Everest fanfic climb up – Part 5


recap: Rihaan and ratika win the race

Sanvi is fourth

Col: So, as its clear, Rihaan sharma and ratika sharma are captains. So now lets divide the teams

They divide the teams randomly. Sanvi, shriket, vishal are in ratika’s team among others while abhay, avika and aayna are in rihaan’s team (among others).

(In break)
Ratika: I can’t believe it 🙂
Rihaan: Me too rati 😀

They hug each other . Anjali comes to arjun.

Anjali: Arjun! Coffee.
Arjun: N n n no anjali.
Anjali: Why? What happened?
Arjun: N n nothing. Just not f feeling
Anjali: But why? U like…..one sec, do u think what akash said about my coffee is true?
Arjun: No, n not at all just..
Anjali: In that case i tell you that i am a good coffee maker, not as good as reena obvio, she is awesome, but its good.

Anjali gives him coffee forcefully. Arjun drinks it. His face showing that he just had poison and is about to vomit. Anjali doesn’t notice it. Abhyankar is addressing the batch.

Col: U all are in teamS now. U will fight for your team with the other team, but any action of yours that may harm anyone will result in your expulsion from NIM. Am i clear
Batch: Yes sir
Col: Captains, ensure it
RR: Yes sir.

Col leaves.

Precap: Sanvi, ratika, avika and aayna have an argument.

Update credit to dia.

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  1. Plz write long episodes. It’s very short n plz show Akash. Missing him.

  2. Dia plz write airlines next part.

  3. So sorry aparna and cutie

    m not getting time now a days and i have to update 3 stories

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