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The Episode starts with Akash worriedly coming to meet Shikha Maa. He asks how is she. Mrs Rao says she came to see her and saw her face white, she was very pale. Shikha Maa says she is fine. Akash asks her to take care. Mrs. Rao says she will take care. Akash thanks her and reminds Shikha Maa that he has no one except her. He cries and says beat me, love me, but never leave me, if you do this, I will never forgive you. Shikha Maa says even I have just you, how will I go leaving you. She cries and he asks her to promise. He says you don’t hide anything from me. She sees Gaurav’s pic and says I promise. He kisses her forehead. She says I will get coffee. He says no, you take rest. She says you make coffee and laughs.

Arjun talks to his mentor and says you are in Delhi, great even I came to

Delhi from Mumbai, lets meet in evening, thank you for remembering me, there is so much to say, I will meet you in evening and share, see you. Anjali and Maithili sit in café. Maithili says no one can go to Everest, it needs training. Anjali says I need to do mountaineering course. Maithili says the best place is NIM, Nehru institute of mountaineering, it has two days left for admission, and less seats are there, leave it, try next year. Anjali says no, I will try. Maithili asks her not to go, how will she climb the mountain.

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Anjali says there are chances of winning and losing, recall my dad’s face when he was talking about Everest, his eyes were shining thinking about his dream which he could not fulfill, think if I fulfill it, he will be very happy and forget everything, he will feel proud that I m his daughter. Maithili says its his mistake that he does not love you, you don’t need to do this. Anjali says he is my Papa, I love him, I will do anything to win his love. Maithili says she will do her friend duty. Anjali says she has to convince mum. The maid asks Shikha Maa why did she not tell Akash that she is not well. Shikha Maa says if I told him, he would have not gone, he was not going out since Gaurav died, I did not want my disease to stop him. The maid says you love him as your son. Shikha Maa says he is my son.

Ramesh calls Akash and asks him to check mail for tomorrow flight at 10am. Akash says tomorrow? Ramesh says you have to go for course, I will see you in UttarKashi. Anjali comes home and hears Sarita talking to guests. They leave. Sarita asks what happened, tell me. Anjali says about Everest, dad was talking about his dream. Sarita says it was his dream, he used to count days to go on Everest Expedition. She says he could not go as he got hurt in his foot. Anjali says if anyone else fulfills his dream. Sarita asks why. Anjali says she will go, his daughter an raise his name’s flag. She says she wants to go very soon.

Sarita says you can’t go there. Anjali says she found everything, about NIM and will go for training, they are professionals. Sarita says you don’t need the risk. Anjali says I know. Sarita says you want to win Papa’s heart by doing this, but this dream is useless if you lose your life. Anjali says her life is useless without Papa’s love. Sarita says Anjali….. Anjali makes her sit. She says I will get married after some time, but we won’t be proud of me, I won’t be happy knowing this, this is my dream that whenever he thinks of me, he should be proud. She says she wants to fulfill her dad’s dream. Sarita cries.

Sarita asks how much is the fees for NIM course. Anjali gets glad and asks when she has to go. Anjali says tomorrow. Sarita says I will get warm clothes for you. Anjali thanks her and hugs her. Akash attends the hypno session with Roshan. He thinks about Gaurav’s death and says I can’t do this. She asks how about your Acrophobia and Vertigo. He says I don’t want medicines. She says you will die if you go, give me their number, as your doctor, I will tell them you can’t go. He says he is going for 4 week training and he will be back. He says we will continue this therapy later and leaves.

Arjun comes to meet his mentor Kamath Sir. He asks how did you think about me. Kamath Sir says I saw your pic in paper, I can’t forget you. Arjun owes everything to him, as he gave him first chance. Kamath says I just got a job for you, but you did hardwork, you used to give water being a mountain guide. They see the news. Kamath asks about Ramesh, he is promoting you a lot.

Kamath says its not easy to believe that Ramesh is afraid of you. Arjun says yes, you know people very well. Kamath says if there is ont wrong move after reaching the peak, you will never return and lose everything you earned till now. Arjun thanks him for the tips. Kamath says all the best for your and Mission Everest success. Anjali, Akash and Arjun sees the Mission Everest news.

Anjali stops Jagat to meet him and say bye. Ramesh asks Arjun to promise he will end this assignment. Anjali says she is ready.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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