Everest fanfic climb up – Part 6


Sorry frnds for late nd short update

Recap: Rihaan and ratika are the captains

In the girls’ room, Ratika us in the washroom. Sanvi keeps her shampoo on her bedside table. Aayna accidently hits the table nd tha shampoo bottle falls with its cap open and starts dropping the liquid. Avika trods on it and falls

Avika: Ou ou omg wtf ahh
Aayna: Wh.. Omg avika, r u alright?
Sanvi: Oh…sorry…i don’t know how it fell….sorry

Sanvi tries to help avika in gettiñg up but avika gets off her

Avika: Stop it you fool
Sanvi: Wha….
Aayna: You did it purposefully na????
Sanvi: What are you…..why would i??
Avika: Cuz u r just jealous that i defeated you…
Sanvi: Wha… How could you say that!!!
Aayna: Now you blo*dy heck….get lost
Sanvi: Avika, i think you are taking me wrong…
Aayna: U going or not??
Sanvi: Aayna please!! Avika listen…..
aayna: I said you fool get lost…doesn’t your blo*dy mind get things??
Sanvi: Miss aayna khan….talk with me respectfully…
Avika: Yes aayna…havn’t your parents taught you manners…Say sorry to didi ji
Aayna: No, not didiji, aunty ji will be perfect.
avika: Dadi ji’ll suit more

they both laugh. Sanvi looks on angrily. RAtika comes out and looks at them.

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  1. please continue the story.it is interesting please continue it!!!!!!!

  2. Yaa dia priya is right keep on writing its good….

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