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The Episode starts with the scene of Kargil 1999. The war scene shows Jagat’s bravery and how he got his leg hurt by the attack. He still shot the enemies and saved Vikram’s life. He then falls and wakes up by this dream. He removes the blanket off his legs and sees the burn mark. He comes out and sees his certificates and medals. He thinks he was treated by doctor and started packing seeking permission from his boss. The boss asks him to take rest and he got bravery award. Jagat felt proud of that moment. He comes out and takes the newspaper.

Sarita gives him tea. He asks is she going somewhere. She says yes, going to temple. He asks is there anything special. She says just t do aarti. Anjali and Maithili hear them. Sarita asks them to go. Maithili says she can’t lie, he will know everything.

Anjali packs her bag and says Maa should convince him. Jagat tells Sarita that Vikram called, Vidhaan liked Anjali, its yes from their side. She says its good, but marriage in one month, whats the hurry. He asks what do you mean. She says I was thinking that her result came now, can’t we wait for few days, we will get time for marriage arrangements.

She says Anita Didi asked me to send Anjali to her, as Kajal is missing her, we will plan engagement till then, what do you think. He says I said yes from our side, Vidhaan is a nice guy. Sarita says yes, Anita’s house is near, we can call her back anytime, shall I send her. He says hmm, Vikram told me this month will be busy for Vidhaan as he has training. Sarita says its good, I will ask Anjali to do packing, and I will drop her while coming back from temple. He says fine, is my uniform ready. She says I will do it now. She comes to Anjali and shows thumbs up. Maithili asks did he go. Sarita says no, he is getting ready, once he leaves for office, we will go, when is the flight.

Anjali says 9pm, we will go after Papa leaves. Sarita says she lied to Jagat for the first time, don’t know she did right or wrong, as she heard one of 10 dies while climbing Everest. She cries saying she is sending her towards death. Anjali says no, I m going to NIM now, not Everest. Jagat calls Sarita. She says coming, complete the packing and goes. Anjali hugs her parents pic and keeps it in her bag. Ramesh waits for Arjun. He calls Arjun and asks is he ready, he will pick him up. Arjun says but flight is at night. Ramesh says whats the matter, I have send you mail, where are you now. Arjun says I m in hotel, I came to judge beauty pageant, and thought to judge beauty closer and came to sleep. He looks at the girl. Ramesh asks him to be there in 15mins.

Anjali stops Jagat. He asks whats urgent. She says I wanted to say bye, I m going for one month. He says yes, Sarita told me, stay well there, don’t trouble anyone, bye. He leaves. Sarita says lets leave. Anjali gets upset. Sarita says when we are hurt, a slight thing also hurts, he gets angry when I stop him too. Anjali says I m thinking I would have not lied if I was a guy, Papa would have come to drop me. Sarita says you are going to end this difference, I wish he also had NIM for his training. She gives her 15000. Anjali says fees is just Rs 5000. Sarita says keep it, you can need it. Sarita asks is soldier ready. Anjali says ready.

Shikha Maa asks Akash to take care, have food, sleep on time and don’t forget me. Akash says keep in touch on phone, nothing will happen to me. Shikha says I trust you, but I m worried will you get out off past shadows, see till you blame yourself for Gaurav’s death, he will not be happy, as those who love us, can’t see us in pain. He says when you go from here, take his good memories, think about him and be happy that you had a good friend. They cry. She says if Gaurav was here, he would have said to explain you to start living life. She asks him to make a new start, make new friends, who knows he will get another Gaurav. Akash smiles. She blesses him. He says you are single piece in mummy category and hugs her.

Anjali, Sarita and Maithili come to the airport. Anjali stops and says Papa…. Sarita says he came to drop someone. They turn as he looks towards their side. Anjali says I will miss my flight, what will we do now. Ramesh meets some relative and gets into an argument, as the man says the family does not want to see his face as he has ruined their name. Ramesh says its fine, I did not come to show my face. The man says many people lost jobs and investors have money, are you human or devil. Ramesh says don’t forget the century corp was started by my dad. The man says yes, Tau ji started but me and my dad have taken it ahead, this new drama won’t work, he will never come on in his life. Arjun comes there. Ramesh takes him and leaves.

Arjun asks is everything fine. Ramesy says no, this assignment will start when you promise you will end it, I need to know if you are serious. Arjun says I m serious. Ramesh says then show it, a man writes his history himself, I can’t let us fail. Arjun says ya. Anjali tries passing by Jagat and sops being tensed.

Anjali stops seeing Jagat. Akash boards the flight. Ramesh asks Arjun not to make any mistake. Arjun says my name in Arjun. Akash says I m Akash. Anjali goes by bus. Sarita says dad asked you to take care. Anjali says lie again, he won’t say this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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