are fine then why r u over reacting????
Ragini widens her eyes …Ragini angrily : am i over reacting??? U both could have fell down , any serious accident could have occured…do u even have some idea???
Laksh : sorry baby we wont do it again….
Sanky : sorry naa and why should we spoil our mood by thinking what could have happened??? Something serious didnt happen naa so take chill pill dear….
Shona : diii calm down , okay??
Ragini : okay….

Sanky : now tell me what did the hitler say???
Swaragini tells them everything….
Sanky : but why do u both want to work in othercompany??? Look u can work in ur own company naa , its first time i agree with hitler , look its not safe ….
Laksh : sanky stop being possessive okay??? Its their life , they are independent and they should do what they want to , not what everyone asks them???
Sanky : yeah i accept it but look its not safe lucky and u know that too….
Shona : arey sanky dont worry naa when we all are together we are safe okay???
Sanky : but shona i dont want to take risk….
Shona : sanky seriously u r behaving like dad…

Sanky : i maybe but i am worried…..
Laksh : i have an idea….
Sanky : what???
Laksh : u both will work but in the company we will suggest..Shona : which company???
Laksh : maheshwari’s empire…Ragini gets shocked….
Ragini : noo laksh….
Sanky : thats the best idea….Shona : yeah i have heard about them…
Ragini looks angrily at sanskar and laksh…
Laksh : u both will be safe there…

Shona : how can u say this???
Sanky : because we know about that company and its safe okay and no more questions and excuses….Ragini : and what about dad???he will never agree?? Sanky : leave it on us , we will manage…
Shona : how???
Sanky : u trust me naa???
Shona : more than everything..Sanky smiles and feels very much guilty ….
Sanky : and always do ….
They hear knock at the door…Ragini : ohh god , what shall we do now???
Shona : u both hide…
Sanky : where???

They all panic while door opens and sumi comes in….All gets relaxed seeing her….Sanlakragshona : uufffhhh , thank god….
All look at ach other and burst out laughing recalling their conditions 2 mins ago….
Sumi : what r u both doing here???
Sanky : aunty , we just came to see are they fine???
Sumi : and how did u came???

Sanskar looks at laksh amd laksh smiles nervously…
Laksh : from pipe….
Sumi : ohhh are u both fine???i mean its very risky dont do that again u can get hurt….
Sanlak : okay….
Shona : mom where is hitler???
Ragini hits her….
Shona : i mean where is dad?

Sumi : ur hitler is sleeping….Shona : ohh what???
Sumi : yeah , now tell me why do u call him hitler???
Laksh : because he is hitler…Sanskar : look aunty we know he is ur beloved husband , but he is hitler for us we r sorry , but for us its the truth…Sumi smiles seeing their tensed faces….
Sumi : acha i am going down and sanskar , laksh, u both dont need to leave from pipe u can go from door , shekher is sleeping…..
Sumi smiles and leaves….Ragini : acha now u both leave before dad wakes up……Sanskar gets a call….
Sanskar sees the callers name.Sanskar : ufffhhhh…..
Shona : who’s it???Laksh sees the name and laughs….

Laksh takes the phone and shows it to girlz…The callers name is chipkali (lizard)….Shona : why this chipkali is calling u???
Sanky : arey how would i know???
Laksh : pick up the call na..Shona : no , let it be…

Ragini : why??? Pick it up and keep it on speaker….
Sanskar picks the call and keeps it on speaker….
Sanskar : hey , hello kavita…Yes the chipkali is none other than kavita….
Kavita : sanky , i wanna meet u ,its urgent , 4:00pm at sunshine cafe..
Sanky looks at shona who is looking at her with i-will-kill-u-if-u-agree look

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  1. Vyshu10

    Nice..but i m lil confused. This is flashback or present?

    1. Amina

      Its present only , have u read previous parts? maybe u havent read thats y its looking confusing or if there is any problem do tell me ☺

      1. Vyshu10

        i m sorry. I got confused this story with another one.

  2. Ragini character is nice

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