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The Episode starts with a new morning and Abhiyankar asking the team to get ready to move. Akash wakes up Anjali. Abhiyankar contacts Sam and says he is fine now, the night was tough to pass, and asks the weather state. Sam says its not fine, you have to face storm at Geneva spur and you don’t need to go camp 4. Abhiyankar says we are going ahead and will talk later. Abhiyankar tells Nasir to be strong, as they are coming to take him. Anjali says I m sure he is fine, how is your pain. Abhiyankar says its fine, lets move team. Rina talks to her assistant and comes to know about sarpech, She smiles and says thanks.

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Akash asks Arjun about his work.

Arjun says I m not like you, to be confused to do work or not, once I commit, I don’t look back to see. Akash asks where is he going then. Arjun says you should not care wherever I go, shut up and keep climbing. Sam shows Ramesh the team’s location. Ramesh asks about weather at Camp 4. Sam says our team is not going there, its rescue mission and they are returning from Geneva spur. Ramesh says don’t I know that, I was just asking. Rina comes and says she wants to talk to Ramesh.

She asks Ramesh about sarpech and she was curious to know more about it. Ramesh says what, did I say it, I don’t remember it. She says I heard you saying it, so I called my office and got research done, there is a sarpech on Everest peak, its more than 1000 crores in price. Ramesh says yes, I also read about it. he says its strange, we were thinking about same thing. She says I feel the matter is something else, your planning to mission Everest, is it to find sarpech. Ramesh laughs and says that’s a good one, your mind works well, you can write a story on this.

He asks did anyone see this diamond, do they have proof, its nonsense. Rina says then send anyone to find it and steal it. Ramesh says you are wasting my time, focus on whats before you. She says you convinced everyone that mission everest is for company’s publicity, I feel its conspiracy to steal the diamond. Ramesh denies and says its rescue mission to bring Nasir back. Rina says you can do anything being powerful. He says you reporters can blame anyone, if I m powerful why will I do this, I don’t need to do this. She says she did research on him and century corp, its on edge on bankruptcy. Ramesh scolds her for ruining the journalism name.

He says our family has always sponsored such talented people. I don’t want any diamond, if you get it, take it, a good journalist work is to find truth and then present it. Ramesh goes to his tent. Sid says he has scolded you a lot, I feel Ramesh is saying right. Rina says I feel those who show goodness, has very less goodness, he is lying. Ramesh worries and contacts Arjun. He can’t connect to him.

Sarita talks to Jagat and asks why did he not tell he broke the marriage, Vijaya told me everything. He says does this matter to anyone. She says it matters to me. He says this is right decision for everyone. She says its imp to tell this to Anjali. He says leave it, we can talk about it later. She smiles. The team looks for Nasir. Anjali spots Nasir lying in a small cave structure and shows Akash. Akash tells them to come fast. They ask Nasir to wake up. Abhiyankar checks Nasir. They warm Nasir’s hands. Abhiyankar says his pulse is very low, he is in deep sleep, we have less time. He gives him an injection.

Sarita asks Jagat does he still miss a son. Akash and Anjali see the Everest and feel they are very far being so close, this chance won’t come again ever.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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