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The Episode starts with the scene in Mumbai. Akash comes to his old office and everyone look at him with weird looks. Akash talks to the receptionist. She says everyone missed you. Akash says its only you who is my well wisher, don’t smile and talk, else everyone will become your enemy. She says Alok Sir will meet you in conference room. Akash goes and meets Alok. Alok asks him to sit and talk. He says I called you to congratulate you, I m happy that you are going on Mission Everest. Akash says no, you called me to lessen your guilt, you are happy, not for me, but you did a favor on me and healed my wounds, but no, the lost of my wounds is lost.

He says all reputation and good will got lost here in this office and the worst thing was you did not stop them. Alok says no, I was helpless, I made

you leave as my staff was going on strike, you were the best and everyone was jealous of you, what happened with Gaurav…. Akash says that was accident and what you did was intentional. Alok says this assignment can be a big break for you. Akash says I know you got me this, but I can’t thank you. Alok says I did not do any favor, you are perfect for Ramesh’s project, did you sign the contract. Akash says yes, yesterday.

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Alok says Ramesh is shrewd, he does not bet on wrong horse, you have to run in race but don’t let him control you. Akash says I will remember this. He shakes hands. Alok says if time would have gone on year back, I would have changed my decision, if you ccan trust me again, I promise I won’t let you complain. Akash says thanks and leaves. Ramesh talks to the press about his company launch and says there is no filmstar and he will launch his company himself, put your hands together for Century Corp. Everyone clap for her.

He says our brand ambassador is Arjun Sabarwal, the number 1 mountaineer of India. Arjun comes on stage and greets everyone. Ramesh says my next announcement is… Arjun;s next expedition is Mount Everest. They clap for him. He says Arjun will take Century Corp to Everest peak, top of the world. Akash comes to meet Roshan and asks her to talk to him. She asks him to wait. He says he can’t wait. She says this is my clinic, you can’t misuse our friendship. He says ok sorry. She asks whats urgent. He says Mount Everest is a documentary, I have to make it. She is shocked. He says I have to go Mount Everest with mountaineer. She says you have acrophobia, fear of heights, you have Vertigo too, do you remember.

He says yes, so I came to you. She says how will you go there. He says he has to do this. She says it will be suicide for you, He says I can’t leave this, its last chance to save my career, future and my identity, you have to help me. She says fine, we can try hypno therapy, how can time you have. He says 2 days. She says what will happen in 2 days. He says try. She says fine, come tomorrow 10am. He says sure.

Arjun answers the media and says he is ready to climb Everest and his training will start at NIM next week. Ramesh says a professional video grapher will be with Arjun, and everything will be documented. They ask why did he choose Arjun, not a filmstar. Ramesh says you need spice to add, Arjun is special, he is focused and determined. They ask about Arjun’s family. Arjun tells about his parents who died in plane crash, and he learnt trekking with his dad in London. They ask Ramesh about being indebted in loan amount. Ramesh asks his name. The man says Himanshu. Ramesh says its not wrong to take loan, but its wrong if I don’t return, I assure everyone that I will return the loan. Ramesh gets angry and asks him to write about Arjun and Mission Everest.

Akash’s friend Abhay comes to meet him. Abhay gives him the camera, lenses, filters. Akash thanks him and says you know since Gaurav left, I… Abhay says I know. Akash says I did not get work and I sold out all equipment, I go assignment and have to leave today, so I asked you. Abhay says take care of it, as I have just these, and you know its costly. Akash says yes, I know, don’t worry, I will use carefully as you used my camera when you came to Mumbai, even my equipment was costly. Abhay says sorry, I took it loan, so I told you, I trust you, I should have not said this. Akash thanks him. Abhay says best of luck. Akash asks about his loan. Abhay says 3 lakhs. Akash says don’t worry, if anything happens to equipment, I will pay it. Abhay says leave it. Akash says I mean it. Abhay says bye and leaves.

Anjali sees Jagat sitting in his room and seeing a pic. He turns off the lights and goes. Anjali turns on the light and sees the pic. Its Jagat’s pic on Mount Nanda Devi (second highest mountain in India). She thinks of his words about his dream to reach Everest peak and his son would have done it. She smiles and goes to her room. Anjali thinks about Jagat and Sarita’s words. She calls Maithili and says she has decided. Maithili asks what is it. Anjali says she will climb Mount Everest. Maithili says say again, I heard you will climb Mount Everest and laughs. Anjali says yes, I said it, I will go on Everest Expedition. Maithili says you sleep, you are getting bad dreams about of marriage tension. Anjali says no, I m serious, I will reach the peak and fly dad’s name flag.

Akash talks to Shikha Maa about leaving for Mission Everest and she should always support her. Anjali talks to Maithili and Sarita about climbing Everest. Arjun meets his mentor and takes his advice on being the best. Anjali gets determined.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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