Episode 1 of evergreen friendship…
Scene starts in a room of a house , its not a big mansion but a beautiful house and the room is decorated with various frames of swaragini , there are many teddies in room………….
Our sweet shona is sitting on bed with pout and angry face while ragini is standing infront of her and laksh is sitting on couch eating apple…..
Ragini : shona , plzzz talk to him naa…
Ragini : plzzzz , plzzz u know naa he cant live without talking to u….
Laksh : yaa shona , plzz dont do this with my bro , he has called u for atleast 15 times….
Shona angrily : no no no i said no , how dare ur brother go without telling me , i wont talk to him , i am angry…..
Laksh : arey shona , he didnt got time to inform u…
Shona : even i dont have the time to talk to him…
Shona’s phone rings again flashing sanky name….
Ragini : shona atleast pick his call and tell him that u r angry…
Shona angrily looks towards raglak who are pleading her to pick up the call…
Shona : no way…
Raglak : plzzz….

Finally she picks up the call…
Shona : hello who’s this???whatever u wanna say , say quickly,shona is busy….
Sanky on otherside smiles and thinks….
Sanky to himself : sanky u r gone now , shona is angry…
Sanky to shona : shona…
Shona : hmmm
Sanky : my cutie pie , my princess , my queen , wont u talk to ur sanky???
Shona : who’s sanky???
Sanky : u dont know sanky???
Shona : no , i dont….
Sanky : okay actually i got free so thought to call u , but u dont even remember me so i will talk to kavita…..
(Guyz kavita is always back of sanskar and swara doesnt like her)…
Shona widens her eyes…
Shona immediately : no no no , sanky i remember u , u r my sanky , my friend , my crime partner , my bestie , my helper , my….
Sanky : okay okay so now tell did u forgive me???
Shona : no , who said i forgave u???
Sanky : but…okay leave tell me what i have to do to gain ur forgiveness?
Shona : i have 5 conditions…
Sanky : 5????
Shona : why r u so shocked???and if u cant do it then plzzz shona is bzy , she has many other works to do…..
Sanky : okay okay tell ur conditions….
Shona :

1st condition :
U should return tomorrow at any cost…
Sanky : i will try shona…
Shona : u have to come , no tries….
Sanky : okay okay …
Shona :

2nd condition :
U wont roam outside in night…
Sanky : okay…
Shona :

3rd condition
U should take ur meal at time
Sanky : but if i am not hungry then???
Shona : i dont care if u r hungry or not , u will take ur meal thats it….
Sanky : but shona , thats not fair….
Shona : everything is fair in the matter of ur health….
Sanky : shona wrong it was
“Everything is fair in love and war”
Shona : sshhh dont forget i am angry on u….
Sanky : okay…..

4th condition
U shouldnt talk to any girl there.
Sanky smiles hearing her 4th condition..
Sanky : but y???
Shona : because shona is saying…..
Sanky : okay so now tell ur 5th and last condition…
Shona : who told its last???
Sanky : arey u only told naa ‘””5 conditions””??
Shona : i have changed my decision , now there are 6 conditions…
Sanky : uff okay tell…
Shona :

5th condition
U should call me every hour….
Sanky : offo shona , u know naa i cant live without talking to u so obviously i will call u every hour…
Shona : okay , good now

6th condition
Before going anywhere , u have to inform me …..done???
Sanky : done…
Shona : so tell me what r u doing???
Sanky : arey talking to u naa….
Shona : ohh yaa ….
Sanky : shona u r such a….
Shona angrily : what such a ???
Sanky : u …u r such a ..cutiepie..
Shona : i know that….
Sanky smiles…..
Sanky : so tell me what did u do today???
Shona gets excited….
Shona : u know what sanky , first we went to park like everyday , then lucky told me that u went out of town and that too without telling me…..
Shona gets sad…
Sanky : sorry shona , i promise
next time i will tell u first…..
Shona πŸ™ : okay….
Sanky : shona , u know what i wont come back tomorrow…
Shona : what???why???
Sanky : because u arent smiling naa and till when my shona doesnt smipe , i wont come back……
Shona smiles..

