Everest fanfic climb up – Part 2


Part 2
Recap: 3 individuals sanvi, rihaan nd ratika got admission in NIM.
Arjun nd anjali r also going there.

Arjun nd anjali reach NIM
col abhiyankar greets them
col: Anjali!! Arjun!!!
Anjali: Col sir(she hugs him)
Arjun: Nyc to c u sir( he also hugs him)
after some tym
col: Ab tum dono ko vo krna h jo m aaj tk krta aa rha hu. U have to teach new students mountaineering. Its a very serious task. U have to tell them every aspect of this. U have to understand their physical nd mental abilities.
Anjali: Got it sir
Arjun: Yeah

sanvi rihaan ratika r in their respective flights
Sanvi(thinking): Awww m so do much hAppy. I mn i’ll meet Anjali rawat sry anjali joshi ohhh. But still leaving family was very hard
sanvi hugs evry1 in her family nd evry1 cries seeing her going
fb ends
srsly yr nd like me evryone coming there would be missing his or her families

Rihaan nd Ratika
Rihaan: Rati!
Ratika: Hn bhai
Rihaan: Finally
Ratika: Finally
Rihaan: We r going to NIM
Ratika: Nd we’ll fulfil dadu’s dream..uhh m so happy
Rihaan gets msg
Rihaan: dad ka msg
rihaan, bst of lk, tc of urslf nd rati
Ratika: I got mum’s
rati, bst of lk, tc of urslf nd rihaan
Rihaan: Fake people
Ratika: Srsly i mean…leave it

2 hours later
Col. is addressing all new students
Col: Welcome, all of u, to nehru institute of mountaineering. Yha pr aap vo sb sikhenge jo aap sikhne aae h nd jo mountaineering ke liye imp h. This yr u’ll be taught not by me only but (beconing to arjun nd anjali) by Anjali joshi nd arjun sabbharwal. This year we will make two teams but first u’ll be given 3 days time to make friends. No particular training till then only warm up sessions. Any ques?? No then every1 may leave.
Evry1 leaves
Sanvi reaches her room nd sees 2 girls
Sanvi: Hyy
no ans.
She sits on her bed
Ratika comes there
Ratika: Hello every1 m ratika sharma from shimla
she gives her hand towards sanvi
Sanvi: Hyy m sanvi shah from gujrat
Then towards the girls
Avika shergill from delhi
Aayna khan from delhi
Wardon comes there
Wardon: Its nearly time now sleep
she leaves
ratika takes her medicines nd every1 sleeps.
Rihaan is taking to 3 boys abt thr dreams but wardon asks them to sleep too.

Precap: Anjali takes warmup sessions for students

Update credit to dia

Note: Sorry for being late. I m having my exams so i don’t get much
time nd i have to post airlines updates also.

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  1. hey dia u r awesome writer plz continue the series.u know ur imagination power is so strong ……???

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