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The Episode starts with team burying Lampa’s dead body and saluting him. Abhiyankar asks Dorjee to take Nasir back as they are going to Mount Everest, they are near camp 4 and its good weather, so Chand, Tashi, Anjali, Arjun and Akash and I will go to Everest. They all get happy. Arjun asks is he joking. Abhiyankar says no, I m serious and get ready. Anjali thanks him and says Akash I can’t believe we are going Everest. She hugs Abhiyankar and thanks him again. He says we did not reach peak till now, there will be many difficulties, the journey is tough and destination is far. She says I m ready.

Abhiyankar tells Sam that Dorjee will bring Nasir to base camp. Sam says let me guess, you all are going Everest. Abhiyankar says we all are going Everest, as you said weather will be clear. Sam says

its great news. Ramesh says I m very happy, you decided well, the world has accepted this everest mission, everyone will be happy. Ramesh talks to Arjun and asks him to grab the chance, he will be proud of him, he is his diamond, I mean my hero. He hugs Sam.

Ramesh comes to his tent and rejoices. He laughs. Nasir tells Tashi that he regrets to lose Nima, but he promises to look after Nima’s family by financial aid. He says good luck to everyone, and thanks to Arjun for being a part of the rescue mission to save his life, despite being a busy man. Arjun says you would have done the same. Nasir thanks Akash. Nasir says Anjali can become a good doctor, as she has motivated him to live, her voice has healed his wounds. She laughs and says you are alive as you wanted to be alive. He says you saved me, and blesses her signing about someone special, Akash. Nasir thanks Abhiyankar for giving him strength to be alive. Abhiyankar laughs and jokingly talks to him. Nasir says I will come again to Everest.

He waves bye to everyone and leaves. Chand says weather is clear, Everest is calling us. Arjun asks Akash to forget what happened yesterday and end all annoyance. Akash says about Anjali was a bit more, it was not needed. Arjun says its over, we have to move ahead, lets forget about it. Arjun says we should do team work to scale the highest peak, I will do climbing and you starts filming me by good angles.

Anjali asks what was all this. Akash says my duty started. Rina starts the news bits and tells about Abhiyankar’s decision to do everest summit. Sarita sees this and tells Jagat that Anjali is going to Everest peak, as weather is fine, come and see the news, they are showing it. Jagat is shell shocked and says Anjali is going to Everest peak. He rushes to see the news, and hears about Anjali’s bravery. Rina tells about Anjali being example of inspiration for all girls. She says its lesson of life that nothing is impossible, no matter you are a guy or girl.

Abhiyankar tells Anjali that Everest peak is still ahead.

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