Shona : see now i am smiling….
Sanky : arey how can i see on voice call???
Shona : okay okay we will talk on video call….hmmm ..no , no , we cant talk on video call…..
Sanky : why???
Shona : arey u should miss me naa , so bye ….
Sanky : shona , wait …listen….hello….hello shona????
Sanky sees the call disconnected….
Sanky holds his head and says
Sanky : u will never change shona…..
Shona disconnects the call and starts jumping on bed and shouts…..
Shona : sanky will come tomorrow…..
She suddenly realizes something and stops jumping….
She looks around and sees no one….
Shona : where are rags and lucky???
She looks for them and peeps out from her room and goes to ragini’s room…..
Swara shouts
Knock ! Knock ! May i come in???
Ragini from inside :
Dont shout and come in…
Swara comes in and sits on couch….
Laksh : swara tell me one thing , why u always shout before coming in room??? U can simply knock the door but u always shout ” knock ! Knock ! May i come in???
He mimicks her…

Swara : hawww so bad naa , u r copying me , u idiot……
She takes the pillow and throws at him….
Laksh catches it….
Laksh : because u do silly things.
Swara : i dont do silly things….
Laksh : ohhh so shouting before coming in someone’s room is not a silly thing????
Swara : no its not , actually they are manners , dont u know????didnt ur teacher tell when u were a kid???
Laksh : no my teacher did tell me what are manners and she also told me that knocking before entering in other’s room are manners but shouting isnt included in manners ,dont u know this miss shona???
Swara : i do know this but i know one thing more that before entering any couples room , u should shout so that they come to know that someone is coming …….
Laksh was about to reply back but suddenly realizes what shona said and stops…….. Laksh : oo my dear ahona , u won i lost….
Shona : yeah like always…..
Laksh : arey what do u mean by like always???
Shona : i……
Ragini interrupts them….
Ragini : plzzzzz i request u both to plzzz stop this world war , i cant tolerate more , its enough for today , u can fight tomorrow……..
Laksh and swara look at each other……
Laksh : okay….
Shona : okay …..but lucky bucky u always lose…..
Laksh : when did i lose???
Swara looks at laksh and then turns to ragini….
Swara : rago , are u sure u love this idiot? I mean look u still have time , u can think about it..
Ragini : what???
Laksh : what???tell me whats wrong with me??? I am handsome , cool ,intelligent , generous , kind , everything that a girl needs amd thats why girlz die on me…..
Ragini looks at him with a deathly glare and he shuts his mouth….
Shona : but u have a short memory , look u forgot how many times i defeated u…..
Laksh looks at ragini who is highly frustrated because of them….
Laksh : okay okay leave it , tell me what did bhai say??? When will he come??? And did u forgive him???
Ragini : laksh slowly , huh shona tell what did he say??….
Shona : he said he will come back tomorrow , he is fyn and i forgave him……
Raglak look at each other shocked and then at swara….
Swara innocently : why are u looking at me like this???
Ragini : no nothing, actually how can u forgive him easily???
Laksh : afterall he is my bhai and no girl can stay angry with him for more time….
Shona : and i really wonder are u both seriously brothers??? I mean how can u both beso different???
Laksh : and i wonder the same , how can two sisters be that much different????
He looks at ragini and then at swara….

Swara : whatever , i am going to sleep ,u both have fun , bye bye….
She kisses ragini…..
Ragini : bye …
Swara pinches laksh….
Laksh : aoww….
Swara : bye idiot…
Laksh : bye stupid….
Swara sticks her tongue out at him and he does the same while ragini looks on amused…..
Ragini : thank god sanskar is coming back tomorrow or else i would have died by ur boths fights , he is the only one who can handle shona……..

so here goes 1st part ,hope u will like it…

Credit to: newbie

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