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The Episode starts with Arjun Sabarwal’s entry scene. He poses shirtless for the pics and has tons of attitude. The cameraman says that was great, I will setup lights for the next shot. Arjun says cool and meets Ramesh. Ramesh introduces Akash Joshi, who will shoot his documentary. Akash says I heard a lot about it, its great to meet you. Arjun asks will he able to do it physically, its not easy to climb mountain with me. Akash says yes, else Ramesh would have not called me. Akash says I think our focus should be on that Arjun who is going on Everest. Ramesh says I like it, nice. Arjun says its good seeing you Akash, see you at NIM. Ramesh asks Akash to leave and he will meet him later. Akash leaves.

Arjun says we should not tell him our actual plans. Ramesh says whats the use to tell him, its

good that he does not know this, lips sealed. Arjun is called for the shot. Sarita cooks food and asks Anjali to stop playing with tomato and cut salad, as Jagat is waiting. Sarita says he wants to tell you something. Anjali says she wants to do something that makes Papa feel proud. Sarita asks is she angry. Anjali says no, I m not feeling bad, but I have to make a try to prove myself. Tell me what can I do… Sarita says now?

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Anjali says no, but think. Jagat calls Sarita. Sarita says we will talk later and goes to serve him food. They sit for dinner. Jagat asks do you remember Bharadwaj uncle. Sarita describes him. Anjali says yes. Sarita says you used to play with his daughter. Anjali says I remember Tina, we have pic in album. Sarita says his son joined army and they shifted here. Jagat says he will join in one month, they are coming tomorrow for tea, Vidhaan will also come, we spoke about your and Vidhaan’s marriage. Anjali is shocked. Jagat says they want to meet you.

Anjali cries and breaks a plate after washup. Sarita asks why is she reacting this way. Anjalis ays you are fed up by me, so want me to leave from here. Sarita says he always wanted to do your marriage after graduation. Anjali says why so soon. Sarita says Vidhaan has one time month. Anjali says just one month. Sarita says its not final, first meet him. Anjali asks is this punishment for being a girl. Sarita says stop it, is marriage a punishment, am I being punished, its imp phase of life, we have always told you this. Anjali says why did you wait, if you did not want to give me chance to do anything, why did you get me educated. She leaves annoyed.

Akaash sees the Mission Everest contract papers. He goes near the window and looks down. He thinks about Gaurav’s fall and moves away. Ramesh and Arjun meet at a pub. Arjun says you feel Akash can do this, if the mission falls because of him. Ramesh says you can’t fail it, if no one is there with you, you have to do Everest Summit, as you can’t bear the big loss, you don’t have option of failing this mission. Arjun says I won’t let you down, Arjun never failed. Ramesh says you get list about questions you have to answer in conference, you should not say out real motive, it will be good for us. Arjun says don’t worry, I will handle everything.

Maithili asks Anjali not to worry, as they are just seeing her, 10 guys came to see my sister and I made run away. She says she knows many things. Anjali says I don’t want them to say no, Papa will be disappointed. Maithili asks then what do you want. Anjali says I met him when I was 10 years old, I don’t want to marry soon. Maithili says just meet him, if you both like each other, ask him to wait. They smile. Maithili asks her to get ready. Sarita comes and smiles seeing Anjali laugh. She says get ready soon, they will be coming now.

Vikram Bharadwaj comes with his wife and son Vidhaan. Jagat talks to him, They share few memories. Vikram praises Jagat. Jagat says Kargil changed everything. Vikram says you saved many lives, and even mine. Jagat says any soldier would have done this. Vikram says but that day, it was you, we know what sacrifice you made, he got hurt in his leg and could not go back to field. Vidhaan says yes. Sarita brings the snacks. Anjali comes and greets them. Sarita says she is Maithili, Anjali’s best friend. Vikram and his wife talk about Anjali and her childhood memories.

Vidhaan asks about her graduation. Sarita says she topped in state and got gold medal in Literature. Jagat looks on as they praise Anjali. He asks Vidhaan when is he joining. Vidhaan says next month. His mum says they thought if they agree, the marriage can be kept before Vikram goes. Anjali says I will get tea and goes. Maithili goes after her. Anjali says just one month. Sarita says I did not know this, trust me. Anjali says I m sorry, I know I can give some happiness to dad. Sarita says don’t think this, we don’t have to reply now.

Anjali hears Jagat telling about his mounteering dream, and he was going to Everest expedition, and was prepared, then he went to Kargil orders and now can’t climb office stairs too, mountain goat got handicapped. Vikram says no, you are still strong man. Jagat says no, I got old, this is life, if I had a son, he would have gone to Everest. Vikram says yes, he would have become mountaineer. Jagat says yes, a person wants something and Lord gives something else, so we should never love dreams, they are made to break. Anjali thinks.

Akash talks to someone. Arjun attends the press conference. Akash says he has last chance to save his career. Anjali tells Maithili that she has decided. Maithili says are you mad….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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