Did Everest win your interest by its start?


EVEREST started on 3rd November at 10 PM on Star Plus. Everest is the story of ordinary people and their extraordinary dreams. It is the story of Anjali, a young girl from Jodhpur who aspires to conquer her own personal EVEREST – of getting her father’s love and respect. At the age of 21, she is faced with the biggest conflict of her life and is forced to question her very own existence. To redeem herself and find a place in her father’s heart she decides to fulfill her father’s unfulfilled dream – to summit the greatest and highest of all mountains, Mt Everest.

If you missed to watch the show, we have covered the story so far in a nutshell here. Anjali’s father, Brigadier Jagat Singh Rawat, informs his wife, Sarita, that he will not attend Anjali’s felicitation ceremony as he had wanted a son. Aakash is given an assignment, to prepare a documentary on a mountaineer, Arjun, while he ascents Mount Everest. Anjali does not attend her felicitation ceremony. Aakash requests the bank officers to give him some time to repay the loan. Nevertheless, the officers seal his house. Aakash accepts the assignment. Anjali teaches a lesson to an eve teaser. Jagat decides to get Anjali married to Vidhaan, who is in the Indian Army. Ramesh Roongta and Arjun hide the actual plan from Aakash. Vidhaan’s family visits Anjali’s house. They decide to get the pair married before Vidhaan gets his posting. Aakash meets his ex-employer, Alok, on his insistence.

Alok warns Aaksh to be aware of Ramesh Roongta. Ramesh Roongta launches his new company, ‘Century Corp’, and announces that Arjun is the brand ambassador of the same. He briefs about Arjun’s Mount Everest expedition. Aakash consults a psychiatrist, Roshan, as he has fear of heights and vertigo. He borrows shooting equipments from his friend, Ajay. Anjali decides go on Mount Everest expedition. Anjali informs Maithili that she wants to go for Everest expedition to fulfill her father’s dream Later, Anjali informs Sarita that she wants to join the mountaineering course in NIM. She is delighted as Sarita agrees to the same. Jagat informs Sarita that Vidhaan has agreed to marry Anjali. But Sarita manages to mislead Jagat, and allow Anjali to join the mountaineering course. Later at the airport, Anjali is shocked to see Jagat.

In the meantime, Aakash departs for NIM. Maithili helps Anjali to slip out of Jagat’s notice and leave for Uttar Kashi. Meanwhile, Ramesh Roongta tries to get Arjun to realise his responsibilities and assures him that Colonel Abhyankar will lead the expedition. Anjali reaches Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) for her Everest expedition, but she is disappointed to learn that the admissions are full. Ramesh Roongta informs Arjun that the PN TV is sending their best reporter to cover his Everest expedition. Anjali jumps the gates to Colonel Abhyankar’s house to meet him. She explains to him the reason for the delay in her arrival at NIM. Later, Ramesh Roongta requests Colonel Abhyankar to lead Arjun’s Everest expedition, but he refuses.

Girish and Gopal give the students a campus tour of NIM. Later, Arjun shares his experience of the Kanchenjunga expedition with everyone. Mansi informs everyone of Anjali’s efforts to join the NIM. Arjun wakes up frightened due to a nightmare. Kabir introduces himself to the students. Colonel Abhyankar informs the students about their training instructors, Subhedar Avasthi and Rana. He announces a scholarship worth Rs. 10 lakh to the most promising student. What do you think about this show? Let us know.

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  2. Its an awsom show n it is different from all!
    I love d show!
    Thumbs up fr d whole team of Everest!
    U guys rock!
    Keep rocking!!
    Love to all

  3. ya its really going well.its different form all other serial.who makes its handoff. i just love the show.it rocks.and we can c the beautiful sight of everest.and this serial sach mai everest hai.

  4. Nope ! Its boring to watch

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  6. This is an unusual show and very exciting ..hope it does not change to love story

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  8. Its a good show to watch. Anjali and akash was good to see. Its a differernt show to see.

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